Move On, Move It or Fold ‘Em. aka They’ve Got Rove Envy


Should they still be called MoveOn.Org? Maybe they should be renamed or Nah, how about “Just Move the Hell out of the way”.org.

With a track record like this, only Democrats would be so silly to keep pouring dollars in to this money pit. Not only have they pretty much failed at every objective they have set, like ousting GWB; they have now gone “all in” in a political game of Texas Hold ‘em with Howard Dean at the helm.

In one of the more memorable lines of the Rolling Stone interview, “MoveOn has already revolutionized Democratic politics, energizing the party faithful in ways Karl Rove would envy.” Really and I discounted the Left as thinking everything Rove did was evil or so they claim. After all they do refer to him as the mad genius with never a good word to say.

Just when they say Rove would be envious of the MoveOn phenomenon, obviously they have forgotten the 62+ million GOTV that he was responsible for we are presented with this from the Rolling Stone article:

“First, MoveOn is ditching the traditional Democratic model of using paid canvassers, whom the group derides for blowing into town every four years “like the occasional tornado.” Instead, it plans to emulate Karl Rove — building a permanent field campaign, staffed by MoveOn volunteers reaching out to their neighbors.”

Imitation seems to be the best form of flattery. Karl Rove has successfully put the Democratic Party and their Internet gimmick, in a tail spin and over the edge. By their own admission, “The GOP is painting us as socialist radicals,” “you’d think that we were a bunch of wildass lunatics.” “Does MoveOn have a branding problem”? “I think it might,” Blades says.

The Democratic Party is banking on what so far would be considered in Politics and Poker as nothing more than a bluff and wishing they had Rove as their Ace in the hole.

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