The Serving Size Myth


John Stossel has a great article today on the lies food companies will tell you to get you to buy their products. When you look at the nutrition label on the back of the food you buy, can you understand it? I sure has heck can not.

On countless food packages, serving sizes have become a confusing joke.
I bought a frozen “personal pizza.” That’s what it said on the package, in big letters.  From the name (and its size-it’s not very big), you would think a “personal pizza” is for one person — say, you. But according to the small print, it can feed both you and some other person: The serving size listed on the label is half a pie.

 We took the “personal pizza” downtown to Little Italy in New York City for some expert opinions.

 ”I don’t think you could share this with anybody!” said Francesco of Sal’s Pizzeria.

 One pizza baker said if he offered one of these little pizzas to his customers, “They’d throw it back in my face!”

Most people we talked to couldn’t believe the recommended serving size for the “personal pizza.” One young woman said, “My cat could eat that.”

Read the rest.

There are so many lies out there that we run into every day. Why does every marketer feel that we will want to buy their product more if they lie to us. Seriously, I could see a product doing very well that says “Hey, we are not the best nutritionally, but we are telling you the truth.”

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