President Donald Trump Calls out Freedom Caucus Members on Twitter


Yesterday, President Donald Trump went to Twitter and called out the Freedom caucus and made a vale treat if they don’t get on board with the team. Really Mr. President, you are going to fight them? What does that mean, you are going to fight me too and the millions of Conservatives who voted for you in 2016? Honestly Mr. President, they did you a favor and probably saved your presidency. You ran on “REPEAL AND REPLACE” Obamacare. The Paul Ryan “establishment” healthcare plan was not a repeal, it was RINO-care, replacement in name only.

In the future I will be posting an open letter to President Trump regarding this matter that will be sent to him directly.

Trump tweet Freesom caucus

Since when does Donald Trump go along with the establishment Republicans like Rep. Paul Ryan? For if that is what you decide to do and stab conservatives in the back, you will be looking at a one term failed presidency. You have the ability to make major changes and fix the ills of the last 8 yeas of Obama. That is what you promised, DO IT!!! Repeal and replace Obamacare was not checking an item off a check list, it was meant to lower premiums and provide a market based, capitalist solution. I would have voted against the GOP version of the healthcare bill. It actually disgusts me that the GOP had 8 years to come up with a solution and all they had was establishment Ryancare. Heaven forbid politicians actually stand for something and principles. Don’t ever forget what got you elected President Trump and who your base is.

NV Trump8

President Donald Trump has gone public with his war against the House Freedom Caucus, pushing into full view growing frustration shared by House Speaker Paul Ryan less than a week after the GOP health care bill crashed amid feuding between rival Republican factions.

Trump targeted conservative House members within his own party in a tweet Thursday morning that told his supporters “we must fight” the House Freedom Caucus as well as Democrats next year.

“The Freedom Caucus will hurt the entire Republican agenda if they don’t get on the team, & fast. We must fight them, & Dems, in 2018!” Trump tweeted.

NV Trump9

Get one thing straight President Trump, you were elected as an element of change, not to water down Democrat ideology. It was not Democrats that stood for hours in Nashville, Tennessee only to not get in as 10,000 people were unable to get in and see you. It is the Democrats that look to destroy and impeach you before you have even started. It is Democrats who look to block your Supreme Court justice nominee. Those who are deplorables are hardly Democrats, they are Conservatives who want change and voted for you for that change.

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Matthew Notebaert, Husband Gets 5 Years in Prison for Having Sex with Wife in Fatal DUI Crash


Matthew Notebaert has been sentenced to 5 years in prison for the death of his wife in a fatal DUI car crash. But there is more. The incident took place in 2014 where according to arrest reports, Notebaert was drunk and high on marijuana when he slammed the couple’s 2006 Chevrolet Equinox into a canal embankment just after midnight March 9,2014 at the end of East Stallion Drive one block north of the couple’s Loxahatchee home. A toxicology report showed Notebaert’s blood alcohol was at .149 three hours after the crash, nearly twice the level at which Florida drivers are presumed impaired. But wait, there is even more. Rescue workers who arrived at the scene found both Notebaert and his wife, who was riding in his lap, naked from the waist down. Hmm.

Talk about your bad decisions that will echo forever …

Matthew and Amanda Notebaert

Calling it one of “the most senseless, tragic acts” she’s ever come across, a Palm Beach County judge sentenced a 33-year-old Loxahatchee husband and father to five years in prison Wednesday for a 2014 wreck that killed his wife as they had sex while he drove drunk.

The sentence for Matthew Notebaert came just over three years after the death of his wife, Amanda, in a crash that left their two children without a mother and caused a deep rift between the couple’s families that even on Wednesday had her closest friends and relatives split into two camps.

Some, like Amanda Notebaert’s parents and grandmother, said her husband was to blame not just for the crash but for “taking bad advice” in the aftermath and alienating the couple’s two children from the loved ones of the woman he called his best friend.

Others, like the 31-year-old’s aunt and her closest friends, said the couple was madly in love until the moment Amanda Notebaert died, and she wouldn’t have wanted him to go to jail.

Sean Hannity – 3/29/17: Discusses Obama Administration Admits Trump Surveillance (VIDEO)

No wonder Democrats are all Russians all the time … These people are up to their neck in illegal surveillance of candidate Donald Trump ...

So how did these people know that there was surveillance? Just how long was this going on?

WOW … Former Obama Administration Official Evelyn Farkas (Deputy Asst. Secretary of Defense) Admits First Hand Knowledge the Obama Administration spied on candidate & President-Elect Trump


Former Obama Administration Official Evelyn Farkas stated in an interview on MSNBC that they were to “Get as much intelligence as you can before President Obama leaves the administration.”

From The Conservative Tree House:

This is stunningly interesting and hopefully will be picked up by MSM and congressional investigators.

Sometimes when a person is deep inside an echo-chamber of like-minded ideologues, they  might not realize what they’re saying is rather revealing to those on the outside. That’s the set up for former Obama administration official Evelyn Farkas (Deputy Asst. Secretary of Defense) appearing on MSNBC and admitting first hand knowledge the Obama administration spied on candidate and president-elect Donald Trump’s transition team to gather “intelligence” for political use.

Watch the below video and listen to Conservative talk show radio host discuss the comments made by former Deputy Asst. Secretary of Defense, Evelyn Farkas, who admitted that they were spying on candidate and president elect Donald Trump.

From The Mark Levine Radio Show

DNC Asks All Staffers For Resignation Letters


As reported at NBC News, the “embattled” DNC has requested resignation letters from all current staffers dated by at least April 15, 2017. There usually is mass turnover following a presidential election, but nothing like this. This extreme house cleaning is a result of the DNC’s failures in losing to Trump, failing to gain back the House and Senate and the hacked emails that came to light showing that the DNC favored Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary. Is this a bone thrown to the far LEFT Sanders’ voters and a sign that the Dems are going to go even farther left?

DNC Cleaner

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez has launched a major overhaul of the party’s organization, which has been stung by recent crises — and the DNC has requested resignation letters from all current staffers.

Party staff routinely see major turnover with a new boss and they had been alerted to expect such a move. However, the mass resignation letters will give Perez a chance to completely remake the DNC’s headquarters from scratch. Staffing had already reached unusual lows following a round of post-election layoffs in December.

Immediately after Perez’s selection as party chairman in late February, an adviser to outgoing DNC Interim Chair Donna Brazile, Leah Daughtry, asked every employee to submit a letter of resignation dated April 15, according to multiple sources familiar with the party’s internal workings.

A committee advising Perez on his transition is now interviewing staff and others as part of a top-to-bottom review process to decide not only who will stay and who will go, but how the party should be structured in the future. [...]

It began with accusations that the DNC favored Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary, continued with the wrenching exposure of hacked emails and the abrupt resignation of former chair, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and concluded with the shocking defeat of its presidential nominee and a divisive race for the new party chairman.

The grueling experience, which followed years in which many Democrats felt the Obama White House ignored the party organization, has left the DNC with a crisis of confidence and competence.

Powerline asks why NBS News, a perennial shill for the Democrat party would use the word “embattled?”

That is the great unspoken fact of American politics. Conservatives are hard on the Republican Party–we often denounce our party’s leaders as inept, or worse. But in fact, the Republican Party is riding a wave of historic success. It is the Democrats who are sliding downhill toward oblivion, if present trends continue. Has any major political party in any country ever had such an unsympathetic set of leaders as Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton? Not that I know of.

Hence the “embattled” status of the Democratic National Committee. It will take a lot more than a few staff changes to alter the fortunes of the Democratic Party, but NBC offers no evidence that any major rethinking is in progress. On the contrary.

The view that the Democrats’ problem is that they haven’t moved far enough to the Left is not widely held among objective observers, but it apparently seems plausible to NBC. Watch for the Democrats’ downhill slide to continue.

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