Wow, I Never Noticed This at my Local Mall


Guys, the next time the Mrs. wants to drag you off to the Mall while the game is on, you may want to say yes. Of course I am not sure your Mall offer this. And its not valet parking.

Hat Tip: Mrs Red.
“Of course I am probably banned from the Mall at this point. No trips to Hungary for me.”

Posted April 13, 2005 by
Bizarre, Fun | 2 comments

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    2 Responses to “Wow, I Never Noticed This at my Local Mall”

    1. dancinbare on October 5th, 2006 2:39 pm

      What about Dressing and Turkey.LOLWho wants to go.Bare

    2. Bob Francaviglia on January 4th, 2007 8:43 pm

      Hey, guys… Relax…
      I plan to visit your beautiful island soon. I have no desire to visit the “shopping mall.” Got plenty of them where I come from. I want to visit those intimate neighborhoods where you folks commune and party. I want to get to know the Aruban people. I mean, why else would I visit you? I want to get to know you. I want to understand Aruban culture, connect with people that I’d like to know, make lasting friendships.
      Why else would I visit a foreign place, when I have so much “wonderfulness” in my own little town of Bisbee Arizona?
      My point is that I keep seeing postings regarding Natalie, crime on the upsurge, commercial predation on the pristine culture of Aruba, and the like. Crime in Aruba, according to those folks who monitor such things, is miniscule on the world stage. I’ve got a better chance of being mugged in Paris than in Aruba.
      The “Great Mall Intrusion?” Hell we’ve got malls in the United States that defy the imagination. I wouldn’t go to any of them. There will still be a majority of visitors who will shun the malls of Aruba, seeking instead, the people they have come to your island to visit with and come to know.
      Please, relax, guys. Be just what you are. The Arubans I want to visit and come to know. The friends I want to make. The folks I want to send Christmas cards to in the future.
      Ain’t no mall gonna do that for me.
      Regards to you in Aruba from someone who would like to learn to be your friend.
      Bob Francaviglia
      Bisbee, Arizona

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