A Delusional San Fran Nan Pelosi Denies Federal Deficit Is Due To Spending Problem … “It is almost a false argument to say we have a spending problem”

More genius from the LEFT …

This morning on FOX News Sunday, former Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi told Chris Wallace “it was almost a false argument to say the US has a spending problem.” That is correct, San Fran Nan actually said that the US did not have a spending problem. She not only said it once, she said it twice. Yea, no spending problem, that’s why the federal deficit has been over a trillion dollars every year since Obama has been in office. Could some one explain to me how these people are elected?

From The Hill:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Sunday called sequestration “a bad idea all around” and urged a balance of spending cuts and closed tax loopholes to avoid it.

Pelosi rebuffed GOP calls for the sequester replacement to focus exclusively on targeting more spending cuts and entitlement reforms.

“It is almost a false argument to say we have a spending problem. We have a budget deficit problem that we have to address,” she told Fox News’s Chris Wallace on Sunday.

Pelosi added that the deficit and debt are at “immoral levels” and “must be reduced.”

“It isn’t as much a spending problem as much as it is priorities,” she said, arguing that tax subsidies were a better target than additional cuts that could hit programs such as education.


A recent FOX News poll indicated that 83% of Americans think that the federal government has a spending problem. Um, how did Obama win reelection again?  How does Pelosi come up with such an idiotic statement and actually keep a straight face? Could the Botox have finally got to her brain, the Lonely Conservative seems to think so and with all that plastic surgery, it’s rather easy to keep a straight face. BTW House Minority Leader Pelosi, with all the money that we have spent on education, it has failed our children.

Unbelievable … While American Workers Suffer & the US Spirals Out of Control with Spending … President Obama Gives Joe Biden and Congress a Raise

Bend over tax paying America, Obama is about to do it to “We the People” again. Then again, you elected him!

How ‘s that “Hopey-Changey” stuff working out for you America? As the United States spirals out of control due to government spending and a $16+ trillion debt … President Barack Obama gives VP Joe Biden and Congress a pay raise. As Americans struggle to create budgets and live within their means as Obamacare taxes are about to take affect in 2013 as well as the 2% payroll tax going bye-bye … Obama increases the government debt on tax payers with a pay raise for federal workers. As record number of Americans are on food stamps, record number of Americans are on disabilities and a record number of Americans are unemployed and left the work force completely … Obama does what he does best and acts as a community agitator and rewards federal workers at the expense of the private sector.

America, they are just laughing at you

President Barack Obama issued an executive order to end the pay freeze on federal employees, in effect giving some federal workers a raise. One federal worker now to receive a pay increase is Vice President Joe Biden.

According to disclosure forms, Biden made a cool $225,521 last year. After the pay increase, he’ll now make $231,900 per year.

Members of Congress, from the House and Senate, also will receive a little bump, as their annual salary will go from $174,000 to 174,900. Leadership in Congress, including the speaker of the House, will likewise get an increase.

As reported at The Weekly Standard, according to a senior Republican congressional aide who has reviewed the executive order and consulted with the Congressional Budget Office, Obama’s pay raise will cost $11 billion. “The CBO told us that the President’s pay raise for federal workers will cost $11 billion over ten years.”

This is how he [Obama] cares about you America. As he increases government workers pay, the median household income has dropped $4,520,or about one month’s average wages, since President Obama took office. As seen by the 2012 Presidential election, “There’s a sucker born every minute”.


An Obama Christmas … Salvation Army Seeing Record Number Of Families In Need During Holiday Season

President Barack Obama … The Grinch Who Stole More than Christmas.

The Salvation Army are seeing record number of families asking for help this Christmas season. But what else would one expect when a record number of Americans are on food stamps and an employment participation rate at a dismal 63.6%. Obama and Democrats continue to tour the faux-unemployment rate of 7.7%. More and more Americans are dropping out of the work force, including 350,000 in November alone. All this while Obama claims there is a job recovery without any recovery. Obama and Democrats can spin the economic numbers and situation all they want, Americans know the truth and their circumstances are bleak. At some point Americans will wake up and realize that GWB is not to blame and Obama is. When that occurs there will be hell to pay by Democrats.

Officials with the Salvation Army say they’re seeing a record number of families asking for help this holiday season.

Nearly 18,000 families have registered for Christmas assistance in the last month. That number has grown by 2,500 since last year, breaking the 2009 record.

The Salvation Army official web site.

With all this suffering going on in the US and we have liberals that are more concerned with their liberal ideology than helping those who are in need. This clearly is a mental defect of liberals and shows just how little they care about those who are in desperate need. Their hate so consumes them that they would rather harm the people who are aided by The Salvation Army because of their liberal political ideology. This was never more evident than the screwballs at UC Berkeley who are calling for students on campus to ban the Salvation Army citing their alleged homophobic practices. But these liberal college kids would be the first to be looking for a government hand out at tax payers expense.

Barack Obama has not just stole Christmas, he has stole our children and grand children’s future with the unsustainable debt.

Welfare Spending = $168 Per Day for Every Household in Poverty … $137 Median Income Per Day

We have reached a tipping point, welfare spending now more than medium income …  what has happened to our country? America, do you still remember what the word pride means?

As reported at the Weekly Standard, the amount of money spent on welfare programs equals, when converted to cash payments, about “$168 per day for every household in poverty.”  Welfare spending per day per household in poverty is $168, as opposed to the median income per day is only $137. Can you say unsustainable? People are going to begin to say, why work? And that is exactly how you crate a socialist society. At some point this has got to stop. For all the welfare spending, it has accomplished nothing except to create a dependent welfare class of people whose vote can be bought and the loss of liberty and self-respect.

According to the Republican side of the Senate Budget Committee, welfare spending per day per household in poverty is $168, which is higher than the $137 median income per day. When broken down per hour, welfare spending per hour per household in poverty is $30.60, which is higher than the $25.03 median income per hour.

“Based on data from the Congressional Research Service, cumulative spending on means-tested federal welfare programs, if converted into cash, would equal $167.65 per day per household living below the poverty level,” writes the minority side of the Senate Budget Committee. “By comparison, the median household income in 2011 of $50,054 equals $137.13 per day. Additionally, spending on federal welfare benefits, if converted into cash payments, equals enough to provide $30.60 per hour, 40 hours per week, to each household living below poverty. The median household hourly wage is $25.03. After accounting for federal taxes, the median hourly wage drops to between $21.50 and $23.45, depending on a household’s deductions and filing status. State and local taxes further reduce the median household’s hourly earnings. By contrast, welfare benefits are not taxed.”

Sadly, Doug Ross may have best summed up this disastrous overspending on the welfare state, “We are headed for fiscal collapse — and the welfare state keeps growing like a cancer, incentivizing sloth, formalizing a culture of dependency, and killing self-sufficiency.”

Just curious America, do you even care anyone about your country, why it was founded for Liberty?

Romney Ahead in FOX News Poll over Obama 46% to 45% … 6 Point Swing Following Debate

Add another poll to the long list on post-Presidential debate ones that nor have Mitt Romney in the lead.

The latest is a FOX News poll that had GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney now ahead of President Obama 46% to 45. This is a 6 point turn-around from the previous poll. Mitt Romney is reaping the rewards of his tremendous debate performance and Obama’s “empty chair” failure. Amazingly Romney now leads with Independents over Obama 44% to 32%. Prior to the debate Obama had a 43% to  39% advantage. That is a 16 point swing with Independents.

Mitt Romney now holds a narrow advantage over Barack Obama in the race for the White House — 46 percent to 45 percent, if the election were held today, according to a Fox News national poll of likely voters released Wednesday.

That’s a six-point turnaround and a three-point “debate bounce” for Romney.

Before the first presidential debate in Denver last Wednesday, Romney had 43 percent to Obama’s 48 percent (September 24-26, 2012).

Romney’s edge comes mainly from independents, white voters and men.  Just over half of men (51 percent) back Romney now, the highest level of support he’s received among this group.

The poll shows independents side with Romney by 44-32 percent.  That’s a reversal from before the debate when it was 43-39 in Obama’s favor.  One independent in four is undecided or will vote for another candidate.

In the poll Romney leads Obama on the question of who would you rate doing a better job handling the economy; managing your tax dollars 49% to 42%, improving the economy and creating jobs 51% to 43% and reducing the deficit 52% to 39%.

Add this poll to all the others that now have Romney in the lead:

  • Rasmussen Tracking: Romney +1
  • IBD/TIPP Tracking: Romney +5
  • Pew Research: Romney +4

VP Joe Biden’s Moment of Truth as He Tells Supporters … “The Middle Class Has Been Buried the Last Four Year”

Another Joe Biden gaffe or a fact under the Obama Presidency?

At a campaign stop yesterday in Charlotte, NC, Vice President Joe Biden admitted to a crowd of  supports what many of us have known and experienced during the Obama presidency, “the middle class has been buried the last four years”. DOH! Oh how Barack Obama and his reelection minions must have hung their head after hearing these words coming from Biden’s mouth. Does Biden realize that Obama has been the president for the past four years, or does he think that this is still the 2008 election as Obama does not appear to ever have come out of campaign mode and done the work of the president?

Biden made the remark at a campaign stop in Charlotte, N.C., in the course of slamming Republican tax policies which Democrats claim would cut taxes for the rich and hike them for the middle class.

“This is deadly earnest,” Biden said. “How they can justify — how they can justify raising taxes on the middle class that’s been buried the last four years. How in the lord’s name can they justify raising their taxes with these tax cuts?”


The middle class buried, ya think? Under President Obama he has increased our national debt by nearly $6 trillion in 4 years. Average American household now owes $137,000 as share of national debt. We have had 43 consecutive months of unemployment above 8%, millions of Americans have left the work force, a record number of people are on food stamps and median income is at its lowest level since 1995. of course the middle class has been buried for the past 4 years under the failed policies of Barack Obama.

Mitt Romney responded to the Biden comments that the middle class has been buried for the past four years. Look for this to be used again tonight at the 1st Presidential debate between Romney and Obama.

This was not a gaffe, sadly it is the painful truth. It might have been the first truthful thing he has said since Joe stated that Barack Obama was not ready to be President. BTW, it is barack Obama who is raising taxes on the middle class through Obamacare and his unwillingness to extend all of the Bush tax cuts and make them permanent. TAXMAGEDDON affect all, including the Middle Class.

US Sen. Barrasso (R-Wyoming) Delivered the Weekly GOP Address … “President Obama is on track to have the worst jobs record of any President since World War II” … “More presidential rhetoric, and a plea for more time, won’t heal our economy.”

Barack Obama, a legacy of failure for America …

US  Senator John Barrasso (R-Wyoming) yesterday delivered the Weekly GOP Address, following Friday’s dismal  jobs report. In the Weekly Republican Address, Barrasso said the following that, We are not better off than we were four years ago and “the undeniable truth is, President Obama is on track to have the worst jobs record of any President since World War II.” Barrasso went on to say,“when the President was hyping his so-called stimulus program, his economic team claimed unemployment would not go above 8 percent”. Instead, it’s been higher than 8 percent for 43 straight months.” 43 months and counting and the only reason why it is has gone up even more is that the participation rate is at a low not seen since 1981, those individuals who have just given up and left the work force is not counted. If they were, the actual unemployment rate would be over 11%.

“More presidential rhetoric, and a plea for more time, won’t heal our economy.”

Excepts of the GOP Weekly Address:

“The reality is that America is not better off than it was four years ago.

“Today, 23 million Americans are unemployed or underemployed. Many are our friends, neighbors, and family members.

The undeniable truth is, President Obama is on track to have the worst jobs record of any President since World War II.

“When the President was hyping his so-called stimulus program, his economic team claimed unemployment would not go above 8 percent, and that it would be below 6 percent by now. Instead, it’s been higher than 8 percent for 43 straight months.

“It’s bad enough the stimulus money was wasted. Even worse, he borrowed the money, much of it from China.

“Household incomes have dropped by more than $4,000, while the cost of everyday living has gone up.

“Gasoline prices have gone up another 30 cents a gallon in just over a month. Americans recently paid the highest prices ever on a Labor Day weekend.

One out of every seven people in America is now on food stamps.

“For every year since he took office, President Obama has spent at least a trillion dollars more than Washington took in, all of it borrowed.

“Under his watch, government spends too much, borrows too much, and grows bigger every day.

“President Obama’s record of failure has come at a great cost to our country and our future.

“The President’s policies have failed to produce the results, accountability, and solutions the American people deserve. The Obama Administration is simply not moving our country forward.

“It’s been said that, faced with his record, the President has changed his hope and change message of four years ago to one of divide and conquer today.

“More presidential rhetoric, and a plea for more time, won’t heal our economy.”

Wake up America, Barack Obama did not but provide promises in 2008. During the 2012 DNC convention it was just more of the same and provided more empty promises.

Patches O’ Hoolihan Would be Proud, Obama’s Senior Adviser David Axelrod Dodges Whether Americans Better Off Than Years Ago … Axelrod Masters the 5 D’s of Dodgeball, Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive & Dodge (So Does Plouffe)

We have finally found the theme of the Barack Obama reelection campaign. It’s not “Forward” … ITS DODGE!!!

This morning on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, President Barack Obama’s chief adviser David Axelrod refused to answer the question that all incumbent reelection campaigns have to, is America better off than they were four years ago? Instead, Axelrod did his best dodge that only Patches O’ Hoolihan of the movie ‘Dodgeball’ could have been proud of.  For Axelrod and Team Obama, “if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a political question about the failed Obama economic policies”. Axelrod actually said, “that we are in a better position today than we were four years ago.”  This is what they are going to tell the American people? Seriously, how does an incumbent President not going to answer questions on his record? Axelrod and Obama actually think they are going to run the campaign based on the 5 D’s of Dodgeball … “dodge, dip, duck, dive and, um dodge”.

As stated at Hot Air, how pathetic and telling is it that the head of Obama’s reelection team suddenly goes mute and tries to run away from the question by talking about the tough environment Barack Obama inherited. Wallace used the following stats, Unemployment: 7.8% then, 8.3% now – Median income: $54,983 then, $50,964 now – Gas prices: $1.85 per gallon then, $3.78 now – National debt: $10.6 trillion then, $15.9 trillion now and expected to go over $16 trillion during the Democrat National Convention.

Also on ABC’s ‘This Week’ George Stephanopoulosasked Obama’s senior White House adviser David Plouffe whether Americans are better off today than they were four years ago. Plouffe also dodged the question as he was taught as opined by the Lonely Conservative, if you can’t answer the question, just avoid it. In other words … “if you can dodge a car, you can dodge an economic question of the failed Obama presidency.

Asked the same question repeatedly host George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “This Week,” President Barack Obama’s senior White House adviser, David Plouffe, reverted to talking points about job creation and the failings of the Bush administration.

“We were this close to a Great Depression,” Plouffe said at one point, pinching his thumb to his index finger.

Stephanopoulos cut him short.

“You still can’t say yes,” he told Plouffe.

As Doug Ross stated, look for the Obama minions to only appear on the complicit, corrupt media complex and away from Fox News where they might actually be asked and expected to answer a question. Now the question is will the liberal, in the tank media and the moderators ask the question to Obama during the debates?

Mandatory Viewing for All Obama reelection mouthpieces … The 5 D’s of political dodgeball” Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge!

Flashback: Paul Ryan Laughs at Debbie Wasserman Schultz During CNN Interview … “I would Like to have an Adult Level Converstion …”

Today, Rep. Paul Ryan (WI-R) was announced as Mitt Romney’s GOP Vice Presidential candidate; however, remember this blast from the past where Ryan owned Debbie Wasserman Schultz and laughed at her due to her lack of seriousness and childish approach to the dept crisis and entitlements. All Ryan wanted was for Americans to have the same type of social security plan as they do in Congress. However, for Debbie Wasserman Schultz that was too risky. Huh?

With Saturday’s announcement of Rep. Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s pick for vice president, here’s a flashback to 2010 when Ryan and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) appeared together on CNN to discuss the GOP’s then-proposed “Pledge to America.”

Recall that Republicans were swept into the House of Representatives during the midterm elections less than two months later.

Paul Ryan should have known better than to have an adult conversation with Debbie Waasserman Schultz or any other Democrat when it comes to the responsible manner of dealing with the debt, Medicare or Social Security. Libs and Dems would rather accuse Republicans of pushing grandma over the cliff than they would actually fix the problems of unsustainable entitlement or government healthcare or retirement programs.

The Hill Poll: 56% of Likely Voters Believe Obama Has Changed America for the Worse During His First Term as President

Overwhelming majority think that Barack Obama has changed America for the worse … ya think? Hey America, how’s that “hopey, changey” stuff working out for ya?

More bad polling data for President Barack Obama. A new poll from The Hill conducted by the Pulse Opinion Research stated that 56% of likely voters believe that President Barack Obama has changed America for the worse during his first term in office as opposed to only 35% who think he has changed it for the better. 91% of Republicans polled think that Obama’s changes are bad for America, while an interesting low number of 71% of Democrats think Obama’s changes have been good and a striking 20% of Democrats polled say that Obama has changed America in a negative way.

Full polling results can be seen HERE with cross-tabs.

Two-thirds of likely voters say President Obama has kept his 2008 campaign promise to change America — but it’s changed for the worse, according to a sizable majority.

A new poll for The Hill found 56 percent of likely voters believe Obama’s first term has transformed the nation in a negative way, compared to 35 percent who believe the country has changed for the better under his leadership.

The results signal broad voter unease with the direction the nation has taken under Obama’s leadership and present a major challenge for the incumbent Democrat as he seeks reelection this fall.

This also follows the Rasmussen poll where a substantial percentage of Americans believe Obama’s policies are more extreme than Romney’s.

Who would have thought with an escalating national debt, 40+ weeks with an unemployment rate over 8%, record number of Americans on food stamps and continued poor job creation that Americans would think that Obama shift of America to socialism was a bad thing? But as stated at Jammie Wearing Fool, normally news like this would be a political death blow to an incumbent President, but not with an in the tank, suck up, bias and corrupt liberal media complex. A note to Team Elect Romney … WAKE THE HELL UP AND START TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THIS TERRIBLE POLLING.

Nice analysis at Q and O with a similar thought process that we have been stating for months. How can there be so much negative polling on specific issues and yet Obama be in the lead in the polls? At some point closer to election day, things are going to break one way or the other.

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