One year ago today, June 17, 2005. What occured in the Natalee Holloway case


FLASHBACK: June 17, 2005: The Natalee Holloway Investigation

The boy has the initials SGC arrested in the Natalee Holloway case.

According to Top 95 via American in Aruba

The arrest this morning was of a 26 year old. There were 2 dutch brothers questioned yesterday may have provided some information that led to this arrest. Also , a family friend of Joran Van Der Sloot was on the radio saying the Joran was a quiet nice boy who liked to go out with friends. The station is holding out hope publicly on the radio that she may be alive.

SteveCroes 2

Fox News now reporting: Sources: 4th Person Arrested in Aruba Mystery

Authorities in Aruba arrested a fourth man in connection with the disappearance of missing Alabama honors student Natalee Holloway, sources told FOX News.

The new person detained is a 26-year-old friend of Joran van der Sloot — who was with Holloway the night she disappeared, sources said. Van der Sloot, 17, has been detained but not charged.

Of course we know now that Steve Croes provided police with a false alibi for Joran, Deepak and Satish after the ALE already knew the three primary suspects never dropped Natalee Holloway off at the Holiday Inn.

The question remains as to why Steve Croes would have ever knowing lied to the police to confirm the three suspects phony alibi. What does Steve Croes know and why would anyone place themselves at such risk? What was his reward of doing such an act?

Morning Update June 17, 2005

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