Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Chairman Podesta Ordered Clinton Campaign to ‘Dump’ Emails After Private Server Was Revealed



Sorry folks, dump does not mean to release the emails to the public, it means to destroy them. How do we know that? Because guess what Hillary Clinton and her minions did, destroyed and deleted emails, destroyed blackberry devices and bleachbit. To read the Wikileaks emails shows just how corrupt thee people truly are and the lengths they went to cover up their crimes. These people destroyed evidence under federal subpoena to preserve them. Now the lying, caught red handed Clinton campaign is arguing Podesta was simply talking about getting emails released, not deleted. Because often times large numbers of documents being released to the public or press is called a “dump.” PLEASE!!! Sorry Hillary, you have lost the right to have any benefit of the doubt. Watch the VIDEO below of FOX News Bret Baier explain the time line of events and what eventually happened. DUMP MEANT DESTROY.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, directed her former chief of staff at the State Department to “dump all those emails” on the same day that Clinton’s private email server became public.

Hours after the New York Times reported in March 2015 that Clinton may have violated federal records requirements by exclusively using a private server while serving as secretary of state, Podesta emailed Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s top aide at the State Department, instructing her to erase Clinton’s emails, the New York Post reported.

The exchange from March 2, 2015, was revealed in hacked emails from Podesta’s private account that WikiLeaks released Tuesday. The U.S. government has accused Russia of penetrating American political networks to influence the 2016 election.

“Not to sound like Lanny, but we are going to have to dump all those emails so better to do so sooner than later,” Podesta wrote to Mills.

UPDATE I: Zero Hedge – Podesta To Mills: “We Are Going To Have To Dump All Those Emails”.

The email, which may indicate intent, was sent at the same time as the NYT story “Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email Account at State Dept., Possibly Breaking Rules” -  which for the first time revealed the existence of Hillary’s email server – hit, and just days before Hillary’s press conference addressing what was at the time, the stunning revelation that she had a personal email account, and server, in her home.

The proposed “dumping” on March 2 takes place two days before the House Select Committee on Benghazi sent Hillary Clinton a document retention subpoena on March 4, 2015, with some hinting the NYT report may have served to tip off the Clinton campaign about the upcoming subpoena.

Dump the emails

Mills’ response to Podesta: “Think you just got your new nick name.”

It is unclear which “Lanny” is referred to: the infamous former DOJ staffer Lanny Breuer who quit in January 2013 after telling Frontline that some banks are too big to fail, or, more likely Lanny Davis, special counsel to President Bill Clinton, and spokesperson for the President and the White House on matters concerning campaign-finance investigations and other legal issues.

It is also unclear – for now – which emails Podesta is referring to in the thread, but Podesta adds: “better to do so sooner than later.” We can hope that a subsequent response, yet to be leaked by Wikileaks, will provide more color.

If the exchange is shown to disclose intent to mislead, it will negate the entire narrative prepared by Clinton that she merely deleted “personal” emails and will reveal a strategic plan to hinder the State Department and FBI “investigation.”

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