Hillary Clinton Health Issue at 9-11 Memorial in NYC, Knees Buckle, Nearly Falls Down and Looks Like Having a Seizure



Hillary Clinton’s medical issues and coughing fits have been an issue in this . She claims she was “over-heated”. Then it was diagnosed as pneumonia. Sorry folks, take a good look at the videos below, this is far worse than pneumonia. Clinton almost appears to be having a seizure as her aides and secret service attempt to get her into the van. She nearly falls onto the ground. According to reports, she was not rushed to the hospital, but instead to her daughter’s apartment. Hillary Clinton has canceled campaign events in California. The MSM can no longer hide the fact that Hillary Clinton has health issues. Questions, tough questions need to be asked of her.

She is obviously hiding her health issues to We the People and its time we demand her medical records, even though they will be packed full of falsehoods too.

Hillary Clinton leaves 9/11 memorial event in NYC stumbling, staggering and nearly falls

More of Clinton leaving early

Clinton campaign claims she was overheated

Hillary comes out of daughter’s apartment, instead of going to hospital … provides no answers to questions

Discussion of Hillary’s health issues … medical records need to be released.

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    3 Responses to “Hillary Clinton Health Issue at 9-11 Memorial in NYC, Knees Buckle, Nearly Falls Down and Looks Like Having a Seizure”

    1. gary on September 12th, 2016 10:27 am

      This sounds like a blood clot in her brain from every thing I read so far, I take blood thinners for an a-fib heart, I also had pneumonia when I was in the service, I hope that she gets well.

    2. A Texas Grandfather on September 12th, 2016 10:29 am

      This woman is very ill. She lives her life as one who cannot tell the truth. It is time that the people demand that she have a medical examination to determine her physical ability to perform the demands of being President of the United States.

      The concept of being overheated as a reason to leave the event is just another of her many excuses that are not the truth. Antibiotics can make a person pass out if the dosage is incorrect (too large), but she behaves as does a person who has a disease that affects the brain’s control centers.

      Does the public want a repeat experience of the early 1840′s where William Henry Harrison was elected and died within a month of taking office due to actual pneumonia? In those times a disease such as pneumonia was deadly due to the lack of medicine to cure it. Or, do we want a repeat of the last term of Woodrow Wilson where the Democrat party and the administration hid the actual condition of President Wilson for months where he could not perform his duties?

    3. Former DNC Chairman Don Fowler Calls for Hillary Clinton Contingency Replacemet Plan | Scared Monkeys on September 13th, 2016 10:15 am

      [...] said he expects Clinton to fully recover from her bout with pneumonia, which forced her to leave a Sept. 11 memorial event early and cancel an early-week fundraising swing. But he said the Democratic Party would be mistaken to [...]

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