On the Eve of Mother’s Day, Beth Twitty and other Mothers of Missing and Murdered Children Speak Out


Friday night Nancy Grace had a very poignant show talking to Beth Twitty, Magi Bish and others showing the common bond of all mothers of missing children. The point that one must keep in mind is that there is no difference between any of these mothers in how they feel or the determination for them to want to find answers. No parent ever wants to bury their child. Even worse, no parent ever wants to not know and never get any form of closure. On the eve of Mothers Day please read the Nancy Grace transcript as it speaks volumes to what these “Mothers in Arms” experience.

TWITTY: You know, Nancy, when I head into something, as we`re approaching Mother`s Day, I think about all the things that are so much more difficult for me to endure just on a daily basis, Nancy. I mean, I think about — when I see Natalee`s friends, I think about the things that Natalee has missed in her life, and look at Mother`s Day as something, you know, that — I think of that as something, of course, for me, and I — you know, and I cherish those, you know, times that — when I`m with Natalee and — but what pains me the most is what I see that Natalee has missed and is missing and will always miss in her life.

And I think that is the most difficult thing that we deal with on a daily basis, as — you know, I know now that Natalee — Natalee should almost be a sophomore in college, Nancy, and she was just so robbed of that.

Misguided, uninformed and those with a specific agenda have stated that Beth Twitty and the Holloway’s should just move on and get on with their lives. What many do not comprehend is that the Twitty’s and Holloway’s are no different than any other family with a missing child who have never had closure. They all have a common bond, so to say Beth Twitty should just get over it you are saying that all parents of missing children should as well. That is hardly something that any of us have the right to every say.

MAGI BISH, MOLLY`S MOTHER: But I drove her to work, and it was the last time I seen her. She jumped out of the car and told me how much she loved me and said, Goodbye, Mom, I love you, and hopped out of the car. And that was hat the last time I got to see her and talk to my Molly. And it`s nearing our six-year anniversary. We still don`t know who did this to her or why, and we won`t stop until we find this person.,


I congratulate all these mothers who stand before you, holding their hearts in their hands, because it takes enormous courage. But what more it is the love that they have for their children that gives them the courage to go forward every single day because behind these scenes, there`s many tears. But we have to stand firm and fight because what they`ve done to our children is horrendous and terrible. And I think all these mothers are brave, and I`m honored to be on this panel with them.

TWITTY: No, Nancy. And I`ll be honest, the first few months into this with Natalee, I couldn`t even put her in the same sentence as Molly Bish. And Magi Bish reached out to me early on in Aruba. She had a friend send me some special items. And I remember it was difficult for me to think of Natalee as being in the same sentence with Molly. And I remember calling Molly`s mother back, and it was very difficult because I just — I think that we`re in denial early on and we just don`t think that our daughter or son`s fate will end up the same.

You know, you just — it takes a while to come to that. and it took me a while to realize that, you know, I might be in this for many years, Nancy, and that was not easy for me to come to. And I`m sure it wasn`t easy for Magi Bish to come to, either.

These mothers carry a burden that 99.9% of us will never know. A burden that none of us would ever want to know. Through it they remain strong, focused, determined and want to try and create a world safer for others.

Scared Monkeys wishes Beth Twitty and all the mothers of missing children a special Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow for all that they have and continue to endure.

Read the full transcript

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