Texas EquuSearch Volunteers Leave Aruba


Tim Miller and a majority of the EquuSearch team returned to home. After spending several weeks searching for Natalee Holloway Tim Miller has said the words that most have not wanted to hear and many still do not want to believe,

Group’s Founder Does Not Think Holloway Is ‘Findable’

It is believed by that there remains a couple of members of EquuSearch on Aruba to help Beth Holloway according to sources and that they are to return later in the week with further equipment.

HOUSTON — Texas EquuSearch returned to Houston after doing their part in the search for a missing Alabama teen in Aruba, Local 2 reported Monday.

After several weeks of searching with high-tech sonar equipment, most of the volunteers left the Caribbean island Sunday.

EquuSearch leader Tim Miller said he does not think 18-year-old Natalee Holloway will be found.

“I really don’t think that she’s findable, that’s the tough part. It’s not that we did anything wrong, I don’t think Natalee’s findable,” Miller said.

Holloway has been missing for seven weeks.

Several other search teams have combed the island and have found no clue of the missing teen.

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    1. Hyscience on July 18th, 2005 10:10 pm

      Natalee Updates: ‘About That Duct Tape’ and ‘How Did Natalee Holloway Leave Carlos And Charlies?’ (Evening Updates)

      So what’s my take on where we’re at? Who really knows at this point and I’m don’t even to crossword puzzles. But I’m begining to think that one or both of the Kalpoe Brothers just might have more of a hand in Natalee’s disappearance than Joran. B…

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