Hong Kong Changes Leader, Chinese Communist say it is an effort to help Democracy


This is one that goes into the watch what I do, not what I say category.

HONG KONG (AP) a>- Hong Kong’s new leader insisted Monday that the territory’s abrupt change in command wasn’t part of a Chinese conspiracy and said the former British colony was moving toward greater democracy.
“There is no question of going back,” Donald Tsang said in his first briefing with foreign reporters since taking office Saturday as acting chief executive. “The next stage will be more democratic than it is now.”

Tsang replaced the unpopular Tung Chee-hwa, who had led Hong Kong since it returned to Chinese rule in 1997. Tung quit last week, citing failing health, but many believe Beijing’s communist leaders fired him because they wanted to install someone more to their liking.

But Tsang – who serves until a new leader is elected on July 10 – said the speculation was untrue. “There is absolutely no conspiracy in this,” he said.

So we are to believe that the Mainland China was worried that the previous leader was being too totalitarian, and we have to get rid of him in a hurry? I think not.

That is the biggest problem with the Communist states. They have control of the press, so they think that they can change the story and people will believe them. The leaders are surrounded by sycophants, who know their positions are predicates on being suck ups, so they never rock the boat.

Watch Hong Kong take a hard turn to the Left in the next couple of months. What a shame.

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    One Response to “Hong Kong Changes Leader, Chinese Communist say it is an effort to help Democracy”

    1. BobG on March 14th, 2005 8:19 am

      Then you have idiots like Philip Bennett of the Washington Post fawning all over them about how wonderful China is and the USA isn’t fit to lead the world.
      I’d like to see Bennett living over there and daring to disagree or disparage the leadership. He’d do some interesting commentary with some bamboo slivers under his fingernails.
      Hong Kong is done for and Taiwan is next.

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