Mitt Romney Appears to be Coasting to Big Victory in Nevada Republican Caucuses (UPDATE: Romney Wins Nevada)

Mitt Romney cruising to easy win in Nevada …

With early results being counted in the Nevada Republican Caucuses, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney appears well on his way to an easy and overwhelming majority victory in Nevada. According to CNN, with 3% reporting, Romney 52%, Paul 20%, Gingrich 19% and Santorum at 9%, Romney will win gig in Nevada with Gingrich a distant second and possible third. Although, Ron Paul has already left Nevada and is in Minnesota giving speeches. What’s up with that?

Looks like Romney will win by this much

Mitt Romney is actually doing better than pre-Caucus polling. In 2008, Romney won the Nevada Caucus with 51.1% of the vote.

UPDATE I: The following is quite amazing for Romney, if the majority voting margin continues … as per the AP,  Conservatives accounted for about 4 in 5 voters in the Nevada Caucus and around 3 in 4 Nevada voters said they were tea party supporters.

UPDATE II: 10% reporting, Romney 48%, Paul 21%, Gingrich 20%, and Santorum 11%.

What is interesting is that it looks like Nevada will be the second state in a row that dispels Gingrich’s theory that Santorum needs to get out of the race to consolidate the conservative vote against Romney to win. That was not the case in Florida and certainly not in Nevada. So far Gingrich + Santorum only equals 33%. That is 15% less that Romney’s totals so far tonight.

UPDATE III: CNN Calls Nevada for Romney.

Florida Primary, a Romslide: Mitt Romney Rolls in the Sunshine State, Wins Big … Romney 46%, Newt 32%, Santorum 13%, Paul 7%

Mitt Romney wins big in Florida

After all the debates, after all the ads, it was not even close.  With nearly 100% of the votes in, Mitt Romney wins in a landslide with 46% of the vote, Newt Gingrich second with 32%, Rick Santorum third with 13% and Ron Paul fourth with 7%. Romney gained a greater percentage of the vote than even the polls predicted.

It was an emphatic comeback for the former Massachusetts governor, who successfully fended off a major threat from former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (Ga).

With 74 percent of precincts reporting, Romney led Gingrich 47 percent to 32 percent. Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum came in third with 13 percent and Texas Rep. Ron Paul was last with 7 percent.

Exit polls showed the factors that most Florida voters used to make their decision clearly favored Romney.

Voting by county can be seen HERE.

The primary battle moves on to Nevada and Michigan, both Romney territory. Some have questioned the nastiness of the tone that the GOP primary has become; however, Mitt Romney took a different perspective on the negative campaigning during his victory speech tonight.

Welcomed to the stage at his election-night party in Tampa by his wife, Ann Romney, the former Massachusetts governor said he had news for those in the Democratic Party who hoped a hard-fought primary would leave the eventual nominee too weak to win in November.

“I’ve got news for them: A competitive primary does not divide us, it prepares us, and we will win,” Romney said. “When we gather back here in Tampa seven months from now for our convention, ours will be a united party with a winning ticket for America.”

However, if Romney continues to win primaries, Newt Gingrich is going to have to bow out for the good of the party and unity. Although Newt pledges a drawn out primary battle. Really Newt? You are so quick to tell Santorum to leave the race, yet if you get beat in primary after primary, you with stay in the race. Who does that benefit but Obama? At some point if it comes to a continued primary thumping like Gingrich suffered this evening, he is going to have to act like a statesman and for the for the good of the Republican party end his Presidential run and endorse the GOP nominee. A continue drawn out primary is a mistake.Newt, you might want to think of country first and not yourself, it that is possible.

But the former House speaker is vowing a drawn-out battle for delegates as the Republican race turns next to Nevada, and then a batch of primaries in western and midwestern states. Gingrich said at his Florida rally that the latest primary showed the election has come down to a “two-person race” between him and the “Massachusetts moderate.”

As supporters waved signs emblazoned with the words, “46 States To Go,” Gingrich declared he plans to defeat “money power” with “people power” in the coming months — casting his campaign as a counterbalance to the “establishment.”

Good grief Newt, how about some cheese with that “whine”? I am no avid Romney supporter but dude … you lost and lost badly. Your complaining about negative, false ads is pathetic. What do you think that Barack Obama is going to do with $1 billion and a MSM who is in the tank for him? And also no congrats to Romney for the win in Florida. Newt may be the greater conservative, but that thin skin is hardly a positive.

Hat Tip: Hot Air

It is pretty obvious that Romney will win Nevada as it has a huge Mormon population. Romney won the 2008 Nevada caucus with over 51% of the vote. It would be a huge upset if Mitt did not do the same in 2012.

FOX News Calls South Carolina Primary for Newt Gingrich

The polls have closed in South Carolina and Fox News has called the primary for Newt Gingrich. The late Newt Gingrich surge takes the Palmetto state of South Carolina. So now each candidate has won one primary/caucus. Onward to Florida.

The South Carolina by county vote can be seen here.

ABC News also calling it for Gingrich as well. CBS counting the votes.

Newt Gingrich will defeat Mitt Romney to win today’s South Carolina primary, according to ABC News projections based on exit poll data.

Ron Paul and Rick Santorum were battling for third place.

According to exit polls, two-thirds of South Carolinian’s said that the debates matter and that the Newt affair or “open marriage” accusation from Gingrich’s ex-wife did not.  However, what should matter to GOP primary voters is why Newt Gingrich left office amid his ethics scandal. Mark my words, this will come out in the general election if Newt wins the GOP nomination and we best know up front why he left rather than face an October surprise.

Fox News calling Santorum will be third and Ron Paul a distant fourth.

As the GOP candidates head into Florida the RCP average polls are as follows: Romney 40.5%, Gingrich 22.0%, Santorum 15.0& and Paul 9.0%.

UPDATE I: Final South Carolina primary results:

Gingrich: 40.4% 243,153
Romney: 27.8% 167,279
Santorum: 17.0% 102,055
Paul: 13.0% 77,993
Cain: 1.1% 6,324
Perry: 0.4% 2,494
Huntsman: 0.2% 1,161
Bachmann: 0.1% 494


RUT-ROH … Obama All Tied Up in Hypothetical Presidential Match Up with Mitt Romney and Ron Paul

RUT-ROH … Obama All Tied Up in Hypothetical Presidential Match Up with Mitt Romney and Ron Paul

So much for Barack Obama just having to worry about a head to head match up between himself and an unnamed Republican for the 2012 Presidential election. According to a recent CNN poll, Obama finds himself in a tie with GOP Presidential primary hopefuls Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. However, some wonder whether CNN is manipulating the polls again for for “Mittens”.

According to the survey, if the November election were held today and Romney were the Republican presidential nominee, 48% say they’d vote for the former Massachusetts governor, with 47% supporting the president. Romney’s one point margin is well within the poll’s sampling error.

The poll also indicates Paul statistically tied with Obama, with the president at 48% and the longtime congressman at 46%.

Full CNN poll can be read HERE.

Meanwhile, in the race for the GOP nominee, Mitt Romney is up big nationally according to Gallup … 23 point lead. Looks like Romney is up big in Florida as well.

Judge Rules Against Rick Perry’s Virginia Ballot Law Suit … Perry, Gingrich, Santorum & Huntsman Will Not Appear on VA Ballot for March 6th Primary


A Virginia judge rules against Rick Perry’s legal challenge to the Virginia ballot rules. If the primaries make it to March 6 and the Virginia primaries, Perry, Gingrich, Santorum and Huntsman will not be on the primary ballot. so says  U.S. district judge John Gibney. Basically the judge states, the candidates knew the rules in advance, they had an opportunity to follow the rules and failed to do so. Since they did not get the required 10,000 signatures from registered voters, including at least 400 signatures from each of the state’s congressional districts, they failed to meet the standard to be on the ballot.

The courts opinion can be read HERE.

“They knew the rules in Virginia many months ago; the limitations on circulators affected them as soon as they began to circulate petitions,” he writes. “The plaintiffs could have challenged the Virginia law at that time. Instead, they waited until after the time to gather petitions had ended and they had lost the political battle to be on the ballot; then, on the eve of the printing of absentee ballots, they decided to challenge Virginia’s laws. In essence, they played the game, lost, and then complained that the rules were unfair.”

The decision means Perry, as well as Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Jon Huntsman, will not appear on the ballot in the state’s March 6 primary.

Much more on the decision at Outside the Beltway.

The decision makes perfect sense. Everyone knew the standard to be on the ballot, if you failed to meet that standard why should you be rewarded for not following the rules.  The only names that will appear on the Virginia GOP primary ballot will be Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. That should be an interesting situation in its own right.

CBS Poll: Romney Beats Mitt Obama 47-45, Ron Paul Tied and Santorum Only Trails by 4 Points

WOW, the following CBS poll could not have gone over well with Barack Obama and his reelection minions. A CBS poll shows Obama trailing GOP Presidential primary contender Mitt Romney 47-45, basically tied with Ron Paul and The One leads Rick Santorum 47-43.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney holds a two-point lead against President Obama in a potential general election matchup, according to a new CBS News poll.

The survey found that Romney is the only GOP candidate to hold a lead over the president in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup, though Texas Rep. Ron Paul trails by just one point.

Both Romney’s lead over Mr. Obama – 47 percent to 45 percent – and Mr. Obama’s lead over Paul – 46 percent to 45 percent – are within the survey’s three percentage point margin of error.

More polling analysis at NRO.

Let the primary voting begin in New Hampshire … first up, voting results from Dixville Notch.

Post Iowa Caucus … Mitt Romney Up Big in New New Hampshire Polls with 20 Point Lead, Santorum Sees Modest Bounce

With just a few days to go before New Hampshire primary, Romney with commanding lead.

Following the Iowa Caucus 8 vote narrow victory by Mitt Romney over Rick Santorum, the former Massachusetts Governor appears to be up big in the polls for the New Hampshire primary. According to three polls, Mitt Romney has a commanding lead in the Granite state of NH. Romney is in the lead in New Hampshire; however, it appears that Santorum has received a modest bounce as well. It is impossible to imagine that Mitt Romney will not win NH; however, the real question is whether the second place candidate will be Santorum or Paul and if that individual will get more than 20% of the vote.

A Suffolk University poll for Boston-based WHDH-TV shows Mitt Romney up big with an overwhelming 40%, in second is Ron Paul with 17% and Rick Santorum has surged into third with 11%.

An NBC/Marist poll, Romney receives 42% of likely Republican primary voters in New Hampshire, followed by Ron Paul with 22, and Rick Santorum at 13%. Although Romney has a commanding lead in NH and it is pretty much a forgone conclusion that the race will be called much quicker primary night in New Hampshire, than that of the Iowa Cuacus, the poll shows that Santorum has made considerable gains from 2% to 13% in a month.

More than a month ago – in an NBC-Marist poll conducted Nov. 28-30 – Romney stood at 39 percent, Gingrich at 24 percent, Paul at 16 percent, Huntsman at 9 percent, Perry at 3 percent and Santorum at 2 percent.

The University of New Hampshire Survey Center poll conducted for WMUR-TV also shows Romney up big in New Hampshire prior to next weeks primary and Santorum with an increase. The poll shows Romney leading the way with 43% of the vote, Paul in second with 18%, Santorum in third up from 4% to 11%, and Gingrich and Huntsman trailing the pack.

More polling data and analysis at the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity. Also, the most recent Rasmussen poll shows a major shake up in the GOP race, Santorum up big; however, Romney up as well.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Republican Primary Voters in New Hampshire finds Romney earning 42% support. Texas Congressman Ron Paul is a distant second with 18% of the vote, followed by former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, hot off his photo finish with Romney in the Iowa caucuses, at 13%.

According to the Real Clear Politics average polling, Romney up by 21% in the Granite state.

Eight is Enough … Mitt Romney Defeats Rick Santorum in GOP Iowa Caucus by 8 Votes … GAME ON!!!

Eight was not only enough, it was just enough last night for Mitt Romney.

The 2012 GOP Iowa Caucus went down to the very end … the final result, Mitt Romney defeats Rick Santorum by just a mere 8 votes. It was nip and tuck throughout the evening between Romney and the anti-Romney candidate, Rick Santorum.However, the story of the night was not Romney’s victory, it was Santorum’s surge from no where to coming in send by just 8 votes. Incredible.

WIN: Romney
PLACE: Santorum
SHOW: Paul

Mitt Romney’s quest to swiftly lock down the Republican presidential nomination with a commanding finish in the Iowa caucuses was undercut on Tuesday night by the surging candidacy of Rick Santorum, who fought him to a draw on a shoestring budget by winning over conservatives who remain skeptical of Mr. Romney.

In the first Republican contest of the season, the two candidates were separated much of the night by only a sliver of votes, with Mr. Romney being declared the winner by eight ballots early Wednesday morning. But the outcome offered Mr. Santorum a chance to emerge as the alternative to Mr. Romney as the race moves to New Hampshire and South Carolina …

As Rick Santorm stated last night … GAME ON!!! Next stop, New Hampshire.

2012 Iowa Republican Caucus: Its a Three Way Race Between Romney, Santorum and Paul (Update: Ron Paul Finishes Third)

The 2012 Iowa Caucus as been a nip and tuck, too close to call horse race all night long. Its been back and forth between the three lead horses, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul. What will come of this, is Iowa really going to make Ron Paul the winner? Really?

See real time poll results at Fox News.

Presently with 87% of the vote in at 9:50 PM CST … Santorum 25%, Romney 25% and Paul 22%. It is rather interesting that Paul’s negative and nasty ads may have cost him voted in the waning moments leading into today’s caucus vote. Paul may have savaged Gingrich; however, he might have done harm to himself as well.

Continued updates can be found at The Other McCain … Santorum having a hell of a showing tonight, Beating even surge projections. Talk about peaking just at the right time. Will Santorum be able to sustain the momentum and the slings and arrows that will follow not that he is a top tier candidate?

UPDATE I: Fox News predicts that Ron Paul finishes third. WOW, what happened to all the Paulies in Iowa? Third? Sorry folks but this is a major failure and set back for the Paul campaign.

UPDATE II: So far predicted finishes … 3rd Ron Paul, 4th Newt Gingrich, 5th Perry, 6th Michele Bachmann and 7th Huntsman. It is still up in the air as to who is #1 and #2, Romney or Santorum.

UPDATE III: At 10:44  PM CST with 95% of votes counted: Santorum 29,017 – Romney 28,908

UPDATE IV: 11:23 PM CST – Romney 29,625 – Santorum 25,584

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