More Fallout from Talk Show host Steve Yuhas regarding Natalee Holloway


Some final thoughts on the WERC-AM’s “Nate and J.T. Show” interview with radio talk-show host Steve Yuhas and a chaperone from the Aruba trip where Natalee Holloway disappeared.

It was truly insulting that any adult in this day and age would take the tact that it is the victims or parents fault for Natalee Holloway to have gone missing, never to be seen again after getting into the car with Joran Van der Sloot, Deepak and Satish Kalpoe. I guess using this logic, it is a parents fault if their daughter is raped on a college campus whether it be date rape or otherwise because she was not properly prepared.

“You can’t send a girl like that if she is so ignorant, naive, innocent, to party like an adult,” said Steve Yuhas, a San Diego talk show host. “They did not adequately prepare their daughter for the trip to Aruba. She thought it was OK to get drunk, leave a bar, get into a car, and go where ever she went.”

These are mighty big words from an individual who has no idea what Natalee Holloway’s condition may have been leaving Carlos & Charlie’s. In other words on “One Happy Island” in a place that the Aruban Tourism Association states is a safe island, Steve Yuhus thinks it is Natalee Holloway’s fault for what may have come of her.

In other words in Aruba where Carlos & Charlie’s is advertised as a tourist spot to go to even though anything and everything goes on inside and outside the bar. Judging from Yuhus’ comments why isn’t he blaming Aruba for misrepresenting themselves as a safe island? To follow his line of thought, one would have to blame Aruba for not warning all tourists of the dangers. Much like a warning label on medication or any product. Instead, Yuhus blames the victims family and the victim for the alleged crime perpetrated upon Natalee Holloway. How sad. I could see this and we have seen this from Aruba, but for this mentality to exist in the USA; I guess women have not come a long way baby in Steve’s eyes.

“He (Yuhas) doesn’t put any blame on the criminals that actually took care of Natalee and either kidnapped her or murdered her,” said WERC host J.T. “He seems to want to blame Natalee Holloway and her parents.”

Every victims rights group should be emailing and ringing the radio station managers phone off the hook. Aruba has been promoted as a safe island Steve, how come you do not hold them liable let only the individuals that may have actually committed the crime? Where is there responsibility in this? Steve Yuhas is a columnist and radio talk show host on KOGO AM 600 and may be reached at or

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