Natalee Holloway Investigation: Some comments from Jaime Skeeters


There seems to be much confusion with the tapes/CD’s that were sent to Holland to be examined. Jaime Skeeter’s CD’s that he provided have be authenticated as being genuine. According to Dompig, Dutch forensic investigators heard Deepak say, “he didn’t” from the tapes. Skeeters claims that “even his grandmother” could hear the tapes he provided the ALE and Skeeters stands behind his comment that Deepak said, “he did”. What does Dompig claim he heard? One question also remains, which tape/CD is Dompig referring to that they Dutch are saying is Deepak’s denial? The so called manipulated tape; is this the tape they state Deepak’s denial, or is it Skeeter’s, or both? The following are some quick comments from Jaime Skeeters with regards to the tape and Dompig’s comments that he gave exclusively to Scared Monkeys.

Dompig told me that he can hear Deepak make the statement “we did…and you would be surprise how simple it was..” on my CD.

Dompig also stated that the Phil tapes are not that clear and it sounds like “we didn’t… and you would be surprise how simple it was”.

I asked Dompig if Deepak had said “we didn’t” then why in the hell did he immediately follow up with..”and you would be surprise how simple it was”.

Dompig agreed with me that the follow up statement makes sense with “we did”and not with the statement “we didn’t”..

I told Dompig that I have never seen or heard the Phil tapes that he down loaded from my CD. I also told him that “most” everyone knows that when you down load something off a CD to beta/VHS tapes that you lose at lease one full generation of clarity.

Dompig stated that he understood that but sense he has two sets of tapes that he must send them in for verification. I explained that Phil tapes are not altered, they are edited.

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    1. Robert Evans on February 1st, 2007 4:14 am

      I have been to the island TWICE. I’ve drawn a map of the area where it all happened, I have visited the area where it all happened and I have located the exact spot where NAtalee is buried. (No, she is not still alive, Yes she is dead).
      I did not have the necessary resources to dig alone, by hand. So, I’m looking for VLOUNTEERS FOR NATALEE, to go back to the Island (MY THIRD TIME) to dig.

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