Aru-bay/Chicago Pond and White Bag Videos; Did a Witness say they saw Weights?


The following are stills from the Aru-bay videos and Chicago 510 videos.

This portion of the video was uploaded to the aru-bay site on June 15th, therefore it was taken some times between 6/10/05 – 6/15/05. You determine what you are looking at and what you see. Notice what is in the corner of the concrete structure.

The video starts out where they are driving near the hotels in the area where Dave Holloway said Koen’s boat could launch:

Arubay 1

Arubay 2

Then they pull back out on the road, turn right to a pond area that is on both sides of the road

Arubay 3

On this side of the road they pan in on a pipe that appears rusty?

Arubay 4

Arubay 5

This is still on that side of the pond

Arubay 6

Arubay 7

Then they walk to the other side of the pond and pan in on a white bag

Arubay 8

We have hight-lighted this photo. Notice what could be a weight in the corner. Others have speculated what they see under the material. 
Then they turn right and you see that the Marriott is just down the road
Arubay 10
Satellite view of the area
Arubay 11
Hat Tip: Klaasend

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    1. Scared Monkeys on November 16th, 2006 5:22 pm

      [...] Web sleuths began started seriously looking at the white plastic bag in June 2006, let alone the Arubay videos had been scutinized long before that. Like many things that wind up in the MSM, they originated from the internet long before. [...]

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