90 Homicides in Chicago Make August 2016 the City’s Deadliest Month in 20 Years



As Barack Obama golfed on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, the city of Chicago witnessed its deadliest month in 20 years. Chicago had 90 homicides last month, compared to 54 in 2015. Shootings up, homicides up, crime up in the city that Barack Obama calls his home. A city that has been under failed Democrat rule and policies for decades. The 90 killed in August brings the murder count in Chicago to 483 for the year so far, which is more than the combined total in Los Angeles and New York City, which have seen a total of 393 murders. And where is Black Lives Matters?  I guess these killings don’t count because they do not fit their narrative that police are killing blacks. Sadly, Chicago garnered nation’s attention last week when Nykea Aldridge, the cousin of Chicago Bulls star Dwyane Wade and a mother of four, was killed while pushing a stroller in Woodlawn. But in typical fashion all the MSM could do was focus on a tweet by Donald Trump, rather than the “killing fields” that are going on in Chicago.

Crime Scene

August 2016 saw the most homicides in a single month in Chicago in 20 years, according to newly released statistics from the Chicago Police Department.

The city saw 90 homicide victims last month compared with 54 killed in the city during the same period in 2015, city records show.

Last month saw a total of 384 shooting incidents and 472 shooting victims, police said. There were 217 nonfatal shootings in August 2015.

The 90 people killed in August 2016 is the highest number of homicides in a single month in Chicago since August 1996, according to police records.

Through Aug. 31, Chicago had recorded 467 homicides, according to CPD, putting the city on pace for 700 by year’s end. Chicago has not seen more than 600 homicides in a year since 2003 and not more than 700 homicides since 1998, records show.

Police said murder arrests have increased by 18 percent and gun arrests have increased by 5 percent compared to August 2015.

More than 200 people, mostly documented gang members, were arrested last month in enforcement missions targeting individuals “who contribute to the cycle of violence in some neighborhoods,” according to police.

I have always wondered why inner city gang violence was not handled in the same manner as terrorism. Some one needs to tell me what the difference is? Flush out the evil, the drugs and the crime, make it possible for children to get an education in a decent school (yes that means vouchers) and provide a path where a generation of children can break this sick cycle. How is it that no one has stepped up to the plate and dome this? Instead, the same party has been in power forever, with failed liberal policies and just allows the criminal element to fester in the inner cities. Before the United States decides to take in any more immigrants and refugees, maybe we might want to get our own house in order first.

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