Dutch TV version of America’s Most Wanted; Opsporing Verzocht to Re-enact Natalee’s Disappearance


The Dutch TV program, Opsporing Verzocht, which translates as Arrest Requested will be taming up with the ALE and Dompig to re-enact the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. The purpose of the program, to gain new tips and leads. Dutch AMW

The program, to air on April 11 in Aruba and the Netherlands, will re-enact Holloway’s known final hours on the Dutch Caribbean island and offer a toll-free hot line for people to call with tips, the Aruba Public Prosecutor’s Office said.

Investigators believe there are people on the island who have important information about the case but have not yet come forward, the prosecutor’s office said. (Sun Sentinel)

A couple questions come to mind as this TV program goes to the airwaves in about two weeks.

  • Ten months go by and something like this was not done sooner?
  • Gerold Dompig mentioned in his 48 Hours interview that the the investigation was in its “critical last phase”. A TV show to generate tips is hardly a last phase.
  • What information and evidence must the ALE and Prosecutors office have if they have to combine efforts to do a show like this?
  • Exactly what are they going to recreate? What version of events from what suspect?

With the numerous versions of events that have come from the three suspects, it would appear that instead of a TV show, maybe Opsporing Verzocht and the ALE should make an interactive video computer game with multiple outcomes?

Are they going to re-enact the beach version that Dompig states in the CBS interview did not happen? Are they going to re-enact going back to Joran Van der Sloots house? Maybe off to the California Light House to see sharks and a trip to the sand dunes? Maybe off to the pond? Who will pick up Joran at the Fisherman’s Huts? But then again since Dompig says it did not occur, why re-enact something that never happened?

Of course the real questions is, why now? What took so long? This would have been a bit more helpful in the beginning especially in presenting a show to gain tips done in Dutch. Why wasn’t a Dutch version of AMW done sooner? Wouldn’t it seem like the logic and obvious thing to do on Aruba so to better relate to the Aruban people who may have known something ten months ago?

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