The Tipping Point


Glenn Reynolds has a very thoughtful article over at Tech Central Station. His theory is that we are at the tipping point of the mainstream media’s influence in America. The Newsweek fiasco has incited real anger amongst the population, and combine this with weblogs leading the way, the hit to the mainstream media will be too much to overcome.

I agree that it is not that I do not trust the mainstream media anymore, most do a good job. However, I think that the monolithic liberal bias has undone the media. Their eagerness to hurt President Bush has seeped into the group think mentality, and it is causing them to make serious blunders and miss the real news.

In the past, the media would have gotten away with it. I may have found a serious error that a newsmagazine had made, but there was nothing I could do about it. A letter to the editor that would have been discarded. Now, as a blogger, I can put it on my site and others can rally around it. The media has never had to be very introspective, they were the ones throwing the stones.

Welcome to a new day folks, the rules have changed.

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