What is the MSM saying about Blogs; The Beginning of the End


Blogs have revolutionized the way we inform ourselves in gaining the news. Gone are the liberal media filters that express an agenda and bias rather than reporting the facts. Of course there are those on the left that claim the opposite is occurring. Its hard to imagine seeing the on TV, Fox News seems to be an island in the middle of a vast liberal ocean. A hand full of news papers carry a conservative view; however, talk radio seems to be predominantly conservative. In the end the liberal slant overwhelmingly still rules the day.

However, it is one thing to talk to fellow bloggers and get constructive criticism when we are in an echo chamber. A funny thing happened on the way to a filibuster “gutless” compromise the other night. The left and the right side of the blogosphere found common ground in the spineless actions of 14 Senators. Look how the MSNBC decided to report on the issues. Remember, this is coming from the MSM, not bloggers. We found this amazing and a clear sign that the MSM may just see the writing on the wall.

This site also gives an interesting perspective on how the links on this issue are going around:

“Welcome Everyone, from the lefties at Kos and Crooks and Liars, to the Righties from Michelle Malkin, the Political Teen, and many others. Look around, Democrats get annoyed, Republicans laugh, but everyone enjoy! You are all welcome to come back anytime you like.”

And as MSNBC surmises:
I wonder if we may be seeing the beginning of the end of the cable news pundits. If people will look to bloggers for news analysis, can the news go back to just being the news?

However, the decline in viewership and readers from MSM news sources has worried the “Old Media”. Many in the blogosphere know that their time is up and wish to compete against the MSM. The Pajama Media , will be will be one of those upstart ventures. The Blog News Service is on the way.

Many of us dream of a day when we take the media head on and replace them, or at least offer a viable alternative that competes on an even basis. The Wall Street Journal just recently had a brilliant article on “How Old Media Can Survive In a New World“.

The digital revolution threatens to push the traditional newspaper, television, radio, music and advertising industries into the dustbin of history. Here’s what they might do to avoid the fate.

There’s no question: Traditional media businesses are struggling.

Newspaper publishers, book publishers, movie studios, music companies, ad agencies, television networks — they’re all trying to figure out how they fit into a new-media world. Their old way of doing business isn’t as profitable as it used to be, but they haven’t found a new way that’s as profitable, either.

The TV anchors and Network TV has also come under assault from the internet and blogs.

Instead of sending NBC News anchor Brian Williams to cover a tsunami after the fact, networks could broadcast current reportage from Indonesian news agencies that know the territory.

Audiences might respond to the authenticity and novelty of the content. “People aren’t going to the Internet because it looks like a newspaper,” Mr. Ellin says. “It’s because they’re getting something exotic and fresh and new and unfiltered. It’s like eating French cheese. It hasn’t been pasteurized. And it’s good.”

The six broadcast networks — ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, UPN and the WB — are facing big threats. Aside from the ascent of cable channels and video games, there’s the evolution of the DVD and the birth of broadband and wireless technologies — not to mention the creation of satellite radio, high-definition TV and digital video recorders like TiVo. In 1978, the three original broadcast networks captured about 90% of the prime-time audience. Today, it’s less than 50%.

However, if any of us thought the media would do this they most likely would have already gone in that direction. By the looks of the analysis and comments from MSM outlets such as MSNBC, blogs are having an incredible affect in media and we may just be turning the corner.

Update: Wow, if MSNBC wonders if we may be seeing the beginning of the end of the cable news pundits if people will look to bloggers for news analysis, then what must they think of Rip and Read?

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