Corey Lewandowski is Out as Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager … Paul Manafort Is In



Corey Lewandowski is out as Donald Trump campaign manager and Paul Manafort is in. Hopefully this is the change that the Trump campaign needs to focus and present a consistent message to the America people om government corruption in Washington, DC, overwhelming national debt, creation of jobs, the economy and terrorism. The Trump campaign needs to grow up and provide a choice to Washington corruption, an alternative to Obamacare, a sound energy policy that also provides an element of national security and an alternative to dealing with terrorism and ISIS. Enough of the cult of personality and make this about the American people! The campaign needed a new direction and you can’t fire the candidate so instead, you fire the campaign manager. In the end, this will prove to be the correct decision and a move in the right direction.

Trump_Youre Fired

Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski’s abrupt firing Monday came down to a battle of ultimatums.

And ultimately, Lewandowski lost.

Paul Manafort, the veteran operative who since March has been amassing influence inside Trump HQ, recently telegraphed through third parties he would be gone in 48 hours if Trump didn’t oust Lewandowski, who’d run his campaign from the outset. Manafort was fed up with battling Lewandowski and let the campaign know the two of them “just couldn’t get along.”

From there, it became a family affair. Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner didn’t want to lose Manafort, believing him to be the more experienced hand to guide the campaign into the general election.

They convinced Trump to keep him – and the only way to do that, given Manafort’s terms, was to dump Lewandowski.

Faced with a choice, Trump chose Manafort.

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    One Response to “Corey Lewandowski is Out as Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager … Paul Manafort Is In”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on June 21st, 2016 12:08 pm

      This may be a big mistake for Trump. Manafort is a true insider in Washington, D.C.. Trump won the primaries with the other guys help.

      To me it is like taking one girl to the prom and going home with another.

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