Diario: How was he not brought in front of the judge as usual? Geoffrey’s detention has to do with drug possession as well!


Diario; April 19, 2006
Di con no a trece normal dilanti na Huez Comisario?
DETENCION DI GEOFFREY TIN DI HABER CU POSESION DI DROGA TAMBE! Sospechoso nobo ta worde representa pa Abogado Mr. Eline Lotter-Homan

How was he not brought in front of the judge as usual?
Geoffrey’s detention has to do with drug possession as well!
New suspect is represented by attorney mr. Eline Lotter-Homan

ORANJESTAD(AAN): When any native son is detained, and has to be presented in front of the Judge Commissioner, according to the rules, the detained is brought to the Justice Building.

But what happened Tuesday? This was not the case. The new detainee in the Natalee’s case, Geoffrey van Cromvoirt, was not brought to the Court Building! Why? Because he is Dutch…because of this they want to protect him? This is what some people called and asked DIARIO. More than clear, the newspaper told them they better call and ask the Public Prosecutor.

Why did they not follow normal procedure in such a situation? If the case was that an Aruban was detained, would they not have brought him to the Court Building no matter what the cost?

Finally, in the afternoon hours, a Judge Commissioner went to the Noord police station, where the 19 year old detainee was presented. Here, the Judge Commissioner reviewed the detention formalities, and decided that the detention was conducted legally, and the prolongation of the detention for 8 days as asked by the prosecutor is valid.

When exiting, prosecutor mr. Karen Janssen had a smile on her face. This shows in a silent way that they are happy with the decision.
(Read the full translation at GetaGrip)

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