Dinesh D’Souza Latest Powerful Documentary Film, ‘Death of a Nation,’ in Theaters on August 3rd (VIDEO)



Weeks after being pardoned by President Donald Trump, Dinesh D’Souza is unveiling the trailer for his latest movie. Quality Flix opens the conservative’s latest documentary film, Death of a Nation, in 1,000 theaters on Aug. 3.

The film likens Abraham Lincoln to Donald Trump — saying that the situations they found themselves in as U.S. presidents are very similar, according to the filmmaker.

“Lincoln was elected to unite a country and stop slavery. Democrats smeared him; went to war against him; assassinated him. Now, their target is Trump.”


Not since 1860 have the Democrats so fanatically refused to accept the result of a free election. That year, their target was Lincoln. They smeared him. They went to war to defeat him. In the end, they assassinated him.

Now the target of the Democrats is President Trump and his supporters. The Left calls them racists, white supremacists and fascists. These charges are used to justify driving Trump from office and discrediting the right “by any means necessary.”

But which is the party of the slave plantation? Which is the party that invented white supremacy? Which is the party that praised fascist dictators and shaped their genocidal policies and was in turn praised by them?

Moreover, which is the party of racism today? Is fascism now institutionally embodied on the right or on the left?

Through stunning historical recreations and a searching examination of fascism and white supremacy, “Death of a Nation” cuts through progressive big lies to expose hidden history and explosive truths.

Lincoln united his party and saved America from the Democrats for the first time. Can Trump—and we—come together and save America for the second time?


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    One Response to “Dinesh D’Souza Latest Powerful Documentary Film, ‘Death of a Nation,’ in Theaters on August 3rd (VIDEO)”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on June 30th, 2018 10:56 am

      One can certainly agree that Lincoln did do some things to help the nation. He was No.3 at the convention in votes for nomination. Multiple votes later, he was chosen.

      Lincoln had two issues that were large in the peoples minds at the time. One was the issue of allowing slavery to exist in the country and the second was the cause of the civil war beginning. It was the practice of imposing large tariffs on the goods produced by farmers in the South and limiting the ports from which cotton and other farm products could be shipped to Europe.

      The economic issues was the cause of the firing on Fort in South Carolina. However, the politicians of the Northern States soon changed the narrative to the slavery question.

      Newspapers were the primary source of news and opinions in that era. They were soon used to drive the story about slavery and hide the economic issues just as the media is being used today about open borders and other socialist ideas.

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