What direction did Joran/Deepak & Satish take Natalee in the morning May 30th?

Question:  What direction did Joran/Deepak & Satish take Natalee in the early morning hours of May 30th?  Was the crime scene at the Holiday Inn, the VDS home or the Lighthouse area?
 Revised Update

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Blue foot prints left = Walking route taken by 3 MB witnesses from CnC to LG Smith where they saw Joran and Natalee.
Blue foot prints right = Walking route Deepak with Natalee down West St and around towards the alley parking behind CnC.
Green Line – Route Deepak’s car would have taken to intersection of Werf and LG Smith where the Bus Terminal is and witnesses may have seen Natalee in Deepak’s car.
1.  If they turned left on LG Smith they would be headed towards the HI, the Marriott, the Lighthouse, painted rocks, sand dunes and Koen Gottenbos home.
2.  If they turned right on LG Smith then left on West Straat (Iguana Joes) heading towards Kooninstraat, then take a right on Kooninstraat and a left on Caya Ernesto Petronia, it would take them to Noord and Montanja and the VDS residence. 
Either is possible:
Left on West Straat (Iguana Joes) at Bus Terminal per Satish’s attorney:

Revised suspect 1

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3. From the VDS home they would cut across to LG Smith just below the hotels or they could cut across closer to the sand dune area.
Post suspect 2
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Lie #1 – Dropped Natalee off at the Holiday Inn
Lie #2 – Left Natalee at the beach near the Marriott and the Fisherman’s Huts

Based on the information above, I believe they took the route towards the VDS residence.  They then drove towards the Lighthouse area where a drugged Natalee was raped.  At some point she may have tried to run away and hit her head (blood on rocks – thus the paint to cover up).  Natalee was either murdered or died from being beaten, drugged and raped.  They hastily buried her body in the sand dune area and called Paulus.  Paulus calls Alex Gottenbos and says he needs a favor…need to use his boat.  Natalee’s body is either wrapped in fish net or put in a cage and taken out to sea.  Evidence as in bloody clothing and/weapon was thrown in the trash and in the pond.
The drugging of tourists on their last night in Aruba is nothing new to Joran/Deepak and Satish.  They may even have girlfriends in Aruba help them pick their targets.  Normally the drugged tourist is dropped off at her hotel and either doesn’t remember or is too embarrassed to talk about it.  This time, “something bad happened” and they had to cover it up.  Paulus has the connections with ALE and the Government in Aruba to make the cover up work.
The weakest link in all this is Koen Gottenbos.  Someone needs to pressure him into talking.  He knows what happened but didn’t participate in the crime itself.
The Holloway and Twitty families deserve to know what happened and they should be allowed to bring Natalee home. 
The Government of Aruba is in a lose /lose situation now, but they could cut their losses by allowing Natalee to be found.  Will they step up to the plate or continue to be a blockade?
(Hat Tip Klaasend for a great post)
(Revised 2–12–06)

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