Amigoe: (Aruba) No Money for Airspace Controlling


Amigoe; January 3, 2006: No money for airspace controlling

ARUBA — An investment of 16 to 18 million florins is needed for Aruba to control her own airspace and Aruba does not have that kind of money at this moment. However, minister Eddie Briesen (MEP) of Tourism and transportation is very optimistic about the improvements that Curacao had promised to make soon.

Minister Briesen is aware of the many delays that departing aircrafts are coping with. He sincerely regrets this, because a lot of work have been done to optimize the airport, especially the presence of the American customs at the airport of Aruba is very important. Flights to and from Aruba are considered to be domestic flights and changing planes is easier due to this. If delays ruin this advantage, then Aruba can loose her position. Briesen is going to discuss the matter with his colleagues during the ministerial deliberation in February.

Amigoe has certainly been consistently doing numerous articles regarding the Aruban airport: funding, safety & delays, and improvements.

Amigoe: Questions about the complaints of the air traffic controllers

He asks the minister what he plans to do to prevent American Airlines to most probably stop flying the route Aruba/Puerto Rico. Can we expect improvements that would put an end to this serious situation soon?

Amigoe: Air Traffic Controllers request to hear their complaints
Amigoe: Air traffic safety in Aruba in danger
Amigoe (Aruba): Airport is for the safety of people and material

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