Pizza Bomber: Introduction


On August 28th, 2003, Brian Wells, went to a rural area to deliver a pizza, as was was his job working for Mama Mia’s Pizzeria. An hour later he shows up at a local bank with a collar attached to his neck that contained a bomb. He was instructed to rob a bank just outside of Erie, Pennsylvania. When he was detained by the police, the bomb was set off, killing him instantly. This is the short version of a horrible story has had people intrigued the last two years, as the person who attached and detonated the bomb has never been found.

The person who put the bomb on Brian Wells wrote a detailed letter explaining and providing illustrations on how to rob the bank and what to do with the money after he got away. During the getaway, he was to receive information on how to remove the bomb. Unfortunately, he was apprehended by police and the bomb detonated while it was still around his neck.

That was two years ago. Now there is new information that is coming out linking a convicted rapist to the bombing. Letters retrieved by the FBI from the convicted rapist, Floyd Stockton, and his ex wife (3 times over) Janet Ponsford, show that there may be some involvement between the two and Wells. Stockton has shown that he had the mechanical aptitude to commit this atrocity.

We will have more on this case coming shortly. It is so intertwined with the characters that one post can not do the story justice.

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