My Name in Lights (with minor imperfections)


I set up this blog on Friday. Saturday, I receive a link from Jeff Jarvis. To be honest, the blog is no where near ready for prime time. I posted a few times to see that all was working, and those posts were done quickly and late at night. As I IM’ed with a good buddy, I was throwing postings up without any regard to spelling or grammar.

I mean, who in the world will see it. THE SITE WAS ONLY 8 HOURS OLD!!! (It had been up a year ago, but dead for a long, long time.)

A good liberal linked to me, pointing out my spelling errors and labeled me work “borderline illiteracy” . I deserved that. The work was not my best. The concepts I am fully behind, however the craftsmanship was lacking.

This is a warning to future bloggers. When you put up a project on the internet, be ready for anything. It was great to see my name up in lights at Jeff’s sight, it was a wee bit embarrassing to see spelling errors. And in the future, everything will be spell checked.

But it was nice to see my weblog in the bright lights of Buzzmachine.

I will now look over the rest of the posts, you never know when a Scoble or Instapundit will link next.

Also, I need to get RSS working with this theme in WordPress 1.5. Otherwise Robert Scoble will be very angry with me. I like the geeks and the political junkies.

[UPDATE] The liberal who blasted me had a very good excuse. He is a Marxist, Ex professor who received Ph.D. in English Lit from Yale University. Obviously, my writing style was not up to the task. That is a profile guaranteed to passionately dislike anything I write.

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