Nevada Senate Election 2010: Reid About to be Retired … Sharron Angle (R) 50% Harry Reid (D) 47% … Tea Party Express & Palin Rally Support

Sharon Angle at 50% in Rasmussen poll …

With two weeks to go before the 2010 midterm election, Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid trails Republican and Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle 50% to 47% in the race for the Nevada US Senate seat. The incumbent Reid still cannot get about the 50% threshold of voter support and in the final weeks of the campaign, Sharron Angle is starting to pull away.

Angle tells Harry Reid to “man up”


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his Republican challenger Sharron Angle remain locked in a tight race for the U.S. Senate in Nevada in the first survey following last Thursday night’s debate.

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in the state finds Angle with 50% to Reid’s 47%. Two percent (2%) prefer another candidate in the race, and one percent (1%) are undecided. (To see question wording, click here.) 

The race remains a Toss-Up in the Rasmussen Reports Election 2010 Senate Balance of Power rankings.

A week ago, Angle held an insignificant 49% to 48% lead in a contest that has been marked for months by its closeness.  In seven of eight surveys prior to this one since July, Reid and Angle have been three points apart or less. Both have hit the 50% mark one time.

In the wake of the debate between Reid and Angle where she soundly defeated Reid what came across to most is that Reid look tired and ready to be retired. With one of the highest unemployment and mortgage foreclosure rates in the country its hard to believe that any one would give Reid another 6 years in office, let alone take his advice on how the government is supposed to create jobs.

In the RCP polling Angle leads as she is ahead in Rasmussen, CNN and the Mason-Dixon polling.

Listen to Harry Reid lie through his teeth about his comment that “the Iraq war is lost and the surge will not work”. Harry Reid dodges the question completely. Reid’s comment about the Iraq war was disgraceful and like President Obama, they both thought the surge would not work.

If you thought that Reid should not be put out to pasture, go to the 10:40 mark of the video below for Harry Reid’s closing remarks. Oh my, he has been in office way too long. First he could not find his prepared comments and was confused, then he read off a piece of paper some typical Donkey talking points. There was only one debate this year in the Nevada US Senate campaign, Reid has been in office how long and he needed prepared remarks. Really?

The Tea Party Express began their bus tour in Nevada with Sarah Palin in support of the Republican Nevada US Senate challenger Sharron Angle. Their message clear … retire Harry Reid. Palin had a similar note to the GOP as Angle did to Reid the other night in their debate … “MAN UP”.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) appeared before a rally of Tea Party activists in Nevada on Monday, urging them to show up at the polls and vote out Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and his fellow Democrats.

“Tea Party America, we’re winning!” she exclaimed to the a round of cheering and applause, “You’re turning this country’s political movement upside-down, inside-out and it’s all good.”

But she told activists “We can’t party like it’s 1773 just yet,” saying that Republicans will need a big turnout from Tea Party voters on Nov. 2 to make large inroads on the Democratic majorities in Congress.

 On November 2, 2010  … vote for Sharron Angle, a breath of fresh air.

Democrat US Senate Trouble … Even the WAPO Has a GOP Pathway to 10 Seat Pick Up and Control

How bad is it for Democrat these days … even the Washington Post has a pathway to 10 US Senate pickups for Republicans and the regaining of control of the Senate. The House seems to be a forgone conclusion as a Democrat loss, the MSM looks to the Senate. With the poor handling of the economy and a liberal agenda from the Obama White House and their complicit minions in the House and the Senate … even liberal media has to report the possible Senate takeover two weeks before the election to save credibility.

Although most experts and political pundits think that it is a tall order in 2010, The WAPO has developed a path of 10 GOP Senate pick-ups in the 2010 midterm elections that could mean that the Republican party to be in control of the US Senate once again. Difficult as it may be, the GOP would have to pick up 10 seats presently held by Democrats while also defending all of the seats that they presently hold.

Here is the WAPO’s path to a potential GOP victory as they lay out their plan in a 4 tier process:

The first tier: Democratic-held seats in North Dakota, Indiana and Arkansas are near-certain Republican pickups. Democrats aren’t even seriously contesting the open Senate seat in North Dakota, of which Gov. John Hoeven (R) is the de facto winner.  … So that’s plus three for Republicans.

The second tier: [In Wisconsin]Sen. Russell Feingold (D-Wis.) is in deep trouble in his reelection bid against wealthy businessman Ron Johnson. … In Pennsylvania,Democrats insist they are on the comeback trail – and recent polling shows the race tightening somewhat – but former congressman Pat Toomey (R) had opened up a steady edge over Rep. Joe Sestak (D). Give Republicans both seats and they are halfway to the majority: plus five.

Read more

Nevada Senate Election 2010: Sharon Angle (R) Now Ahead of Harry Reid (D) … Rory Reid Says Obamacare Could Hurt Nevada

Polls for Nevada US Senate Race, Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady!

The tide is turning in favor of Tea Party favorite and Republican candidate Sharon Angle in the Nevada US Senate Race. Angle even found support from her rivals son when Rory Reid, Democrat running for Governor of Nevada, stated that Obamacare would harm Nevada.

Sharon Angle

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the Democrats have thrown everything at challenger Sharon Angle including the kitchen sink. The result … Sharon Angle is now in the lead in the polling for the Nevada US Senate seat and the polls are trending in her direction.  In the most recent Rasmussen poll, Angle leads the incumbent Reid 50% to 46%. Sharon Angle also leads Harry Reid in the recent CNN poll 42% to 41%. In the Fox News Opinion Dynamic poll Angle leads Reid 49% to 46%.

Not only is the trending toward Sharon Angle important, but the fact that Reid as an incumbent cannot draw more than 46% in the polls is troublingfor Democrats. Angle now finds herself ahaead in the RCP average polling.  What also should be troubling for Reid and Democrats is that no one wants the ick of Obamacare attached to them. Harry Reid has tried to avoid the issue like the plague; however, his son Rory Reid made a comment in a recent debate that will most likely all but cost his father the race.

Nevada Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Rory Reid (who is losing badly to Republican Brian Sandoval) admitted Obamacare was politically motivated, it wont lead to the resolutions of the probelms in Nevada and will not bring down costs. Oops. Imagine what the sit down is going to be like at the Reid residence at Thanksgiving?


From The Hill:

During a televised debate, Rory Reid, the son of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), said he does not support the legal challenges against the health overhaul. Yet, he does believe that President Obama’s signature achievement could negatively affect Nevada.

How bad is Obamacare if even your own son trashes the Democrat masterpiece of the Obama Presidency that Harry Reid advocated so hard for? Rory Reid admitted that it was politically motivated. Who actually thought it was to reduce costs and provide insurance?

UPDATE I: Sharron Angle surge unnerving Nevada Democrats … the realization might be stting in, the end is near for Harry Reid and the Democrat control of the US Senate.

New polling out of Nevada is unnerving Democrats who fear Republican Sharron Angle’s campaign is surging despite enduring millions of dollars’ worth of TV ad attacks from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

While Reid’s campaign insists there is nothing to be nervous about, one Nevada Democratic strategist said that’s not the vibe behind the scenes.

“Reid’s people are really antsy,” said the strategist, who spoke on condition of anonymity because Reid’s far-reaching political machine tends to come down hard on those who talk out of school. “That’s why their external message has been to try really, really hard to discredit these polls. Angle is building a lot of momentum, and they don’t know how to stop it. This is exactly what happened during the primary.” 

VP Joe Biden: “If We Lose, We’re Going To Play Hell” … Obama Admin Refuses to Listen to American Voters

Who is the Party of No America? Democrats say that even if the lose in 2010, they will continue to defy the will of the American people …

“If we lose, we are going to play hell”


Hat Tip: Real Clear Politics

It is a continued, disturbing pattern coming from the Barack Obama White House. In speech after speech heading up the the 2010 midterm elections, Obama and Biden have commented that it does not matter whether Democrats win or most likely lose, they are not going to listen to the mandate of the American voters. Americans are fed up with a 9.6% national unemployment rate and 95,000 jobs being lost in a month.

Most recently, VP Joe Biden said at a campaign rally in Washington state for embattled Democrat Lib and incumbent US Senator Patty Murray, “If we lose, we are going to play hell.” Murray presently finds herself behind by 3% in the latest Rasmussen poll.

“You will play hell?”  What? No Mr. Biden, if you lose it will have meant that an overwhelming groundswell of voters, Republicans, Independents and yes some Democrats have rejected the one party Democrat rule in Washington, DC. There are 37 US Senate seats in play this election cycle, for you to lose, Democrats would have to have lost 10 seats that are presently held by Democrats. Of the 37 races, according to Rasmussen, 25 are solid or leaning Republican and only 8 are solid or leaning Democrat. There are 4 races that are considered toss-ups and all are presently controlled by Democrats.

  1. California- Incumbent Democrat Barbara Boxer leads GOP challenger Carly Fiorina, 49% to 45%.
  2. Illinois -  Republican Mark Kirk has 45% of the vote, while Democrat Alexi Giannoulias earns 41% support in the latest Rasmussen poll. This election is for the US Senate seat formally held by Barack Obama. What an embarassment that would be election eve for Democrats to lose former Senate seat held by the President. RCP has the GOP challenger ahead as well.
  3. Nevada – In just one of the many recent polls, Sharon Angle leads Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid 50% to 46%. The tide is shifting toward Angle as Reid has been stuck on 46% and the undecided are presictably shifting to the challenger.
  4. Washington – The latest Rasmussen poll has republican Dino Rossi ahead of Patty Murray 49% to 46%. Murray is under the 50% threshold for incumbent politicians.

If the above polling numbers hold true on election day, from the 37 seats in play, the GOP would have won 28 and Democrats 9. Republicans would have won 76% of the Senate races, had 10 pickups and control the Senate 51-49.

That would be called a mandate by the American people.

For the past two years Democrats have called Republicans the party of No. The fact of the matter is that it was GOP that was actually listening to the will of the American people. Now “WE THE PEOPLE” have a chance to vote and voice our thought, opinions and mood. Barack Obama is not on the ballot, but he might as well be. How else can anyone explain a popular Democrat Governor like Joe Manchin in west Virginia. Manchin presently trails in his US Senate race to replace the deceased Robert Byrd 50% to 46%.

Across the United States Democrats in swing states and districts that have never been competitive are in trouble. Why? Because President Barack Hussein Obama, VP Joe Biden and the rest of their minions have refused to listen to their employer, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Now Obama and Biden say they will defy the vote of the American people if they lose in the 2010 midterm elections? Good luck folks. Democrats are on the wrong side of most every issue with “We the People”, now they appear to say to us all as they have for the past two years … we do not care what you do, say or vote … Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid know better.

If this is the case, see you in another political blood bath in 2012.

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s Greatest “Living” Americans are Ted Kennedy & Robert Byrd

You just can’t make this stuff up …

When asked who was his greatest living American, Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s response was as follows, Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd. WHAT???


Hat Tip: Real Clear Politics

“I’m glad I had the opportunity to know Ted Kennedy. Whether you agreed with him or not, what a life he lead with his two brothers being assassinated, his other brother being killed in World War II. And Robert Byrd who just died. What a– he was in the Congress of the United States for more than 25 percent of the time that we have been a country. That’s fairly remarkable.”

Am I missing something, didn’t the interviewer ask for his greatest “living” American? Um, Senator Reid, “living” defined as like “alive” and nor dead. Harry Reid in turn responds with the name of two “non-living” Americans. Actually, if Harry Reid did not listen to the will of the people with Obamacare, why would he actually bother to listen to the questions of an interviewer? The second Obamacare was passed, a majority of Americans wanted it repealed and still do.

By the way, no wonder Democrats were sending stimulus checks to the dead, they appear not to know the difference between living and non-living. It really goes to show that Reid just says what ever on his mind and does not listen. Take note voters of Nevada, he cannot hear you and refuses to.

Can you imagine how the MSM would have reacted if GWB or Sarah Palin answered the question as Reid did? It would be front page fodder and the opening TV news story.

Nevada US Senate Election 2010: Republican Sharon Angle Takes the Lead in Polls over Democrat Incumbent Harry Reid

Slip, Sliding Away … Harry Reid now trails Republican and Tea Party candidate Sharon Angle in two polls. The Republican possible takeover of the US Senate is in play.

Do we really need another Obama pet in the US Senate?

With less than 30 days to go before the 2010 midterm elections, Republican challenger for the Nevada US Senate seat leads incumbent Nevada Senator and current Democrat Senate Majority leader Harry Reid in a CNN poll and in a Fox News one as well. Harry Reid gets low job approval numbers (see complete data) as well does Barack Obama. It is hard to imagine with the trending pattern, the Republican enthusiasm, the anti-Democrat incumbent sentiment and the political environment that Reid will win this race. Reid only had a 1% lead in the last Rasmussen poll; however, no polling data has been done in October. What is evident in recent polling is that undecideds are starting to break toward the republican challenger Sharon Angle.

In the latest Fox News battleground state poll of likely voters, Angle drew 49 percent to Reid’s 46 percent. As voters make up their mind with four weeks to go until Election Day, Angle seems to have the edge.

In the first Fox battleground poll in the Silver State four weeks ago, 10 percent of respondents were either unsure, in favor of a minor party candidate or, as state law allows in Nevada, planning to vote for “none of these candidates.”

However, as stated at Hot Air, no individual is really going to take the time to go vote and either waste their vote or check none of the above. In such an important race with so much on the line and a midterm, those going to the polls to vote will most likely cast one for either Angle or Reid. 

A hat tip to Jammie Wearing Fool for the VIDEO below of the progress we have made under the one party rule of Obama, Pelosi and Reid. A major reason why Republicans are ahead in so many polls leading up to the 2010 midterm elections … the November 2 vote will be a national referendum on Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Voters in November you have the chance this November 2, 2010 in the midterm elections to make Democrats and Barack Obama eat their words and make them pay for not listening to the American people,  ”You would be think they would be saying thank you”.

We are making Progress according to Barack Obama


Republican Governors Association

Remember this lie told by Obama. Sorry, we live in a PC world, it was a falsehood:  With Obamacare your employer would see insurance premiums fall by as much as 3000%, which means they could give you a raise.  The truth: Insurance premiums jumped 20%.

US Senate is in Play: The Top 10 Senate Races that Democrats Need to Worry About in 2010

Democrats could lose the US Senate, once unthought of, now a real possibility.

Just curious, when Scott Brown won in Massachusetts in the special election for the seat formerly held by the late Ted Kennedy, why didn’t all people think at that point that it was possible for Republicans to win in any state? The Massachusetts special Senate election represented the shot heard round the world and was the symbol that all things were possible. Think  Brown’s victory was a one hit wonder? Not at all,Brown is presently out-polling President Barack Obama and Senator John Kerry (MA-D)


Remember when the political pundits only said that the US House of Representatives was in play and Democrats feared that it could flip and control go back to the Republicans? Less than 60 days from the 2010 midterm elections and now many think that Democrats could lose the US Senate as well.

A terrible economy, near 10% unemployment, no jobs really being created, an unpopular $787 billion stimulus package, and unpopular Obamacare law passed,  an unpopular President Obama and a complicit Democrat party that passed numerous laws against the will of the people and the unpopular suing of a state on illegal immigration has all lead to the most improbable outcome … a complete sweep of Senate races and control by the GOP. The following are the top 10 US Senate races that Democrats need to worry about.

1. North Dakota (1): Get ready to ho-down with Republican John Hoeven (R); yes, we’re running out of Hoeven puns. Ranking: Solid GOP. [This race is over  Hoeven is up by over 40% in the polls]
2. Delaware (2): Does Mike Castle (R) survive his primary against Christine O’Donnell (R)? The GOP’s likelihood of winning this seat depends on it. Ranking (with Castle as nominee): Probable GOP.[This race is up in the air as who knows who will win the GOP primary? Castle is ahead in polls against the Democrat in a general election; however, he is a RINO at best. Can O'Donnell win the GOP primary, after all she is the real Republican in the race? If she does, can she wil the general election in a blue state?]
3. Arkansas (3): Bill Clinton campaigned this week for incumbent Blanche Lincoln (D), but it’s unlikely to change the dynamics of her race against John Boozman (R). Ranking: Probable GOP. [Probably GOP? Barack Obama has a better chance of providing tax cuts to the rich than Lincoln does of winning, she is down by 38% in the polls.]
4. Indiana (4): Speaking of being able to change the dynamics, Brad Ellsworth (D) hasn’t caught up to
Dan Coats (R). Ranking: Probable GOP. [Republican Coats up by 21% over the Democrat, this seat is lost by the Democrats.]
5. Pennsylvania (5): After being dormant for the last couple of months, Joe Sestak’s (D) campaign has become more active, with Biden and Obama set to stump for him later this month. Right now, though, this is Pat Toomey’s (R) race to lose. Ranking: Lean GOP. [Not only is GOP candidate Toomey ahead in the polls, the Republican Gov. candidate Corbett is far outpacing the Democrats. It will be a clean sweep in the Keystone state.]
6. Illinois (7): The Alexi Giannoulias (D)-vs.-Mark Kirk (R) contest remains what we consider to be the truest 50%-50% race out there. Ranking: Toss Up. [Democrat candidate only gets 37% in the polling, hard to imagine that translates to a victory.]
7. Colorado(unranked): The Ken Buck (R)-vs.-Michael Bennet (D) race is close to being a pure 50%-50% race, too. Which force will be greater — the overall political environment, or the GOP’s woes in the state? Ranking: Toss Up. [The Democrat incumbent is only polling at 44%, far below the 50% usually considered needed.]
8. Nevada (8): Now we enter the contests where Democrats might have an advantage by a fingernail. But the Harry Reid (D)-vs.Sharron Angle (R) race is going to close. Fasten your seatbelts. Ranking: Toss Up. [Its a dead heat in Nevada; however, Harry Reid, the Democrat Senate Majority leader is polling below 50%. Do Nevada voters really want more in the same? Even though Reid wants to distance himself from Obama and the economy, Reid has been in lock step with Obama and is completely responsible.]
9. Wisconsin (unranked): As was the case in ‘98, Russ Feingold (D) is fighting for his political life. What makes this time more difficult for him is that this political environment is much different than ’98 was. Ranking: Toss Up. [Incumbent Democrat Feingold trails GOP candidate Johnson in the polls. The fact that a dark blue state like Wisconsin is even being discussed tells us just how much trouble the Democrats are in.]
10. Washington (10):If Republicans indeed catch a wave on Election Night, we’ll be pulling an all-nighter watching the returns from the Patty Murray (D)-vs.-Dino Rossi (R) race. Ranking: Toss Up. [Republican Dina Rossi has a 2% point lead in the post recent Rasmussen poll and incumbent Democrat Patti Murray is polling below 50%. If Washington goes, one would think that Democrats would lose control of the Senate.]

But wait, there is more an an honorable mention of even more states that Democrats have to worry about. Check out California and West Virginia, both also in fear of being lost by Democrats. As stated by First Read, it is quite amazing that Republicans have a better chance of flipping West Virginia’s Senate seat than Democrats have in picking up the one in Ohio.

Check out the Scared Monkeys analysis made in February 2010, seems like some were ahead of the MSM curve. At that point, even before many primaries were complete, we were stating a +9 for Republicans.

Mother Jones  importantly notes that there is not one Democrat gain on this list. This is literally unheard of. So many US Senate races and it is only the Democrats that are in fear of having seats flipped on November 2, 2010.

If Democrats think they have an issue in 2010 … 2012 does not appear to be much better. Check out some of the vulnerable races in 2012:

?WV – Robert Byrd is nor longer the Senator, this will be the vote for the 6 year term for whoever wins the 2010 special election.
?ND – Kent Conrad could be the victim of the anti-Obama vote.
?NE – Ben Nelson and the corn husker kickback. Payback will be on the minds of many and he just might be the Blanche Lincoln of 2012.
?FL – Bill Nelson and his preferential Obamacare deal
?VA – Jim Webb in newly “Red” Virginia like what swept Bob McDonnell into office.
?OH – Sherrod Brown in a swing state like Ohio in a Presidential year. How much of the vote against Obama will be a vote against Brown?
?PA – Robert Casey in a swing states that could trend against the incumbent President.
?NY – If Kirsten Gillibrand wins in 2010, will there be a strong GOP candidate like Rudy unseat her in 2012?

Democrat US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Breaks With Obama and Says Mosque Should be Built Some Where Else

President Barack Hussein Obama’s comments on the defence of building o mosque near Ground Zero in NYC has caused Democrats to run for the exits away from Obama if they dare even think of having a chance in this Fall’s midterm elections. Democrats cannot flee from Obama fast enough.


Reid to Obama: You said what!!!!

What Democrat wants to be a part of apolitical ad that has them agreeing with the terror group Hamas when it comes to building a mosque near Ground Zero?

How extreme and out of touch with the American public is President Barack Hussein Obama’s position on the building of a mosque near Ground Zero in NYC, even Democrat Senate Majority leader Harry Reid is breaking ranks with The Chosen One. Reid basically believes, as most every one, that the group has a legal right to build the mosque near Ground Zero; however, the Muslim group is wrong to exercise that right.

Obama claims to try to bring individuals together and claims to try and bridge the divide between Americans and the Muslim world, yet this amateurish President has any made things worse and upset all sides. How Obama cannot be a leader and adopt the principles of House Republican Leader John A. Boehner shows how little this President has an understanding of leadership.

Read more

US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (NV-D): “I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican.”

More from the divisive Democrat Senate Majority leader Harry Reid … “I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican.”


Hat Tip: Weekly Standard

Reid’s racially-charged comments come as the Nevada Democrat is trying to boost Hispanic turnout in his bid for reelection this November. Polls show, however, that Reid’s positions on immigration are very unpopular with Nevada voters in general. Reid supports the Obama administration’s lawsuit against Arizona over its immigration law, but 63 percent of Nevada voters oppose the lawsuit, according to a Rasmussen poll.

Actually Harry, with your track record and the unemployment rate and housing disaster, I do not know how any one from Nevada could vote for you.

MSNBC Clown Keith Olbermann Gets History Lesson Wrong on Abe Lincoln & NV GOP US Senate Candidate Sharron Angle, “Lost a few but won the Big One”

Hey Keith, before you decide to act so smug as if you know it all, you might actually want to do some history fact checking or read a book. File this one under stuck on stupid. Just another case of a loss of  credibility for the far left leaningMSNBC. Far be it from Olbermann or MSNBC to let the facts get in the way of good hate and liberal media bias.

Don’t liberals tout themselves as being so much more smarter than us “We the People?” Are not we constantly reminded that those Tea Party folks are just ignorant, uniformed peasants who cling to their patriotism, guns and bibles. Fret no more America, liberals are as clueless and uninformed as it gets … enter MSNBC’s head dolt, Keith Olbermann.

Because MSNBC has no ratings, many of you may never have seen the following VIDEO where uber-clueless Lib Keith Olbermann goes after GOP Nevada Senate candidate Sharon Angle for her comments regarding Abraham Lincoln and his election record. Angle stated on a radio show, “Well, you know, it`s just like Abraham Lincoln. He lost quite a few. But he won the big one. He won the one that mattered for this country. And really that`s what we`re in”.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

News Busters has the transcript of the Olberman gaffe VIDEO.

Really, just one Keith? Olbermann was so quick so go after Sharon Angle as she is the Tea Party candidate in Nevada going against Democrat incumbent and Senate Majority leader Harry Reid. Reid is presently trailing in the polls so of course the liberal MSM will do every thing to attack Angle. 

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