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Here are some of the outtakes from the Larry King show last night.

SUSAN CANDIOTTI, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: At this hour, Larry the draining of a pond not far from this hotel is going on. This pond is located not far from the hotel where Natalee had been staying, but it’s also adjacent to a racquet club. You’ll remember talking about this very recently. This racquet club is where a witness has come forward and talked about seeing a car parked nearby it on a road in the dead of night, the night that Natalee disappeared. And he saw, he says, the Kalpoe brothers’ car, named as suspects, but no one is charged in this case.

Also in the car he said he recognized Joran Van Der Sloot. The three boys were known to be with Natalee the night she disappeared. And so authorities, law enforcement sources tell us that the reason they are draining this pond and are working, as I said, even at this hour, is because of its proximity to the racquet club where this car was parked.

They’re looking for possible evidence in connection with this case, possibly even Natalee herself, or some other evidence that the boys were at that pond. They think they might be able to finish draining it by tomorrow.

KING: Why, Susan, did this witness come forward so late?

CANDIOTTI: It’s unclear, but he has told some people that he had some concerns about what might happen if he came forward because of what’s happened to other witnesses in this case. For example, we know that the security guards were fired after they were arrested and then cleared. The mother of the Kalpoe brothers was fired, and this kind of thing. And so — however, those who know him say he has no reason to lie, and the law enforcement authorities at this time tell us that they believe him.

And this summary from the Holloway Twitty Aruban Attorney illustrates some of the differences in the legal systems.

PETER MOHAMED, ATTY. FOR HOLLOWAY TWITTY FAMILY: Well, of course the way things are going now, we represent the family and all that we want to do is that the family gets the best representation and gets what they came for. They want answers to the questions, as they said, and as everyone knows, things haven’t been, let me say, been done right in the beginning. And certainly these last few days, a lot of new developments are taking place.

And as we are in contact with the prosecution, we know — and with the police, we know that the investigative authorities are quite optimistic. I don’t want to say they are to be too optimistic, but they too want to solve the case primarily for Natalee and for the family of Natalee, and then, of course, you know, to finally get this thing over with.

Because the last few weeks, it has been so hectic in Aruba with this case and I think primarily, you know, the family wants to really know where they’re up to. That’s why, of course, you know, the $1 million reward came up from, and of course if finally something comes out of this draining of the pond, the prosecution knows maybe, let me say, whether that is going to be a case and how strong the case is going to be.

TJ Ward also added this nugget:

T.J. WARD, P.I. FOR HOLLOWAY TWITTY FAMILY: Well, one of the things that I figure that the witness that I found saw the car that was used in the disappearance and on the 28th, 29th and 30th. And it just seemed a little strange to me that a week later the same car shows up three or four times in the same area around that pond.
Those boys were there looking for something. And there’s a good possibility that the body could be buried, because there was very, very little water in there around the 29th and 30th of May, and shortly before the storm hit and the hurricane, that’s what caused all the water to be there.

And it’s very soft and very easy to dig and put somebody underground there. But like Dr. Henry Lee says, it would be very, very good if the body is there, that it would be preserved by the ground itself if it is underground.

Click here for the full transcripts.

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