Gov. Huckabee Expresses Just How Corrupt Hillary Clinton is and Why All Republicans & Independents Need to Stop Her (VIDEO)



Please make sure you watch the VIDEO below and forward for all too see.

Last night, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee went on the Kelly Files and explained probably the best any one has done in a along time as to why to vote for Donald trump and why to vote against the corruption that is Hillary Clinton. Huckabee shot down Megyn’s snark, as did Newt Gingrich the night before, but this time with a velvet tongue. Huckabee stated that there was only one hope to stop the Clinton corruption and that was Donald Trump. He also went on to dispel the media nonsense, including that of Megyn Kelly, about Trump taking time away from the campaign for his new hotel. Huck stated that the Trump hotel at the old Washington DC post Office that it was probably the only thing in DC that works.

Good gosh Megyn, is there any Republican who has breath left who can stand back and let that happen without doing everything they can do to stop it. And the only road blaoch in the way of that level of corruption that would forever taint our government is Donald Trump. Like him or not, he is the only shot we have.

This is a must watch VIDEO as the Huck also provides some passionate discussion on what it means to respect this country. Megyn seemed offended by Huck’s brash, non-PC and unabashed opinion. Get over yourself Megyn.

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    2 Responses to “Gov. Huckabee Expresses Just How Corrupt Hillary Clinton is and Why All Republicans & Independents Need to Stop Her (VIDEO)”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on October 27th, 2016 12:12 pm

      The Governor worked around Megan Kelly for several years. He knows what she believes and supports. It is not a conservative agenda. Two nights in a row she has tried to attack her guests and failed.

      She is a smart woman with a value system that is twisted.

    2. BabyBear on October 27th, 2016 5:14 pm

      Watching Megyn Kelly Speechless was a beautiful sight to see. She has gotten so full of herself that I can hardly bear to watch her and her voice has become harsh and silly.

      I read that she is asking $20 million to remain at FOX. I’ll do it for $1 million and a better job, too.

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