Natalee Holloway Disappearance: Even the Carlos N’ Charlie’s Story Does not Match Up


One would suspect that the original stories that were told to the Aruban authorities CarlosnCharliesStreet2were discussed between the three suspects. This was a version of the truth that they wanted the police to believe. However, it is rather telling that even these events have changed over time. The three suspects and who ever else was involved in fabricating the initial stories never could have imagined that Beth Twitty would have been as persistent in her efforts to get the truth.

Deepak in his statement to police stated that Natalee Holloway was very drunk. This would have obviously been a point that the three suspects agreed to tell the ALE. Interestingly enough, that is not the story that Joran Van der Sloot proclaimed in his interview with Greta Van Susteren. Suddenly, Natalee Holloway went from drunk and falling asleep in the Deepak version to not drunk and knowing what was going on in the Joran version.

Why does the initial agreed upon story change? The three suspects have admitted that their initial statements to police were lies. However, why does the fact that Natalee SM CnC close viewwent from drunk to sober change? Or as Joran states, “she had been drinking, but she knew what she was doing”. What kind of a self-serving after the fact comment is that? Could it be that nine months later Joran Van der Sloot not only wants to dodge a murder rap, but also a sexual assault one as well? We can see the changes and the evolution of the story in how it serves Joran Van der Sloots advantage.

It is interesting to anyone who questions the lies that come out of all three suspects mouths and continue to do so, that the accounts that they try to present today continue to make no sense. The initial lies are what they wanted people to believe, so why now is it so important for Joran Van der Sloot to show Natalee Holloway was not drunk? A petite girl not drunk after drinking for hours and being given a shot of 151 rum at the end of the night after a days worth of drinking.

Deepak’s first statement he gave police on June 9, 2005

The following portion discussing the three going to, being in and leaving Carlos N’ Charlie’s. SM CnC from rear parking lot

Then we drove to Carlos and Charlie. I parked my car at the back, in the parking lot of Carlos and Charlie, with the front of my car facing the wall of Carlos and Charlie. We got out and walked to Carlos and Charlie. It was then about 12:30. We went straight to the bar. Joran bought drinks for us. He didn’t ask us what we wanted, as he already knew what we wanted. He bought three yards with whiskey and Coke.

We walked to the stage. The stage is a raised floor where people dance. C&CWe stood there looking on. I guess there were about 70 people present, or more perhaps. We stood there chatting among the three of us. A little later, I guess about three or four minutes, Joran was called by a girl by a movement of her hand. Judging by the way that the girl was dancing, I presumed that she was pretty drunk. Joran had indicated, signaling by hand, that he did not want to go over to her. After the song was finished, the girl walked over to Joran.

The girl walked swaying to Joran. I could see that it was a pretty girl. I saw that the girl was talking to Joran. I heard that they were talking about dancing. I saw Joran laugh and saw him reply to her. I couldn’t hear what Joran replied. I looked around and didn’t follow their conversation.

A friend of mine came walking over to me. His name is Ali. I don’t know Satish_joran_depak_200182his surname. He used to be in the same class with me at the middle school. Ali stood and talked to me for five to ten minutes. Ali then walked away. When I turned around, both Satish and Joran were nowhere to be seen. They hadn’t told me where they were going. I looked for them briefly but couldn’t find them. I was briefly in the restrooms. I was not patient enough to keep on looking.

After I left the restrooms, I looked around a bit. I went by the bar, passed the glass area where souvenirs of Carlos and Charlie are sold, and walked outside. When I walked outside, I heard the announcement that it was the last chance to buy alcohol. That is always announced before closing time.

I walked to my car. My car was the only car parked behind in the parking lot. I went and sat in my car to wait for Satish and Joran. I had no more phone credit to be able to call them. I had the car door open. I was listening to the radio and adjusting the volume. The door on the right side opened, and I looked up and saw that it was Satish. Satish sat down next to me.

Then the back door opened. Joran got into the car. He got in on the right side and sat behind Satish. The girl also got in on the left side. I was surprised and had not expected that the girl would also come with them. She sat behind me in the car. I greeted her. I said to her, Hi. She greeted me back and said her name. I immediately forgot her name. I didn’t mind that she was sitting in the car. It was not the first time that I had girls that were on holiday in my car and dropped them off at their hotel.

Joran Van der Sloot interview with Greta Van Susteren

VAN SUSTEREN: When they picked you up, did you go straight from your home to Carlos and Charlie’s?

VAN DER SLOOT: When they picked me up, we went straight there, straight to Carlos and Charlie’s.

VAN SUSTEREN: When you arrived at Carlos ‘n Charlie’s, any idea about what time it is?

VAN DER SLOOT: It was probably, you know, 12:15, I think, 12:30 maybe.

VAN SUSTEREN: How late does it stay open?

VAN DER SLOOT: That night it was open until 1:00 AM.

VAN SUSTEREN: Is that usual? I mean, every…

VAN DER SLOOT: Every — during weekdays, it’s open until 1:00 AM, yes.

VAN SUSTEREN: And were the girls from Mountain Brook already there?

VAN DER SLOOT: They were already there. I walked in, and I — when I walked in, I saw one of them on the left-hand side and she just said — she said, Hi. And I said, Hi, back. {{This is already a different version of events from their made up story. Even entering the bar was changed.}} And then I walked in with them and was going to go to the bar with them and get a drink. And that’s when — right when I walked in, I saw Natalee was standing on the dance floor. She was dancing, and she screamed at me to go dance with her. She was dancing on the stage. There was, like, a podium there.

VAN SUSTEREN: Did she know your name? Did she know you well enough to know your name at that point?

VAN DER SLOOT: No, I don’t think she knew my name. She just screamed to me to go dance with her. And at that point, I didn’t. I went to go get a drink with Deepak and Satish. {{{Deepak’s original version: We got out and walked to Carlos and Charlie. It was then about 12:30. We went straight to the bar. Joran bought drinks for us. He didn’t ask us what we wanted, as he already knew what we wanted. He bought three yards with whiskey and Coke. We walked to the stage.}}}

VAN DER SLOOT: Where — the one that you sat next that you thought was attractive at the casino, did you see her there?

VAN DER SLOOT: No. I saw one of her friends there.

VAN SUSTEREN: So she never appeared anyplace that you remember that night.

VAN DER SLOOT: No, maybe that I did see her, but I don’t think I spoke to her.

VAN SUSTEREN: What — you went up to the bar and got a drink. What were you drinking?

VAN DER SLOOT: A yard is a drink you can there and, yes, that’s what we got.

VAN SUSTEREN: So drink number two is separated by several hours.


VAN SUSTEREN: OK. What happened next with…

VAN DER SLOOT: So next, we walked down again to the stage. We were just looking at people — the people who were dancing on stage. And then again, she said to me to — she told me to go dance with her, and I said no.

VAN SUSTEREN: Do you dance?

VAN DER SLOOT: Sometimes, yes, but not really dancing.


VAN DER SLOOT: I’m not really a dancing person. And then she came down off the stage and grabbed me by my hand and said, Come with me. And she took me to the bar, which is on the other — on the left-hand side. And she jumped on the — she jumped on the bar, so sitting on the bar.

VAN SUSTEREN: Sitting or lying down?

VAN DER SLOOT: Sitting first, and then she said, Are you going to take a jelly shot off me?

VAN SUSTEREN: What is that?

VAN DER SLOOT: It’s just something — a jelly shot is what you put on your belly button, or a body shot, I mean, and then you — you take it off — off of the belly button.

VAN SUSTEREN: And you did that?

VAN DER SLOOT: And I did that.

VAN SUSTEREN: What was that — what were you drinking then in the shot, do you remember?

VAN DER SLOOT: I don’t have no clue what it is.

VAN SUSTEREN: Is there a way to describe her, I mean, and whether she seemed or appeared to be, you know, drinking? Did she seem to be drunk?

VAN DER SLOOT: Oh… she’d been drinking, but she wasn’t drunk. I mean, she knew what she was doing. And you know, all the people there were drinking, as well. I mean, that’s just — that’s normal when you go out and have a drink with your friends. {{{Deepak’s initial comments regarding Natalee: Judging by the way that the girl was dancing, I presumed that she was pretty drunk. Also, The girl walked swaying to Joran.}}}

VAN SUSTEREN: Any interest in her, at that point?

VAN DER SLOOT: At that point, when she got my hand and took me to the bar, yes.

VAN SUSTEREN: So what happened next?

VAN DER SLOOT: Well, so next, then she said OK, so let’s take another shot, is what she told me. So she wanted to take a shot with me. But it was probably close to 1:00 AM there then, and the bar was closing. So I said, OK, well, we can go to the other bar. And then I asked her, What do you want to drink? And she’s, like, Whatever. So she said, yes (INAUDIBLE) What do you suggest. And I said, Baccardi 151. That’s a shot I normally take with my friends. And we took a shot together. And after that, we just were talking a while. And I saw Satish, and Satish said — said, Let’s go. And then — Deepak, I don’t know where he was. I didn’t see him in Carlos and Charlie’s after that.

VAN SUSTEREN: At what point did you leave Carlos ‘n Charlie’s?

VAN DER SLOOT: Yes, when it was — when it was closing, when everyone started leaving and you saw the groups of people leaving.

VAN SUSTEREN: Were they throwing you out and turning the lights on and off?

VAN DER SLOOT: Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

VAN SUSTEREN: Or what was the sign that it was time to go?

VAN DER SLOOT: No, it was just, yes, it was just they turn off the music and they turn off everything and it was just time to go, yes.

VAN SUSTEREN: Had you made any agreement or arrangement with Natalee at that point to leave with her or anything?

VAN DER SLOOT: No, not at all. That came very spontaneously. She’s like, “OK, you want me to go with you?” And I was like “OK.” And I saw her go up to some of her friends. I don’t know what she said to them. And then, yes, then we — then we ended up leaving. The plan was to go to my house.

VAN SUSTEREN: Any other conversation with her before you left Carlos ‘n Charlie’s, remember anything that you guys talked about, said, or anything?

VAN DER SLOOT: Not really. It was more like, no, just your normal, casual talk.

VAN SUSTEREN: Did she say where she was from, for instance?

VAN DER SLOOT: Yes, she said that she was from Alabama and she said — she said she wanted to become a doctor and, yes…

VAN SUSTEREN: Did she ask you about yourself?

VAN DER SLOOT: Yes, she asked me about myself too.

VAN SUSTEREN: What did you tell her?

VAN DER SLOOT: I told her I was 19, when I was actually 17 but, yes.

VAN SUSTEREN: Did you say where, you know, your plans or anything like that what you wanted to do? I mean was there that much of a dialog between you?

VAN DER SLOOT: Not really. I mean I never really got to actually know her. I really didn’t actually ever get, you know, to know her like you know a friend or you know someone like that. It was just casual talking. You know a little about each other and that’s all it was.

VAN SUSTEREN: Was it the kind of bar situation where it’s loud, you’re talking over loud music or could you ever, was it — could you have a conversation?

VAN DER SLOOT: It was loud music but you could have a conversation.

VAN SUSTEREN: So, what time do you think you stepped foot out of Carlos ‘N’ Charlie’s?

VAN DER SLOOT: Probably, yes probably 1:00 a.m.

VAN SUSTEREN: Did you walk — you walked out with Natalee?

VAN DER SLOOT: Yes, I walked out with her.

VAN SUSTEREN: And she had your hand or you had her hand?

VAN DER SLOOT: Yes, we had each other hand and Satish was there as well with us.

VAN SUSTEREN: Where was Deepak?

VAN DER SLOOT: He was waiting at his car.

VAN SUSTEREN: Any reason why he went out ahead?

VAN DER SLOOT: I don’t know. You have to ask him that.

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