Julia Renfro Pod-casting Discussing the Natalee Holloway Disappearance with C-Band Talk Network


Julia Renfro of Aruba Today did a pod cast with Dana Pretzer and The C-Band Talk Network. The following is the link to a rather long interview, but well worth listening to. The Renfro interview is in the second part of the show that starts at approximately 22 minutes in.

Sunday Night Satellite Interview

We will disagree with only one premise of the host, Dana Pretzer, and that is that Dompig regrets going the 48 Hours interview. Gerold Dompig had a gag order placed on him and was allowed to do this interview with the blessing of Aruban authorities. It was an intended trial balloon and smear piece rolled up in to one. All allegations and comments made against Natalee Holloway were based on speculation. It is one thing for people to discuss the case and speculate, but the lead investigator? Just one in the many of a long line of PR mistakes and investigative blunders out of Aruba.

Here are some of the more interesting exchanges and comments by Julia Renfro. Not too bias against the family and holding the Aruban government line.

Julia Renfro: “large groups of people have been canceling their trips to Aruba.”

Dana Pretzer: “You are a parent and I am a parent. This is a parents worst nightmare.”
Renfro: ” … the parents had lost their child, but they created massive chaos on an innocent island of 100,000 people.”

With regards to Julia Renfro watching the Joran Van der Sloot interviews she remarks, “I do not see an inconsistencies in what you see.”

Dana Pretzer towards the end makes a comment that is the crux of the story and the reason why so many have been drawn, captivated and demand answers as to the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

The family has criticized the investigation. You will move heaven and earth to find your child. It is unfair to brandish the Twitty family themselves as reeking chaos on Aruba. They did what they had to do to get answers.

Tune in to this interview, well worth hearing.

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