Art Imitating Life Imitating a Radio Station


Coming soon to a TV cable station near you. HBO is doing a behind the scenes movie of Air America’s begins from utter chaos to just chaos. The Liberal radio station allowed cameras to track the complete disarray that the station was in.

It shows how AIR AMERICA executives lied and lied again about not bouncing checks to their Chicago and Los Angeles affiliate owners. [The network was quickly thrown off the stations.]

The film captures AIR AMERICA staff first learning about the Chicago and LA nightmare by reading a DRUDGE REPORT exclusive on their computers.

The HBO crew is told to shut down their cameras — but they don’t — and the ‘We’re Broke!’ meeting is filmed raw.

Who knew that Air America was even on the air still? I have to admit that when they first came on the air I used to listen for the comic relief. I am assuming that the HBO movie will also be a comedy.

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