Conservative Radio Host Mark Levin 5-16-17: There is a Move & Concerted Effort in Washington DC to Reove President Donald Trump (Audio)



Conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin is hardly a Trump “pom-pom” supporter. Please listen to his radio pod cast below. He states, we go from one phony scandal to the next by Democrats and the liberal MSM in order to bring down Trump. The media, the NY Times, the WAPO were all but quiet during the eight years of Obama. They were “giddy” during Obama’s administration. Now, all bets are off, the media has a bulls-eye on Trump and are out to get him

America, make the media and Democrats pay in 2018 for the fact that they could care less that you voted Trump and GOP into office in 2016.

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    3 Responses to “Conservative Radio Host Mark Levin 5-16-17: There is a Move & Concerted Effort in Washington DC to Reove President Donald Trump (Audio)”

    1. kashekamon on May 17th, 2017 8:30 pm

      This is the meanest, the nastiness, the most disgraceful thing I have even seen in my life. It’s a band of vigilantes full of hate and destruction. They completely discount the fact that Donald Trump was elected to the highest office of our country as the President of the United States, the disrespect is sinful. They’re acting like rabid dogs. Now it’s getting frightening to hear the lies, the false accusations, the fake and phony insinuations that they’re getting with. The unjust and outrageous brainwashing they’re trying to create. The dangers they’re creating with the unethical minds of those that cannot accept defeat.

      Criminal acts of intentional mutilation of a voters choice to serve and protect our country.

    2. kashekamon on May 17th, 2017 10:36 pm

      Trying to derail Donald Trump:

      Stephen Colbert, suppose to be a comedian, opens his talk show every night degrading Trump. He isn’t even the slightest bid funny. He’s a crass, sarcastic snot. His show needs to be canceled.

      The terrorism of the media, you cannot and should not trust, such as CNN and MSM are violating the public’s right to know the truth and replacing it with lies damaging our country. Never a good word about the positive accomplishments of Trump and his serving team of excellent choices. Shut ‘em down or ban them from printing anything involving the White House because their supporting the committing crimes of the known plotted conspiracies to impeach and derail our President.

      Chris Cillizza, CNN journalist, a daily mouthpiece of sheer shit, a big no nothing that thinks he knows something.

      Congressman, Al Green, the sorry donkey ass from Texas addressing the Speaker and calling for Trump’s impeachment. Impeachment for what, there is no proof of anything….he needs to be removed from Congress…not fit to hold a seat and represent anybody.

    3. kashekamon on May 17th, 2017 11:08 pm

      Donald Trump needs to exercise his legal executive power and issue the orders to sock it to ‘em. Enough is enough…they lost the election and that’s that…it’s not going to change. We’re cleaning the swamp.

      And maybe we should back-up and prosecute obama for all the damage and crimes he committed against the American people and our country. How many times should he of been impeached?

      And, top of the list, prosecute and put Hillary Clinton in jail. The country has shouted for justice, Lock Her Up!

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