Even Uber-Lib Michael Moore Thinks Donald Trump Won the Debate … Donald Trump “won” and “we all lost.”


As the liberal media tries to spin the presidential debate … Michael Moore says Hillary lost. There seem to be many other polls that confirm Moore’s greatest fears, Trump won.

Michael Moore L

Michael Moore appeared frustrated on Twitter following the presidential debate, saying Donald Trump “won” and “we all lost.”

The 62-year-old filmmaker warned “pro-Hillary gloaters” against celebrating over how Hillary Clinton did in the debate against the Republican nominee and insisted nothing she did changed things.

“Pro-Hillary gloaters doing end-zone dance again when still on 50-yd line,” Moore tweeted. “You must get it in your head Trump is gonna win and act accordingly!”

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    One Response to “Even Uber-Lib Michael Moore Thinks Donald Trump Won the Debate … Donald Trump “won” and “we all lost.””

    1. kashekamon on September 27th, 2016 4:29 pm

      Hillary is a mean, nasty scandalous bitch, who is nothing more than a career criminal politician. She’s not smart enough to even begin to handle the economy and she certainly is to ignorant and untrustworthy to be the commander-n-chief. We’ve seen enough of how she mishandled Syria and how she completely ignored the lives of our Americans in Benghazi….and then lied about it.

      Talk about deplorable, that labeling describes Hillary’s character and reputation.

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