Hillary Clinton Campaign in ‘Panic Mode’ Over Florida Black Voters



As reported at The Politico, the Clinton campaign is in full “panic mode” with black voters, especially in Florida. In order for Clinton to win, she not only has to gain a high percentage of black votes, they also have to turn out in large numbers. Note to Hillary and the Democrat party, that ain’t happening. Not only is enthusiasm down among Democrat voters, there is no way, let me reiterate this, NO WAY that Hillary Clinton will get the black voter turn out that Barack Obama did in 2008 and 2012. For obvious reasons, Trump will never see those types of turn out, even if Michelle and Barack Obama beg blacks to vote for her. Blacks came out in droves to vote for the first black president. Last time I checked, Hillary was not black, even if Bill was.

At some point, black voters need to put their eggs in another basket and maybe they will see results. Because they have not received anything from voting for the Democrat party.


To kill Donald Trump’s chances of capturing the White House, Hillary Clinton needs to win Florida. And to do that, she needs a big minority turnout.

But Democrats are beginning to worry that too many African-American voters are uninspired by Clinton’s candidacy, leading her campaign to hit the panic button this week and launch an all-out blitz to juice-up voter enthusiasm.

Bill Clinton, once nicknamed the “first black president,” embarks on a North Florida bus tour Friday in an attempt to draw African-American crowds. At the same time, Clinton herself will hosts events in Broward and St. Lucie counties, which have black populations higher than the statewide average.

That follows the events of this past weekend, when black mothers who have lost children to gun violence hosted a Clinton organizing event in Jacksonville and a voter-registration drive in Opa-Locka, a majority black city near Miami. The group, Mothers of the Movement, includes Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin, whose 2012 shooting death near Orlando became a flashpoint for racial division and gun violence.

Coming soon: President Barack Obama, who’s expected to campaign here at least twice before Election Day. First Lady Michelle Obama — more popular than her husband — will likely visit Florida as well, in addition to the ad she cut for Clinton that’s currently airing on Florida radio.

“Hillary Clinton’s campaign is in panic mode. Full panic mode,” said Leslie Wimes, a South Florida-based president of the Democratic African-American Women Caucus.

“They have a big problem because they thought Obama and Michelle saying, ‘Hey, go vote for Hillary’ would do it. But it’s not enough,” Wimes said, explaining that too much of the black vote in Florida is anti-Trump, rather than pro-Clinton. “In the end, we don’t vote against somebody. We vote for somebody.”

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    3 Responses to “Hillary Clinton Campaign in ‘Panic Mode’ Over Florida Black Voters”

    1. kashekamon on September 28th, 2016 5:10 pm

      Hillary is a do nothing carbon copy of obama. The only thing she stands for is more of the same…no hopey changey thing there….! We’ll still be on the road to impeachment.

      The Dems are desperate…her ads are always attacking and trying to demoralize Trump…they’re having a very negative impact toward her because of her inability to talk about the real issues at stake.

      She’s not mentally or physically fit and Bill doesn’t know what day it is…those two would be a medical liability for the White House.

    2. kashekamon on September 29th, 2016 8:04 am

      I think Hillary has reached an insanity level. More and more she is attacking the values of Christianity, supporting the Muslim faith, not referring to ISIS as Muslim terrorists who believe in violence and jihad. I think she has some deep roots in the Muslim Brotherhood and they have contributed greatly to the Clinton Foundation and her campaign. She is now their property as well as obama. Everything he has done behind our backs that was wrong has been in support of muslims. They want to kill Christianity and weaken our country for a muslim takeover.

      She wants to flood us with refugees, people with no identity and risk the entire existence of America as we know it. That’s why she won’t fight ISIS.

      Hillary has reached the depths of immorality.

    3. Jim chapman on October 3rd, 2016 9:41 am

      I am so fearful that Hillary may resort to violence against trump In order to win the whitehouse. When you get as desperate as she is, it is very possible. There are many mystery deaths unresolved while these two were in the whitehouse. This would be so tragic. Of course it will be done with no links to her, but hey., homey will see that she is not charged ,as well as Obama. These are total crooks with power to do as they please. I am so amazed that so many people back this crook.i am so ashamed of our corrupt government and it looks as though it will never end. I would love to see trump win and charge Clinton with the crimes she has committed.

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