AG Sessions Recuses Himself from Democrat Conspiracy & Allegations Investigations of Trump Campaign (VIDEO)



Attorney General Jeff  Sessions has recused himself over the wild and unsubstantiated conspiracies made up by those on the LEFT of a Trump/Russian connection. Sessions  made the announcement at his Thursday afternoon press conference that he would recusing himself from any type of investigation. In an alternate universe that has become the psycho and hate-filled LEFT, Sessions is under fire for holding a meeting with the Russian ambassador in September as head of the Senate Armed Services Committee. In other words Sessions is being targeted by the LEFT for doing his job as a US Senator. It’s an unfortunate surrender. And what did gutless Republicans do? Pile on.

Jeff Sessions denies all allegations

Wasn’t it former president Barack Obama who mocked Mitt Romney during the 2012 presidential debates about the Russians and that Romney was making too big a deal about the Russians? I think the exact condescending comment was, “the 1980s are calling, they want their foreign policy back.” Now suddenly the Democrats and the LEFT think the Russians are the old Soviet Union? But its different now, it always is for liberals. This needs to be seen for what it is, nothing more than a partisan witch hunt to destroy a president elected by the American people.

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    One Response to “AG Sessions Recuses Himself from Democrat Conspiracy & Allegations Investigations of Trump Campaign (VIDEO)”

    1. kashekamon on March 3rd, 2017 4:54 pm

      As Graham said, the Democrats are nuts. Paul Ryan said their is no evidence that Jeff Sessions did anything wrong. Everybody is just fed up with their hateful attitude and attempts to uproot the Trump administration. Their sick, demented, unlawful ways. Their pathetic, destructive 8 yrs in office is classic of their behavior.

      Loretta Lynch should of been forced to resign, Hillary should be in jail for her crimes, obama should of been impeached. People like Pelosi, Warren, Schumer are racists towards democracy. The election is over, these people should be arrested by trying to sabotage the efforts of the American citizens to move our country forward. Put a stop to their insanity. Their insane jealousy is criminal leadership and destruction, always headed toward violence.

      It’s high time they should be held accountable for their actions. They blame the Republicans for everything that they are guilty of.

      They’ve lost their sadistic control….so now they will try and destroy!!!!

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