President Donald Trump Dismantles More of Obama’s Legacy … “I am Cancelling Obama’s One-Sided Deal with Cuba!” (VIDEO)



Yesterday, President Donald Trump spoke in Little Havana in Miami, Florida and told the crowd of Cuban ex-pats that he would be cancelling and making changes to the Obama-era Cuba policy and is challenging the Cuban government to negotiate a better deal. Trump told the audience that he would be canceling Obama’s one-sided deal with the Cuban government. You can remember that Obama’s change in policy with Cuba was met with bipartisan opposition. In essence, this one-sided deal looks rather similar to the Iran nuclear deal where one just scratches their head and wonders how a sitting US president negotiated such a deal in the so-called best interest of the United States.

The Cuban government said that  President Trump’s speech was ‘loaded with hostile rhetoric’. GOOD!!! That is what it was intended to be. Note to the liberal MSM, Cuba is a socialist and Communist government. Do you think we care what they think? The days of the like of Obama appeasing socialist and communists are over. The days of one-sides agreements that do not benefit America are over! That is what the election of 2016 was about.

Donald trump’s full speech on Cuba can bee seen below.

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