Steve Yuhas Blames Beth Twitty and Dave Holloway for Natalee’s Disappearance


Never has it been made more apparent than some people should be seen and not heard, than the nonsensical ramblings of Radio Talk Show host Steve Yuhas. Today this defender of criminals wrote the following article, Twitty & Holloway vs. van Der Slot — Who is really to Blame for Natalee’s Disappearance“? This so called informed Talk show host makes the following statements who only looked to stir the pot, even if it meant at the expense of a person who is most likely dead. What I fine upstanding human being you are.

We all know about Natalee Holloway: adult female from middle class Alabama flies to Aruba to drink and party as an adult because it was not legal to do it in America on a senior trip. She leaves a bar with some men she does not know and is never seen again. Beth Twitty vows never to leave Aruba (she left) until she finds her daughter and since the boycott did not work and they can’t get much face time on television Beth Twitty and Dave Holloway have decided to file suit and seek money instead of finding their daughter.

Listen to Audio of Steve Yuhas radio interview today and the absolute nonsense this man speaks from. Steve, just a word to the wise seeing that you are so far intellectually superior than all of us. His name is Jug Twitty, he is Natalee’s stepfather. Dave Holloway is Natalee’s biological father. But I guess a guy like you that is so well informed and has followed this case from the beginning as you state would know that. However, from your interview does not seem like you have that fact correct.

This is a case about an adult woman who made bad decisions while she was partying in a foreign country. This is a case about a family that sent their admittedly naive daughter to a foreign country and did not teach her that getting into cars or going to the beach with strangers could be dangerous. This has become a case about money because the family of Natalee Holloway cannot do anything else.

Don’t you miss the media set ups that Beth orchestrated by chasing her own suspects down at their jobs with cameras following? What happened to the boycott that the misguided (and obviously ignored) governors of Alabama and Arkansas endorsed?

It is sad that someone like Steve Yuhas, who seems so overwhelmed by hate and rage would make such idiots and callous comments. A man who has never lost a child has so much knowledge, caring and empathy for those that have. What makes you so bitter Steve? The fact that maybe no one would care if you went missing?

One needs to look no further than to see what drives Yuhas’ venom and anger. When people don’t agree with someone and what they are doing is so easy to call them stupid and say they are only in it for the money. As if you would have a clue Yuh as. I am glad that you think you are so far superior than those who live in Alabama as you have no problem insinuating they are stupid. I guess we could not expect any less from such a small individual.

It all flopped so now the Twitty — Holloway clan is looking for Euros instead of Natalee. What a change from last year.

The idea that the Dutch citizens would even show up for a civil trial in America to face the parasites from Alabama is unlikely and comical and since Natalee’s life was not worth very much (according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics about $1 million for 40 years of work) — it hardly seems worth the trouble for 838,000 Euro (I hope they understand what a Euro is in Alabama).

Here is the smug, idiotic comment that Steve Yuhas makes blaming the family for Natalee not being in college.

But for the Twitty and Holloway families Natalee would be in college today. The van der Sloot’s did not pay for Natalee to go to Aruba and they did not invite her.

(Steve Yuhas column)

Steve Yuhas do you blame a family of a child that is allowed to go to NYC who gets killed? God forbid you blame the criminals of a crime. Steve, guns don’t kill people. The people who fire the guns kill people.

The idea that an individual would be so flip about a human life that was most certainly taken and blame the family is just beyond words. The fact that Steve will never be able to experience such a loss I guess makes it OK for him to say anything.

I reserve the following words for so few individuals. I will have to agree with the two that interviewed Yuh asYuh as today, IDIOT.

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