Another Kennedy Car Crash Cover Up, this time Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.)


I guess history really does repeat itself. A Kennedy, a car crash and a cover up. Seems perfectly normal to anyone that lives in the New England and familiar with the preferential treatment and the Kennedy exploits. If anyone of us thinks that we would not have been sitting in a police jail arrested for DWI if pulled over under similar circumstances, we are surly kidding ourselves. What makes my think those famous words were not uttered, “Don’t you know who I am”?

In the early morning hours on Thursday approximately 2:45 am, the car belonging to US Representative Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.) crashed into a barricade in Washington, DC. Thankfully for Patrick Kennedy he was not injured. Even more thankful, that no one else was injured by his actions.

ROLL CALL reports: According to a letter sent by Officer Greg Baird, acting chairman of the USCP FOP, the wreck took place at approximately 2:45 a.m. Thursday when Kennedy’s car, operating with its running lights turned off, narrowly missed colliding with a Capitol Police cruiser and smashed into a security barricade at First and C streets Southeast.

The driver exited the vehicle and he was observed to be staggering,” Baird’s letter states. Officers approached the driver, who “declared to them he was a Congressman and was late to a vote. The House had adjourned nearly three hours before this incident. It was Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy from Rhode Island.”
(Drudge Report)

He was going to a vote at 2:45am? I was unaware that House Speaker Denny Hassert was such a merciless individual that he called for House votes in the wee hours of the morning. I am not sure which is worse, the excuse that was given or the fact that the Capitol Hill Police then just let this man of privilege off scott-free.

Baird wrote that Capitol Police Patrol Division units, who are trained in driving under the influence cases, were not allowed to perform basic field sobriety tests on the Congressman. Instead, two sergeants, who also responded to the accident, proceeded to confer with the Capitol Police watch commander on duty and then “ordered all of the Patrol Division Units to leave the scene and that they were taking over.”

A source tells the DRUDGE REPORT: “It was apparent that the driver was intoxicated (stumbling) and claimed he was in a hurry to make a vote.

“When it became apparent who it was, instead of processing a normal DWI, the watch commander had the Patrol units clear the scene. The commander allowed other building officials drive Kennedy home.

So the police not only did not provide a sobriety test on the Congressman, they drove him home as well. Try asking the police the next time anyone of you is unfortunate enough to be drinking and driving and pulled over at a police check point to ask the “Ossifer” for a ride home. His father Ted Kennedy is probably thinking to himself, hell I did’t even get a ride home from the police after Chappaquiddick. I had to walk, who knew?

So hours later we learn that according to the Patrick Kennedy it was not alcohol but prescription pills instead that caused the accident.

Rep. Patrick Kennedy says he’d taken prescription anti-nausea and sleep drugs, but consumed no alcohol, before crashing his car near the Capitol.

In a statement, Kennedy, D-R.I., said the attending physician for Congress had prescribed Phenergan to treat Kennedy’s gastroenteritis, an inflammation of the stomach and intestines. The drug can increase the effects of sleep medicines such as Ambien, which Kennedy said he had also taken.

However, even though the Congressman claims that he was not drinking prior to the accident, others state differently.

Rep. Patrick Kennedy insisted yesterday that he had consumed “no alcohol” before he slammed his Mustang convertible into a concrete barrier near his office, but a hostess at a popular Capitol Hill watering hole told the Herald she saw him drinking in the hours before the crash.

“He was drinking a little bit,” said the woman, who works at the Hawk & Dove and would not give her name.

Leaving his office late last night, Kennedy refused to say whether he’d been to the Hawk & Dove the night before.

Earlier in the evening, Kennedy issued a statement through his office blaming the accident and strange behavior surrounding it on prescription drugs.
(Boston Herald)

The Smoking Gun: Cops: Kennedy Was Under Influence
Capitol Police report says congressman’s eyes watery, speech slurred

The reporting officer checked off a box indicating that Kennedy was under the influence of alcohol and that the politician’s ability was “impaired.”

No one will ever know the truth of this matter as the police made sure that pertinent evidence could never be collected. Two things are for certain.

One, America gets to see first hand exactly the privileges afforded to government officials. The fact that it was a Kennedy is just frosting on the cake. The fact remains that those inside the beltway live a different life and have a different set of rules that “we the people”. These people should have a higher bar to meet, not a lower one. The fact that their indiscretions and crimes are covered up is a crime.

Two, I hate to admit it but Cynthia Mc Kinney was right. There is a double standard and the Capitol Police just provided us with first hand information. The Capital Police go after her full bore because of her wrong doing, yet Kennedy is given a pass and a ride home. There was a racial double standard after all. Why would Capitol Police provide one Congressman of the same political affiliation with a cover-up and a ride home and the other with the pressing of charges of a minor assault? Minor assault is more dangerous than drinking and driving? Trust me, I am no fan of Cynthia McKinney, but this time she may have a point.

A word of advice to Patrick Kennedy. Forget the politics, go home and get your life in order. The next time there is an accident you or someone else may not be so fortunate.

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