Mark Levin Radio Show – September 27, 2017 … “Why I love America and why I won’t take a knee” (VIDEO)


Why I love America and why I won’t take a knee … “I love America because this is where people come to to escape tyranny and to live in freedom.”

Levin went on to say, The only reason why we tune into football, baseball and other sports is to take our minds off of real life. And when they become the very thing we look to get away from, it is time to tune out. When the NFL calls the country racist, they are calling the people in it racist. The vast majority of people in the United States are not racists, but we are now told by NFL players that we are. Really? Why would so many people try to come to America, if we are so racist? The answer is, we are not. But now we have the inmates running the asylum and football players, many of which are black, make millions and call the very people who make them money, racists?

Why don’t football players go on strike if they feel such conviction? Why don’t they quit their NFL jobs altogether and go become social workers or social advocates? Make it your career. Levin stated, “rather then getting on your knee, get off your ass and go do what you say needs to be done”. But they won’t because they and the owners are frauds.

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    2 Responses to “Mark Levin Radio Show – September 27, 2017 … “Why I love America and why I won’t take a knee” (VIDEO)”

    1. kashekamon on September 27th, 2017 9:07 pm

      The leftists and liberals purposely set up racism so it will fail. Failure is their means of controlling a party of people who they brainwash into believing they are the righteous saviors, when indeed, they caused the problems.

      The NFL says they are discussing Trump and possibly more protests. Calling him and the fans racists. There was nothing racist about commenting on your bad behavior toward the treatment of our National Anthem. But your intentions were racist.

      Cancel the NFL games because of the dangers of violence that will occur from the protesting and intentional harm that always erupts. It puts the other players and the fans at risk.

    2. kashekamon on September 27th, 2017 11:38 pm

      How much did the Democrats pay Colin Kaeperneck, the 49er’s quarterback who’s no longer employed to start the protesting performance at the game because of the acquittal of a police officer who, stated by the prosecutor, had a fair and impartial trial. Colin did it hoping the media leverage would land him a high paying football position. It back-fired, not one of the 32 teams will sign him.

      This thought process of a pattern of trial protesting against the jurors of justice began (quote)under the leadership of racial extortionists like Al Sharpton who supported a lynch mob mentality in which white Americans are regarded as guilty before the fact and African Americans are regarded as innocent even when they are proven guilty. David Horowitz from Progressive Racism has more to say on the subject. Racism has been drained of it’s original meaning and is now being used as a weapon.

      We need laws protecting us and our country from those that take matters of no consequence pertaining to racism and turn them into racial issues that damage and destroy.

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