Tim Miller on Aruba’s Refusal of Sharing Information with FBI; “a new excuse every day”


‘Rita Cosby Live & Direct’ for Jan. 30, 2006 (Guests: Beth Twitty & Tim Miller)

Just when you think there is cooperation between Aruba and the United States, a new excuse is made. The latest in a long line of promised questioning suspects, arrests and fireworks comes the FBI’s refusal to bring cadaver dogs to Aruba because the ALE will not provide the FBI with “who tipped them of to start searching the dunes”.

With all shock aside, as many were wondering when the shoe was going to drop on the FBI cadaver dogs going to Aruba comes Tim Miller’s with the following comment in lieu of the FBI dogs.

We’ve got proven cadaver dogs our own self, and we don’t need to know where the lead came from. We can take them there, and we can take the ground penetration units there. And I promise you, in three or four days, we can find something in the sand dunes or clear them.

Oh, I’m going to be back in Aruba in two weeks, and we’re going to be doing stuff in the water. If the sand dunes have not been searched, we’re taking our ground penetration units and we’ll go ahead and do the sand dunes. We’ll take the dogs, too.

It was not too long ago on Greta Van Susteren ‘ON THE RECORD’, where Tim Miller offered Aruba the equipment and dogs to search on the land at no cost to the Aruban government.

Now on the land, I told Dompig I hope you find her before we go in the water. I told him to take dogs and offered the ground penetration equip at no cost to Aruba. we are going to do the sea, we will help free of cost for the land search.. we just want Natalee home.

Ground penetration equipment , I am willing to put rep on the line, in two days most if she is there, she will be found with this equipment. It will show a body under the sand, it works like a sonar on the water. The resources are there free of cost. There may be a conflict with FBI with taking somethings over there.

Conflict? Looks like Tim Miller knew something in advance. However, what is troubling is the fact that when Tim Miller provided this offer, Aruba’s response was, … “we will get back to you”.

So the ALE creates a road block to the FBI’s help and gives the brush off to Tim Miller and Texas EquuSearch. All of the US is watching and what they see is Aruban officials who do not seem to want to solve the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

From Rita Cosby:
And tonight, we’ve got some late-breaking details in the case of Natalee Holloway’s investigation. The Holloway family attorney met with Aruba’s deputy police chief and the island’s prosecutor today. There are also plans for the three to meet again tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the FBI is refusing to send cadaver dogs to Aruba to help in the latest search of the sand dunes. The reason why? The Aruban police won’t say who tipped them of to start searching the dunes two weeks ago. They won’t share the information with the FBI.

LIVE AND DIRECT tonight is Natalee’s mom, Beth Holloway Twitty. And also here is Tim Miller with Texas Equusearch.

Beth, first of all, you know, how outraged are you that Aruban police won’t even give it to authorities? This is the FBI.


I just don’t get it. Why won’t they seek out their help? I mean, just disclose who these witnesses are that have come forward, and you know, let’s do a coordinated search effort. I mean, the sand dunes, they started you know, they attempted this search, what—what is now, two weeks ago, Rita, and it’s obvious that they cannot do it without some help. So I don’t—for the life of me, I don’t have any idea why.

COSBY: Yes, it’s outrageous not to share the information, especially with authorities. You know, Beth, I want to show—we had Jossy Mansur of “El Diario” newspaper—I asked what—what this tip this, and this is—this is what he, at least, had to say about where he thinks that tip is coming from.


JOSSY MANSUR, MANAGING EDITOR, “DIARIO”: In the last month, the police were very busy talking to many, many friends of Joran’s that they found of interest. And one of them apparently gave them some very, very reliable information that they’ve been acting on. That’s why they’ve been searching over at the dunes behind the lighthouse and also on the ocean, searching for a fish trap.


COSBY: Beth, have you gotten any indication how credible this is? You know, the folks in Aruba are sending messages to us that they seem to put some stock in it, that it’s certainly worth looking into.

TWITTY: No, really nothing other than that, Rita. I mean, I just can’t imagine, though, this—there still seems to be a push towards the sand dunes. So I just keep thinking there has to be some credible source. And you know, maybe someone has come forward for the $250,000 reward for information. And you know, but it just—gosh, I just don’t know why they don’t move forward on it, Rita.

COSBY: It is. It’s outrageous, especially not to share that with—again, with the federal authorities. You know, Beth, I know your attorney, John Q. Kelly, is in Aruba now. He met with the deputy police chief, Gerold Dompig. He also met with the prosecutor. How did those meetings go? And I understand he met with them today, he’s going to meet with them again tomorrow.

TWITTY: Well, I think they went well. You know, I don’t know what information was discussed during these meetings. I think he has a meeting again with the prosecuting attorney in the morning. So—but you know, Rita, I’m just grateful that, you know, he is able to get in there and at least get a line of communication so at least someone from the United States side knows what’s going on.

COSBY: Are you getting a sense that it’s positive, that there seems to be some progress? I mean, Dompig was on our show—you know this. He said, The three boys are guilty as hell. I just have to prove it. He seemed like he was trying to go after the truth, at least in some shape or form.

TWITTY: Yes. Well, John Kelly didn’t give me any details of what they discussed. They just—you know, I just glad, though, that he met with them, and I’m sure he obtained some information that, you know, he just probably cannot disclose at this time.

COSBY: I agree with you that it’s great that he’s down there. You know, Tim, the cadaver dogs—now the FBI is saying it’s not going to send the cadaver dogs because it’s not getting this information from Aruban authorities. How critical are cadaver dogs, do you think, to the search, to really…

TIM MILLER, TEXAS EQUUSEARCH: Well, I don’t know if they’re…


MILLER: I don’t know that they’re that critical, if you want to know the truth. I mean, there’s other things we can do, that people can do. And we can certainly do them. I mean, we’ve got some…

COSBY: Like what?

MILLER: We’ve got proven cadaver dogs our own self, and we don’t need to know where the lead came from. We can take them there, and we can take the ground penetration units there. And I promise you, in three or four days, we can find something in the sand dunes or clear them, so…

COSBY: Are you planning on going down there, Tim, and using that equipment?

MILLER: Oh, I’m going to be back in Aruba in two weeks, and we’re going to be doing stuff in the water. If the sand dunes have not been searched, we’re taking our ground penetration units and we’ll go ahead and do the sand dunes. We’ll take the dogs, too.

So they don’t have to withhold where the information comes from, from us. I mean, we’re volunteers. We’ll go over there. You know, we’ve got some equipment that’s probably as good as anybody in the nation. So you know, our offer stands. One thing is a promise. We will be back in Aruba in two weeks.

And you know, it just upsets me more and more every day, Rita, about not sharing information and different things. And I don’t even know if we need them people in Aruba anymore. We just need to go over there, do our job, bring Natalee home and then let them make an arrest.

COSBY: Yes, it seems preposterous that they’re not sharing it again with the feds. You know, Tim…

MILLER: Well, it’s crazy. I think it’s crazy.

COSBY: It is. It’s—you know, it’s a blockade, another blockade.

You know, Beth, you mentioned…

MILLER: There’s always a new excuse…

COSBY: I was going to say, Beth…

MILLER: a new excuse every day.

COSBY: Beth, are you at, like, wits’ end, going, Come on, give me a break?

TWITTY: Oh, I—you know, I just can’t imagine, you know, a sovereign country acting—behaving this way. I mean, who in their right can send a loved one to the island of Aruba with them acting like this? I mean, it just doesn’t make any sense, Rita, absolutely none.

COSBY: You know, another thing that doesn’t make sense to a lot of people, Paul Van Der Sloot’s in court today for a hearing on damages. We don’t know what the result is because I know your attorney wasn’t allowed inside. How are you going to feel, Beth, if he gets, you know, one cent for damages?

TWITTY: Well, you know, there’s another frustrating, you know, part of this. You know, this—in a civil case like this, there should have been no reason for John Kelly to have been denied access in that hearing. And you know, I think that the judge or Paulus Van Der Sloot had set forward and it’s probably who was instrumental in not having him in there.

So it just—you know, it’s just everything just seems so underhanded to me. It’s just—you know, if it was on—you know, up front and they didn’t have anything to hide or be fearful of, you know, they would have allowed him in that courtroom. There was no reason why he could not have been in there.

COSBY: Yes, seem to be shutting the U.S. authorities and your representatives out at every turn, which (INAUDIBLE). We will stay on it, Beth. Please keep us posted on what happens also at the meeting tomorrow. And Tim, good luck with your search. Thank you very much, both of you.

MILLER: Thanks, Rita.

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