73% of Americans say U.S. Political Debate is Increasingly Uncivil



As per s CBS News poll, an overwhelming number of Americans believe the political debate in America is becoming increasing uncivil. Well, maybe that is because it is. But then again, hasn’t it been uncivil for quite some time? However, since Donald Trump has become president, the LEFT has completely become unhinged and their so-called leaders have said some shameful and hateful things. Last week we were witness to a far-Left individual who volunteered on the Bernie Sanders campaign attempt a mass assassination of Republicans.  Sadly, Americans who are polled only seem to be creatures of the moment as reported at the Politico, a majority approve of Congress’ handling of shooting. Wake up America, talk is cheap. One week later, Democrats are back to their old ways. What is ironic is that 85% of Democrats polled said that the current tone if political debate is encouraging violence and yet it is that that are causing the violence.


Members of Congress are getting positive ratings for the way they responded to the shooting in Alexandria, Virginia, last week. President Trump gets slightly lower — though still net positive — evaluations for his response to the attack, partly because Democrats are less likely to approve of his handling than of Congress’. Fifty-three percent of Americans approved of Congress’ response, and 29 percent disapproved, while 46 percent approved of President Trump’s response, and 36 percent disapproved.

And while Congress and many observers called for a more civil tone to political debate in the wake of the events, Americans of all political leanings overwhelmingly say that the tone and level of civility in our political debates has been getting worse in recent years.

These views are largely the same across ideologies, too, as about two-thirds of liberals, conservatives and even more moderates feel things have gotten worse.


Seriously America, take a good hard look to who is promoting and causing the violence.

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    4 Responses to “73% of Americans say U.S. Political Debate is Increasingly Uncivil”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on June 20th, 2017 4:55 pm

      The Socialist/Democrats fall into either the far left (tyranny)or the far right (anarchy). The general news media supports those positions.

      Ugly unbalanced language and behavior is the forte of these people.

    2. kashekamon on June 20th, 2017 7:16 pm

      obama was the start of the shameful and hateful rhetoric when he referred to Sarah Palin as, “You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig”. That in itself shows you what a disrespectful, uncivil savage he really was. He never co-operated with the Republicans, or for that matter, anyone else in the House. His agenda never included the oath of office he took. Now the left and the media, with their hate, have picked up where he left off.

      America doesn’t like you and/or what you stand for. No more of your scandals, no more of your harassment, no more of your discrediting our President and his family or unjustly investigating him without sound reasoning just to protect a leak and a FBI liar who allowed a criminal to go unpunished because of political unethical connections. No more abuse of our Justice Dept by using them to shelter crime and attack innocence.

      No more of the obama leech Pelosi who can’t speak without being incoherent and forced us into obamacare that has caused millions of Americans to suffer because of a failed health plan. No more of Chuck Schumer who’s an instigator of maneuvering sabotage.

      You’ve lost the Presidency, you’ve lost Congress and you’ve lost the Senate…AND…we don’t want you back!

      No more of you! We’re done dealing with it! So, if you insist on your hate rhetoric then you will be considered demons of our democracy and a danger to society and a danger to our country and will be treated as such!

    3. kashekamon on June 20th, 2017 9:11 pm

      Hillary is also guilty of instilling the hate rhetoric and she’s still at it. It lasted through her entire campaign and resulted in a lost election. People saw what a nasty individual she was and how she mistreated those of a different opinion. Her own party was at a lost because they thought of her as a crook and a thief. The rhetoric’s of hate are on the highway to hell!

    4. kashekamon on June 21st, 2017 2:50 pm

      Who’s investigating Mueller? Mueller, a former FBI director and personal friend of Comey. Was he involved in Comey’s decision not to advance on the crimes of Hillary, obstructing justice by blocking prosecution resulting in the distrust and firing of Comey?

      Comey and Mueller have conspired to put Trump in a position to be investigated to save their own asses. The two of them are guilty as hell for the set-up and the plot against the President.

      And why did Rosenstein tell Trump to fire Comey and turned right around and appointed Mueller. Is this more collusion? We need to drop the outrageous investigation of Trump instigated by the dirty Democrats and proceed with investigating the crimes of Comey and Lynch which is what should be happening.

      Trump needs to say, I’m the President, “Knock it off”, no obstruction of justice, it didn’t happen. And get on with the unsolved issues of Comey and Lynch.

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