Patrick Kennedy Update: Off to Drug Rehab, what a shock?


In a surprise announcement this afternoon, RI Representative Patrick Kennedy will enter Drug Rehab. In other words, the Democratic damage control machine figured that this would be the easiest way to get the story off the front pages. Not so fast folks, when a politician gets such blatant and preferential treatment than “WE THE PEOPLE,” this story is not going away.

Rep. Patrick Kennedy said Friday he was entering treatment for addiction to prescription pain medication, a decision made after a highly publicized car crash near the Capitol that he said he cannot recall.

Kennedy, D-R.I., said he plans to seek treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., immediately.

Patrick Kennedy further went on to say the following startling comments.

“I simply do not remember getting out of bed, being pulled over by the police, or being cited for three driving infractions,” Kennedy said. “That’s not how I want to live my life. And that’s not how I want to represent the people of Rhode Island.”

As he was leaving the room, Kennedy was asked whether he might resign, and he shook his head no. “I need to stay in the fight,” he said.

Since this guy does not have the good common sense to save himself and just get some real help and live some sort of normal life, one would hope that the voters of RI help out Patrick Kennedy and vote someone else in his place. Or is Patrick Kennedy worried that if he did not have the Representative position that he would not have the Capitol Police there to bail him out of the next problem that may arise?

There are some issues that make no sense in this matter, none more than the fact that in every police account they smelled alcohol and Patrick Kennedy had every symptom of being drunk. The initial police on the scene indicated this in there report. So, being a Kennedy no sobriety field test was done. The next day we get Patrick Kennedy statements from Patrick Kennedy

Patrick Kennedy then makes the following statements that should make all voters of Rhode Island sit up and re-evaluate their November vote.

“The re-occurrence of an addiction problem can be triggered by things that happen in every day life such as taking the common treatment for the stomach flu. That’s not an excuse for what happened Wednesday evening, but it is a reality of fighting a chronic condition for which I’m taking full responsibility.”

“I am deeply concerned about my reaction to the medication. … I know that I need help,” Kennedy told reporters.
(Fox News)

One little question, actually many remain to this story. You mean to tell me that Patrick Kennedy’s physician knowingly prescribed medications to Patrick that would or could cause such a side effect and physiological reaction? Really?

What about the comment from the women who works at the Hawk & Dove?

“He was drinking a little bit,” said the woman, who works at the Hawk & Dove and would not give her name.

Other comments coming from the local establishments.

After Kennedy responded to the swelling scandal with his first letter, a Herald reporter visited bars where Kennedy is known to socialize.

A bartender at the Tune Inn, which is next to the Hawk & Dove, also said Kennedy was spotted in the Hawk & Dove Wednesday.

Hawk & Dove manager Edgar Gutierrez said Kennedy is a regular in the bar. Gutierrez said he was working Wednesday night but did not see the congressman.

Wouldn’t we all just like to see if there was a bar tab or a credit card statement from that night? That would explain much that the Capitol Police wanted to cover up.

Over at Michelle Malkin she has a great update going on the story. Also, a nice tidbit from an email showing the hypocrisy of the media when it comes to the left and the right.

Why is it that Kennedy will largely get a pass by the press and will be treated with kid gloves and Rush Limbaugh gets excoriated for exactly the same problem? Gee. Do you really think the press is biased? Naw.

With Rush, the MSM wanted to convict the man of drug trafficking. While in Kennedy’s case, the excuse of prescription drugs was used to deflect from the real issue and cause the media to come together and all but start a “SAVE FERRIS” campaign.

All kidding aside, we do hope that Patrick Kennedy gets the correct help that he obviously needs before he winds up doing permanent damage to himself or others.

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