Jeff Jarvis:”we’re at the tipping point in media”


Jeff has had a few posts lately on how the media is starting to recognize the power of the blogs. I am not going to get into great detail right now, I am working on a longer post to address this, but I am going to link to a few of Jeff’s posts on the matter. If you are reading this post, you are ahead of the curve. Most of the country will learn that media will change from being a one way lecture to a two way conversation. We already know this, anybody can respond to one of my posts and tell me what I am doing correctly, and what I have messed up. That is intimidating and liberating all at once. The media is just now learning this lesson.

Here are some of Jeff’s most recent posts on what he calls the tipping point:

These are just a few observations by Jeff, whom I respect very much on media matter. If you have the time, read these posts as they will help you to understand the media landscape over the next couple of years.

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