Newt Gingrich Tears Chris Matthews a “News” One & Turns the Tables on Mr. Tingles … “you’re being a racist because you assume it refers to black.”

The liberal, corrupt MSM is all in for Obama and not even trying to hide it …

You know how you know that the Democrats are losing and President Barack Obama is losing … just watch the corrupt liberal media complex and see how more and more they are losing it and becoming unhinged. Watch the Obama campaign, oops, the liberal MSM interview the GOP during the RNC and see their heads pop off. Can anyone tell the difference anymore between the MSM and the Obama campaign and Obama Super-PAC’s?

Fresh off his not-so professional interview where MSNBC’s Chris “where is that tingly feeling” Matthews with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus over whether Romney had played the race card with a birth certificate joke … Mathews got his hat handed to him in an interview with former GOP House Speaker and GOP Presidential primary candidate Newt Gingrich. The Newtster actually turned the tables on Mr. Tingles and called Mathews a racist. Want to see a LIB lose their mind and get flustered, call them for what they really are. It was priceless.

The transcript can be read at NewsBusters.

Much more of the exchange can be read at the Politico. I have to admit, no one, but no one puts the liberal, in the tank media for Obama in their place like Newt Gingrich. BRAVO!!!

MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews — not Mitt Romney — is the one playing the race card, according to Newt Gingrich.

Hours after Matthews scrapped with Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus over whether Romney had played the race card with a birth certificate joke, the former GOP presidential candidate defended his attacks against “food stamp president” Barack Obama by accusing Matthews of “being a racist.”

“Why do you assume food stamp refers to black? What kind of racist thinking do you have?” Gingrich said as Matthews tried unsuccessfully to interrupt him. “Wait a second, you’re being a racist because you assume it refers to black.”

Matthews said Gingrich’s and the GOP’s rhetoric about welfare had racial undertones, rhetoric that dates to President Ronald Reagan.

“This is a history we have here,” Matthews said. “And this lingo is so clear to every African-American watching right now.”

Gingrich disagreed.

“So we’re not allowed to tell the truth about food stamps?” he said. “Come on, give me a break.”

UPDATE I: NRO reports, RNC Chair Priebus on Chris Matthews: ‘He Made the Case for Us.’ Following the dust up and the media bias ambush from Mathews regarding imaginary racism, Priebus calls Mr. Tingles for what he truly is,

“We shook hands, but I will tell ya that someone from MSNBC, I don’t know if it’s a producer or somebody, has been trying to call us all day — I’m sure it’s to make amends, but there’s nothing to make amends [about]. When somebody wants to take the prize of being the biggest jerk in the room . . . I mean, he made the case for us. This is the Barack Obama surrogate of 2012. This is what they’re all about. They’re going to be about division, they’re going to be about distraction. And I’ve got to tell you, the brand of Barack Obama, hope and change and bringing us all together, it’s completely broken. When people come to realize that you’re not real anymore, you’re not who you said you were, that’s a big problem for Barack Obama.”

Rick Santorum Wins Big in GOP Louisiana Primary

Rick Santorum Wins GOP Louisiana Primary

The GOP Louisiana primary race has been called by CNN  for Rick Santorum. With 23% of the precincts reporting, Santorum has an overwhelming lead at 47% with Mitt Romney a distance second with 27%, followed by Gingrich with 18% and Paul with 6%. The end result, Santorum wins another Southern state.

Rick Santorum will win Saturday’s Republican presidential primary in Louisiana by winning close to majority of the vote, according to early results and exit polling,

Santorum’s win was his fourth in the South, where front-runner Mitt Romney has not been able to connect with conservative voters in the region.

Winning Louisiana big will help fuel Santorum’s campaign as the conservative alternative to Romney.

UPDATE I: The final tally in the Louisiana primaries was a resounding 22 point victory for Rick Santorum:  Santorum 49% and Romney 27%. The focus now shifts to Wisconsin where Rasmussen has Romney up double digits over Santorum.

“People in Louisiana came through in a big way,” Santorum said from a brewery in Green Bay, Wisc. “You didn’t get the memo. We’re still fighting. … I’m not running as the conservative candidate for president. I am the conservative candidate.”

Santorum said Romney called to congratulate him.

“I told him I was in (Wisconsin.) He said he was out in California raising money,” Santorum said. “I said leave a little bit for me. … We’ve always had cordial conversations.”

Rick Santorum Did it Again … Wins in Alabama & Mississippi Primaries and Mitt Romney in Hawaii Caucuses

Deep South Tuesday primaries and Hawaii Caucuses …

It was close; however, in the end Rick Santorum wins in the Deep South Alabama and Mississippi primaries.In Alabama it was a virtual tie among Santorum, Gingrich and Romney with the GOP Presidential hopefuls gaining 32.9%, 31.3% and 30.3% respectively. Santorum won in Mississippi with 34.5%, Gingrich 29.3% and Romney with 29.0% .

The triumphs by Mr. Santorum elevated and strengthened his candidacy as the Republican campaign rolls ahead into a state-by-state battle for delegates. An aggressive push by Mr. Romney to try and capitalize on the divided conservative electorate failed to take hold, and he finished third in both states.

“We did it again,” Mr. Santorum said, addressing jubilant supporters in Louisiana, which holds its Republican primary next week. “The time is now for conservatives to pull together.”

In Hawaii, Romney won easily with 45.4% of the vote, Santorum a distant second with 25.3%, Paul with 18.3% and Gingrich last with 11%. At the evenings end, Romny will most likely wind up winning the most delegates when they are proportionally distributed in Alabama, Mississippi and Hawaii.

With Gingrich losing Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi to Santorum, one does have to question whether Newt really is the ‘Southern” candidate. Although, I do not believe in candidates telling others to get out of the race to make it easier for themselves, at some point Newt Gingrich is going to have to read the tea leaves and admit that the voters believe that Santorun is the stronger Conservative GOP candidate.It probably is time for Gingrich to be a statesman and gracefully bow out of the race.

“We did it again,” Mr. Santorum told supporters in Louisiana on Tuesday night. He added: “Ordinary folks can defy the odds, day in, day out.”

The results cast a shadow on the candidacy of Newt Gingrich, who was banking on a sweep of the Deep South to carry him to the nomination. He squeaked into a second-place finish in both states, ahead of Mr. Romney—and vowing to stay in the race.

“Newt has given it a great run, but Santorum has earned a mano-a-mano shot at Romney,” said Keith Appell, a Republican strategist who has worked for a long list of conservative candidates.

Romney Leads Chicago Tribune/WGN-TV Poll Ahead of Illinois March 20 GOP Primary: Romney 35%, Santorum 31%, Gingrich 12% & Paul 7%

According to a recent Chicago Tribune/WGN-TV poll, Mitt Romney lead the field in the GOP race for the state of Illinois. Once again it appears to be a two man race with Romney capturing 35% of the vote and Santorum 31%. Gingrich and Paul are a distant third and fourth place. However, 16% of the vote is undecided and 46% of those polled stated that they could change their mind between now and the March 20th primary.

Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney’s campaign has long considered Illinois to be in its win column, but a new Chicago Tribune/WGN-TV poll shows the candidate has some work to do to make that a reality.

The survey found Romney slightly ahead of Rick Santorum, 35 percent to 31 percent — within the poll’s 4-percentage-point margin of error. Trailing far behind were Newt Gingrich with 12 percent and Texas Rep. Ron Paul with 7 percent. Another 16 percent were undecided.

Much of the undecided vote might change following the Alabama and Mississippi primaries and depending how strong a showing that Romney does in the Southern states.

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