Berlusconi creates New Government


CNN Reports that Berlusconi has created a new government and will remain Prime Minister. That is a great thing for the United States.

ROME, Italy (CNN) — Silvio Berlusconi, who resigned from the Italian prime ministership three days ago, is back at the helm Saturday as the next leader of a new government.

He presented a Cabinet to Italy’s president Carlo Azeglio Ciampi. Berlusconi will be the prime minister in a new government to be sworn in later in the day.

Ciampi Friday asked Berlusconi to form the government after Berlusconi quit as prime minister Wednesday.

That resignation sparked political consultations among Ciampi and other politicians over a new government.

Berlusconi said Friday he expected to go before parliament for a confidence vote next week.

The conservative leader said the government’s new platform would focus on aiding Italy’s underdeveloped south and financially pressed families — as demanded by some of his political allies, including the powerful National Alliance party.

Berlusconi resigned from the prime ministership Wednesday, sparking political consultations among Ciampi and other politicians.

Up until Wednesday, Berlusconi had led Italy’s longest-serving government since World War II.

Berlusconi is a friend to the United States, a conservative politician in liberal Italy, and a strong supporter in the war in Iraq. I can not imagine this government having the stability of the previous government, and it will probably be temporary as Berlusconi’s party is struggling.

But it is great news for today.

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    One Response to “Berlusconi creates New Government”

    1. on April 23rd, 2005 10:58 am

      Very good analysis (yours not CNN’s). We need american conservatives’ support here in Italy, because next elections (2006) will be very very difficult, and the italian leftists are known for their blatant anti-americanism. To make a (somehow) accurate example, we are in the same situation of the US in the Sixties, when Barry Goldwater lost bigtime 1964′s elections but managed to start a cultural comeback that lasted for decades. The liberal bias (we call them commies, tho, since they dont even have the decency to call them otherwise) is everywhere. It will be a long and harsh fight.

      Andrea @ The Right Nation

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