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Todays Senate

Charlie and lucy

Guess who is Lucy, and who is Charlie Brown. Okay, Charlie Brown is McCain and the Moderates.

Got the image here, go visit the Genius that was Charles Shultz here. Click image for full sized copy.


Is the Senate Going all night

Cots were brought into the Capitol Monday as Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist scheduled an all-night session stretching into Tuesday to dramatize the debate over President Bush’s judicial nominees and the filibusters that Democrats have used to block votes on 10 of them.


Drudge Report:

“We’ve got a deal,” Nebraska Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson told reporters. Senators plan to announce details at a news conference shortly…


BREAKING NEWS A bipartisan group of senators has reached a deal to avert a showdown over President Bush’s judicial nominees, congressional sources tell CNN. Details soon.

More from CNN.

McCain is up saying absolutely nothing, they essentially are saying that they have an agreement, but they are giving out no information. Looks like a they have promised to play nice in the sand box and share each other’s toys. What absolute BS, a therapy session when it is time for politics.

UPDATE 7:46 Pledged to vote for cloture for Janice Rogers Brown, Owen and Myers. Personal, the Democrats are owning the press conference and are looking like the cat who ate the canary. Myers and Saad. No commitment.

Michelle Malkin is liveblogging also.

Fox News has the story up.

Red is reporting this is a White House Victory. Who is outside the mainstream, the White House now has a precedent for the 3 judges that were allowed.

Sen. DeWine: The Senators have agreed that they will not filibuster except in extraordinary circumstances. (Tom, can we trust the democrats with a definition? See “is”.

Red: This will be defined by Democrats in the future as a GWB Supreme Court nominee. This will be revisited in the future. All these gutless moderates did was delay the inevitable Great Irony.

HARRY REID commercial blasting the Republicans after the press conference on Fox News.

ABC News AP Report

Yahoos take.

Washington Post

Buzz Blog screams SELL OUTS, I do not disagree.

Ace Of Spades is saying that the “Bipartisan” Group Caves To Liberals

Political Teen has the video up!!!!

NRO’s Ramesh Ponnuru:

This may have been a choice by 14 senators for comity, but its unintended consequence will be to raise the stakes on the next Supreme Court confirmation–which will decide what rules the Senate is really going to follow. A decision has been delayed, not made. Here’s what the Democrats commit to in the future: “Nominees should only be filibustered under extraordinary circumstances, and each signatory must use his or her own discretion and judgment in determining whether such circumstances exist.” Here’s what the Republicans commit to: “In light of the spirit and continuing commitments made in this agreement, we commit to oppose the rules changes in the 109th Congress. . .” So: Democrats can filibuster nominees in “extraordinary circumstances,” to be determined according to the “discretion and judgment” of Ralph Neas–I mean, of each individual senator. Republicans, on the other hand, are not getting any wiggle room to vote for a rules change in “extraordinary circumstances”–such as the Democrats’ abuse of their wiggle room. It looks as though the majority party got taken in this deal.

Captains Quarters

Take: So far, no one really has the agreement, but from what I’ve seen on television up to now, the GOP only got votes for 3 nominees and the Democrats still get to keep the judicial filibuster “under extraordinary circumstances.” This is the exact scenario that I foresaw when I heard that the centrists were gathering in the smoke-filled room. They coughed up the Constitution and got guaranteed votes on less than half of their nominees

Mark At Decision 08 says

A HUGE Win For Republicans Janice Rogers Brown, Priscilla Owen, William Pryor to receive up and down vote; the Democrats pledge not to filibuster future Appeals or Supreme Court Nominees except in ‘extreme circumstances’. Can’t wait to see the reaction from the Kossacks!…

Another Rovian Conspiracy chimes in

Well, a minority of the minority have agreed to do their duty on 3 appointees to the Appeals Courts and shirk their responsibility on the other 2. In an even greater display of the cojones of this bunch, Bobby Byrd (D-KKK) and Mark Warner (R-VA) want to set up a panel to make recommendations to the President on who they would like him to appoint. Where in the words “advise and consent” do Warner and the Grand Kleagle see the words “appoint for the President.” you want to talk about a Consitutional crisis – we haven’t avoided one… we’ve just stepped into one. The Senators have said they wouldn’t filibuster in the future unless it was for “extraordinary” reasons… Well, why do I have the feeling that any appointee not cleared by the Warner/Byrd panel will be considered “extraordinary” and justify a filibuster. Thanks, Johnny!!!

John over at Powerline pulls no punches:

What a hideous deal! The Democrats have agreed to cloture on only three nominees, and they have made no commitment not to filibuster in the future, if there are “extraordinary circumstances.” Of course, the Dems think any nominee who is a Republican is “extraordinary.” The Dems have just wriggled off the hook on some of the nominees that, politically, some of them did not want to be seen voting against.

From the other side of the Aisle we have Kos saying

Some of the judges will get their up and down vote, at least two others will not. Frist doesn’t look to happy on the Senate floor. Reid seemed happy. Thing is, we don’t know that we had the votes. We had 49. We needed two more. Did we have them? Now, some wanted to roll the dice, but had we lost, Dobson would’ve chosen the next Supreme Court justice. I wasn’t willing to make that bet, and I’m glad we didn’t have to. On top of everything, Frist looks weak. He’s failed his crazies. He’s finished. Things may change, but so far, this is the second-best option. Beating Frist on the procedural vote may’ve been the best option. But the worst option was too horrible to contemplate.

Outside The Beltway:

Hopefully, this issue can stay away for a while. I was among the very many Americans who could have cared less about the bickering. And, like Steve, I found both sides to be hypocritical. It was power politics, not principle, all the way through, and it frankly had me turned off most of the way.

The Anchoress:

It’s gonna be a long cold day before the GNP sees a dime of my money. A long. Cold. Day. Can someone please explain to me why, with 57% support from the nation (under-reported, of course), the GOP caved on this? You’ll just want to go to bench memos and scroll down and bring up the pdf files and just sit there in stunned amazement at the utter uselessness and lack of cujones of the GOP leadership, the fecklessness of the Democrats, and the promise of nothing but more obstruction, more double-dirt and more partisan politicking to come. This is freaking disgraceful. As usual, the GOP gave up, and the Democrats give up NOTHING. Here’s the agreement. It will make you sick.

The Moderate Voice gives perspective:

So the White House has added an extra layer of second-thoughts to wavering GOPers who don’t want to see the Senate discard even lip service to a tradition that had always put that body a cut above teh more partisan, politically extreme House. And moderates — who sometimes come from states that lean Democratic — will also have to ponder polls. (NOTE: This has just been updated due to WaPo poll). An earlier poll suggested most Americans aren’t paying too much attention to the issue, but if they were they weren’t for the nuclear option.

Conservative outpost nails it! GOP grabs the ankles

Yep, you guessed it…in a stunning display of Republicans-in-the-majority “business as usual” the GOP has managed to grasp defeat from the jaws of victory. Led by the usual suspects in the “moderate” crowd, a deal was struck between 7 Dems and 7 Republicans to allow full senate votes on 3 out of 5 of the current crop of circuit court nominees. The lucky three appear to be Owen, Brown and Pryor. Note these are the same the Dems have been tagging as “the most radical” that Bush had submitted. The problem here is that we have another deal where we get less than we would have/could have gotten, simply by voting like a majority and in the process have to rely on Dem goodwill when it comes to future nominees…especially a Supreme Court nominee. Does anyone really think that, should Bush nominate someone like a Clarence Thomas or Scalia to the high court that this same group of Dems wouldn’t be part of another filibuster effort?? Give me a break. The best case scenario is that we will be right back where we started.

Crooks and Liars from the other side has video on Frist whining in the Senate. Libs are starting to Crow, another Kos post

It’s not a good day to be Bill Frist. He looks weak, unable to control his own caucus. His winger friends go ballistic. They get some judges, sure, but ultimately, we can filibuster Bush’s next Supreme Court nominee unless he picks a moderate. The Dobson power grab may have failed a day early.

MSNBC reports , but is holding back to check with Newsweek to see how to spin this so it hurts the white house the most.

PoliPundit is having a lively conversation on the filibuster over there.

Riehl World View has a link to the PDF file of the actual agreement and this great observation.

It appears to me that the most curious part is how the Republicans in question have agreed to interpret the “Advice” clause. Quote: We believe that under Article II, Section 2 the word “Advice” speaks to consultation between the Senate and the President with regard to the use of the President’s power to make nominations. We encourage the Executive branch of government to consult with members of the Senate, both Democratic and Republican, prior to submitting a nomination to the Senate for consideration. This would allow the Dems to justifiably invoke their extraordinary circumstances rule based upon not agreeing with the nomination in the first place, claiming a failure of the Executive branch to adhere to their interpretation of the “Advice” clause.

Hattip Ace! Unbelievable , now these wimpy Republican Senators think they can speak with for the White House.

Here are the Filthy Fourteen who signed this document.  


And on and on it goes… The Therapist is most graphic in his assessment:

Washington–In a historic move on the Senate floor today, republican senators agreed to be date-raped by democratic senators, denying themselves the chance filibuster a particularly randy judiciary committee. “We have made history,” said Arizona senator John McCain. “We have eliminated the chance for filibuster on the next three judges, and unlimited the right to our own bodies as well. How much more senatorial congeniality can you get?” McCain also noted that the true crossroads victory on the part of the republicans was the clause added to the agreement that redefines the dictionary meaning of the phrase “extraordinary circumstances.”

From The AP:

Democratic officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, suggested that two other appeals court nominees whose named were omitted – White House staff secretary Brett Kavanaugh and Pentagon lawyer William Haynes – would be jettisoned. Republicans said they knew of no such understanding.

Even so, Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., noted he had not been a party to the deal, which fell short of his stated goal of winning yes-or-no votes on each of Bush’s nominees. “It has some good news and it has some disappointing news and it will require careful monitoring,” he said.

Red says Bill Frist can kiss his Presidential run good bye after tonight. Right Angle Blog gives the word out of Ohio: DeWine Sells Out

Count Mike “Spineless” “Backbone Not Present” DeWine as one of the signers of the WORST compromise in the history of the Senate. Why do I have the feeling that George Mitchell when he ran the Senate would not have caved this bad to the minority Republicans?? Good job DeWine…you’ve lost our support here at Right Angle.

Greg Martin has a great example of the Republican Buckle, specially commemorated for the Republican Senate today!

Republican buckle

Hat Tip Michelle Malkin

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  • Comments


    1. Another Rovian Conspiracy - St Wendeler on May 23rd, 2005 8:03 pm

      Thanks, Johnny!!!!

      Byrd (D-KKK) and Warner (R-VA) want to set up a panel to make recommendations to the President on who they would like him to appoint. Where in the words “advise and consent” do Warner and Byrd see the words “appoint for the President.” you want to …

    2. corono79 on May 23rd, 2005 8:18 pm

      It’s a cave-in. That is all.

    3. Decision '08 on May 23rd, 2005 8:21 pm

      Early Reaction: Mixed, At Best

      John Hinderaker at Power Line doesn’t share my enthusiasm for the judicial deal; he says that the Republicans have just postponed the inevitable, in essence. The folks at Red State see things more the way I do:

      NOTE…that the three which the …

    4. The Anchoress » EXTRA! GOP has Majority…and spines of Jelly. JELLY. on May 23rd, 2005 8:34 pm

      [...] 1; No, wait, let me define it for you: WHOEVER BUSH NOMINATES TO THE SUPREME COURT. H/T: Scared Monkeys.

      By: TheAnchoress @ 8:30 pm
      | Permalink

      Posted on: 1 Comment [...]

    5. Hard Starboard on May 23rd, 2005 8:38 pm


      Drudge and Fox are announcing that the RINOs have struck.

      Details to come, but this can’t be good.

      UPDATE 4:54PM PDT: We get cloture on Brown, Owen, and Pryor; don’t know about the others. They get the “filibuster in extraordinary circumstance…

    6. Red on May 23rd, 2005 8:44 pm

      What a guttless buch of wonders. And Maine wonders why it lost the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in the BRAC?

      Just take a look at the two smug RINO ME Senators on the stage. I wonder if the 4000 people of ME think your grand standing was worth it?

    7. HCS and Gen's Pad on May 23rd, 2005 8:46 pm

      Senators Sell Out on Filibusters

      Let’s see how long it takes the Dems to break this one.

      *UPDATE* Frist sold out. The spineless wonder continues. McCain proves the tritor to the republicrats he is. More links and comments to come.

    8. The Political Teen » Senators Said to Reach Filibuster Deal on May 23rd, 2005 8:49 pm

      [...] t Republican and Democrat senators alike have reached an agreement. UPDATE: Holy Wizbang! Scared Monkey’s has an enourmous round-up! VIDEO IN EXTENDED ENTRY Download Vi [...]

    9. 1754BLOG.COM » Blog Archive » BILL FIRST PRESIDENTIAL RUN - R.I.P. on May 23rd, 2005 8:55 pm

      [...] « WEEKEND BALL WASH BILL FIRST PRESIDENTIAL RUN – R.I.P. ScaredMonkeys is all over the “deal” reached in the US Senate. I just heard Charle [...]

    10. Pardon My English on May 23rd, 2005 8:57 pm

      Deal Reached On Senate Filibusters

      An agreement has been reached between Republicans and Democrats regarding judicial filibusters. More details to follow… UPDATE: The deal: Pyror, Brown, and Owen will receive cloture. Filibusters only for “extraordinary circumstances…” Nothing in …

    11. Red on May 23rd, 2005 9:05 pm

      Bill Frist just bowed out of the 2008 Presidental run tonight.

    12. infoferret on May 23rd, 2005 9:58 pm

      It is truly a great day to be in Washington DC. The ultra right wackos go down in flames.

    13. Bizblogger on May 23rd, 2005 10:04 pm

      Remember the Red Sox win over the Yankees in last year’s ALCS? The Dems just topped that feat…

      If I were President Bush, I would give both Saad and Myers, who are being hung out by the GOP jellyfish, recess appointments this summer when the Senate goes home.

    14. Tomahawk on May 23rd, 2005 10:21 pm

      Why does Lincoln Chafee look like he let a 4 year old sign his name?

      I agre 100% with BizBlogger…that is IF Democrats can put a stop to their nominations. They will get out of committee…it is the question of whether or not they can make the case for an “extraordinary circumstance” and they will have to define that…when that happens, and neither of those two are “extraordinary circumstances” the filibuster should go bye bye…

      I have just invoked cloture on Bill Frist’s Presidential hopes…

      Too bad John McCain didn’t get the notice that he actually needs the millions of Bush voters if he ever wants to be President.

    15. Red on May 23rd, 2005 10:22 pm

      The spineless 14: “We believe that under Article II, Section 2 the word “Advice” speaks to consultation between the Senate and the President with regard to the use of the President’s power to make nominations. We encourage the Executive branch of government to consult with members of the Senate, both Democratic and Republican, prior to submitting a nomination to the Senate for consideration.”

      From the courage you all just showed, I would not consult what color socks I wear in the morning with you gutless wonders. “Consult with members of the Senate”, BS. The Republican Party would not have a Senate majority if it were not for GWB. Wins in AK, SD, MN, etc. Great way to show your support. Frist is finished politically.

    16. La Shawn Barber's Corner on May 23rd, 2005 10:29 pm

      Filibuster Compromise?

      I haven’t been following the news today. What is the filibuster compromise? Must be bad news.

      Irate bloggers: Michelle Malkin (Update), Captain’s Quarters (live-blogging), GOP Bloggers, Power Line, Crooks and Liars (this liberal tells the truth), …

    17. Obviously Right on May 23rd, 2005 11:15 pm

      Cowards, Quislings, Losers, Liars

      McCain just dug his grave. He will never be President now.

      McCain’s glee in the conference is reminiscent of nothing less than Chamberlain’s “peace in our time” capitulation over Czechoslovokia. “The Senate won and the country won.” No, John, …

    18. BushCrimeFamily on May 23rd, 2005 11:20 pm

      Thanks for trying to kill America yet again. What pigs!

    19. Benjamin Franklin on May 24th, 2005 1:48 am

      We asked you to work to keep the republic. THAT is more important than your religious views. THAT is more important than any agenda that preaches majority rule at the expense of minority rights. Preserving the rights of the minority preserves the rights of all. If any group should know that , at the end of the 20th century, it should be Republicans.

      Indeed the Republic has been preserved from self-absorbed provincialism. Long live the Republic.

    20. Charietto on May 24th, 2005 3:24 am

      By all the bitching and moaning from the right and the left, it appears to be a great compromise, even if its temporary in nature. America will get to see what happens next when Chief Justice Rehnquist resigns, probably anytime between now and the mid-term elections. The REPS can’t gamble that the DEMS won’t suddenly figure out the leadership game and take advantage of the CONCERN most of have in this great land have that the train is getting ready to jump the track. Knowing that the Christianists are hell bent to save us all, I expect the leader of the Texas Taliban will submit someone that meets the criteria for Filibuster Armaggedon.

    21. basil's blog on May 24th, 2005 6:36 am

      Breakfast: 5/24/2005

      Try one of these specials with your breakfast: The Therapist has full analysis of the Senate agreement. WuzzaDem covers the agreement and has pictures! La Shawn Barber says what compromise?Ace of Spades HQ has a roundup of the compromise. Scared

    22. Myopic Zeal :: Bloggers React to Filibuster ‘Compromise’ :: May :: 2005 on May 24th, 2005 7:19 am

      [...] ous, towering ego. The Political Teen has the video of the presser. Scared Monkeys has a round up. The Anchoress isn’t pleased. As usual, the GOP gave up, and the Democrats give up NOTHING. [...]

    23. Todays Democracy : News, Feature Stories, Entertainment, Business, Science & Technology on May 24th, 2005 8:31 am

      [...] ining. Here is a sampling from the blogsphere. Powerline -Disappointing, I’m Afraid Scared Monkeys -COMPROMISE REACHED! REPUBLICANS SCREWED! Daily Kos -The Deal Talk-Left -Sell-Out Deal Made: [...]

    24. freaked out time traveller on May 24th, 2005 10:04 am

      Make no mistake. This is a big win for the republicans. They get the worst three of their partisan hack judges smooshed through onto the bench–one heartbeat away from the Supreme Court–and there is NOTHING stopping Frist from launching the nuclear option whenever he feels like it. Oh, except for the “Good Faith” of the cosigners of the worthless compromise. Good Faith??? How can anyone expect the republicans to honor anything conceived in good faith? They were planning on changing the Seneate rules by breaking them. How many light-years from “Good Faith” is such an under-handed manuever? No, I’m afraid good faith in the senate goes about as far as a sno-cone in the Gobi dessert. Look for one of the seven turncoat republicans to get ‘turned’. Probably Linsey Grahm. During the post-cabal press conference, he was already sounding regretful and frightened of repriasals. Wake up dems, this was a cave by a few linguini-spined ‘moderates’–Leiberman is no moderate, he is a republican mole in the party–not a win. The senate now is a redundancy, like a bad copy of a copy where the majority can shove through whatever the please and the minority can only stand by a pout. A disgusting display by these overpaid blabbermouths.

    25. CollegePundit on May 24th, 2005 11:41 am

      Dammit, dammit, dammit!

      I think I’m losing my marbles here – when the hell did I think it was OK to trust John McCain to serve the interests of the Republican party? Bumbling, wishy-washy dipshits just handed control over to the Democrats in this entire(ly unwatched by Amer…

    26. RJ Eskow on May 24th, 2005 1:56 pm

      Well, once again we can reach across the aisle and agree on something, to wit:

      “Moderation in the defense of liberty is no virtue.”

      Best, RJ

    27. Tom on May 24th, 2005 3:08 pm


      Absolutely, the battle of ideas and beliefs is what drives progress.

      The moderation of our beliefs brings stagnation.

      I respect you much more that I do the Senators who only want to be re-elected by being nice.


    28. Red on May 24th, 2005 3:31 pm

      You got it RJ,

      Standing up for your principles is something a moderate could never understand. I cannot even imagine going through life waffling with my beliefs just to be liked.

      I have more respect for those on the Left with differing opinions who hold their principles even if it means going up in flames.

      The passioned left & right have found their commonality. This was not a compromise, it was a sell out by both Rep & Dem spineless Senators.

      Do any of us really think they accomplished anything. Take charge people do things in the hear and now, not put it off for others to deal with just because its the nice thing to do.

      I am still trying to find that book, “Great Moderate Presidents”.

    29. The Right Nation. Il blog amerikano di on May 24th, 2005 5:05 pm

      Majority in Name Only.

      Nel partito repubblicano prevale la linea morbida. Raggiunto un accordo bipartisan per bloccare l’ostruzionismo dei democratici sulle nomine dei giudici volute dall’amministrazione Bush. Round-up e liveblogging di alto livello da Scared Monkeys e Mic…

    30. Jason King on May 24th, 2005 5:32 pm

      Wake up, wingnuts! BushCheneyRoveEtAl are toxic filth. This odius Mafia has managed to do incredible damage, but one begins to sense that – for all their influence-peddling, hypocrisy, corruption, tortures and shrieking propagandists – they will yet be defeated by common sense, decency and honesty.

    31. Red on May 25th, 2005 11:38 am


      Calling people wingnuts, that’s rather comical.

      What color is that pot and kettle?

    32. Scared Monkeys » Blog Archive » Media Love fest with John Mc Cain on May 25th, 2005 12:02 pm

      [...] heir politicians to stand for something. Not just make deals for the sake of pleasantries. The left and right have actually found common ground on this issue. Something that does not happ [...]

    33. Scared Monkeys » Blog Archive » What is the MSM saying about Blogs; The Beginning of the End on May 25th, 2005 6:17 pm

      [...] We found this amazing and a clear sign that the MSM may just see the writing on the wall. COMPROMISE REACHED! REPUBLICANS SCREWED! This site also gives an interesting perspective on how the links on [...]

    34. 3 Column Complex Layout demo on May 30th, 2005 7:48 am

      [...] ning. Here is a sampling from the blogsphere. Powerline -Disappointing, I’m Afraid Scared Monkeys -COMPROMISE REACHED! REPUBLICANS SCREWED! Daily Kos -The Deal Talk-Left -Sell-Out Deal Made: – [...]

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