“They Buried Natalee in the neighborhood of Fishermen huts


From Diario: Geen lijk is geen zaak” tabata palabranan di rumannan Kalpoe na Recherche PROME DECLARACION DI JORAN TABATA CU NAN A DERA NATALEE

Here is a bombshell article from Diario:

Geen lijk is geen zaak” tabata palabranan di rumannan Kalpoe na Recherche PROME DECLARACION DI JORAN TABATA CU NAN A DERA NATALEE

“No body means no case” were the words of the Kalpoe brothers to the Detectives FIRST DECLARATION OF JORAN WAS THAT THEY BURIED NATALEE

ORANJESTAD(AAN): Manera ta conoci diamars awor lo tin e caso di apelacion di ministerio publico contra decision di huez comisario cu a laga e dos sospechosonan Kalpoe liber y tambe lo tin e caso contra decision di huez comisario di parti di abogado di Joran van der Sloot kende su detencion a worde prolonga.

ORANJESTAD (AAN): As is known this Tuesday the appeal of the Justice Department against the decision of the judge commissioner to let the the two Kalpoe suspects free and there will also be the appeal against the decision of the judge commissioner on the part of Joran van der Sloot’s lawyer whose detention had been prolonged.

Segun informacion cu DIARIO ta hayando ta bisa cu na prome instante ora cu Joran van der Sloot a worde deteni el a cuminsa yora durante interogacion y te hasta a bisa agentenan cu nan a dera Natalee banda di Fishermenhuts.

According to information that DIARIO is receiving, when Joran van der Sloot was detained he started crying during interrogation and he even told officers that they buried Natalee in the neighborhood of Fishermen huts.

Segun por a saca afor e no ta corda na unda precisamente, pero den vecindario di e Fishermenhuts e ruman grandi Kalpoe a dera Natalee. El a bisa polisnan di lo duna su cooperacion cual no a dura mucho.

It could be deduced that he doesn’t remember precisely where, but in the neighborhood of Fishermen huts, the elder Kalpoe brother buried Natalee. He told police that he would cooperate but that didn’t last long.

Ora cu el a bisa cu ta nan a dera Natalee, el a ser confronta cu e dos rumannan Kalpoe cu a hera bira loco riba dje unda nan a nenga loke Joran a bisa.

When he said that they buired Natalee, he was confronted by the two Kalpoe brothers who almost went crazy on him and denied what Joran said.

Despues di esey e no a duna su cooperacion mas tampoco na Recherchenan cu tabata haci investigacion.

After that he did not give his cooperation either to the Detectives who were investigating.

Despues ora cu bay interoge, te hasta e tabata bisa polisnan : “Mi no tin ningun c.Ã ±. di bisa boso”.

When he was being interrogated, he even told the cops: ” I don’t have any f*c* to tell you.”

Durante interogacion e tabata mustra basta rabia den direccion di nos agentenan y tabata calma te ora cu nan hibe cel back.

During interrogation he was very angry with our cops and only calmed down when he was brought back to his cell.

Pa loke ta rumannan Kalpoe, nan tambe tabata haci chercha di nos autoridad pasobra cu nan tabata gewoon bisa e agentenan : “Geen Lijk is Geen Zaak”.

As for the Kalpoe Brothers, they also made fun of our authority because they simply told the cops: “No Body means No Case”.

Mirando e declaracion di e sospechosonan ta prueba cu e sospechosonan tabata bon getrain pa un persona cu sa di ley.

Looking at the declarations of the suspects proofs that they were well trained by a person who knows the law.

Aki nos no kier bay specula ta kende , pero por asumi si ta kende por ta tras di henter e asunto aki si mira cu “Around the Pool” tabata tin cierto palabracionnan haci unda te hasta un abogado tabata presente.

Here we don’t want to speculate who this is, but it can be assumed who could be behind this whole matter if you look that “Around the Pool” there were certain agreements made where even a lawyer was present.

E declaracionnan haci aki ta e motibo cu e team tras di e caso aki tabata hopi sigur di nan mes aunke e pruebanan no tabata tey.

The declarations made is the reason why the team behind this case were very sure of themselves even though there was no proof.

Awor ta wardando resultado di e testnan cu a bay Hulanda y si nan bolbe y resulta cu ta positivo, tin mas motibo pa tene e sospechoso cu a keda.

Now we’re waiting the test results that went to the Netherlands and if they come back and the result is positive, there is even more reason to hold the remaining suspect.

Di otro banda nos a haya informacion cu por spera sorpresa ainda e siman aki riba e mesun caso pasobra e team ta trahando keto bay riba e caso aki.

On the other hand we received information that surprises can be expected this week still on the same case because the team is continuously working on this case.

Translation by Aruba Girl

Update: One wonders how such a story could actually be true when if this actually occurred on the first day of interrogations would not the investigators gone to the spot where he claims he buried her and found Natalee. Just a thought.

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