Donald Trump Wins Rigged and Corrupt Republican New York Primary … Once Again Trump Benefits from the Process He Whines About



Last night Donald Trump won the Republican New York primary with 60.5% of the vote, Ohio Gov. John Kasich came in second with 25.1% and Sen. Ted Cruz in third with 14.5%. But wait, it would appear that Trump garnered 89 delegates, Kasich 3 and Cuz 0. Three delegates are still outstanding. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE, HOW CORRUPT!!! But Donald Trump was all happy, smiles and giggles last night saying, “We love News York”. Of course he was because he won. Had he lost he would have been the miserable, sore loser that we have seen in the past. Let’s hope the shake up in the Trump team means this guy will act with a little more class as Trump has to mend many GOP fences if he does not want to get creamed in a general election, if he wins the Republican nomination.

First of all, did any one not think that Trump was going to lose New York or even that it would be close? Its Trump’s home state, he better have won. And for the folks and those at the FOX News Donald Trump super pac, Cruz would have won by the same amount had Rubio not been in the race at the time of the Texas primary.

Trump_NY Primary2

Seriously Mr. Trump, how can you be happy with winning only 60.5% of the vote, but taking 96.7% of the delegates? Why should you get 36.2% more of the delegates than the votes you received? I think Donald needs to give the delegates he received through this rigged and corrupt process back to Kasich and Cruz. Its only fair. Under the Donald Trump plan, he should have received 56 delegates, Kasich 23 and 13 for Cruz. NOT 89!!! But this dude still has the CO-JONES to actually whine about a process that he has benefited from. UNREAL.  In his victory speech Trump said, “No body should get delegates withing voting”. Really Donald? Care to give the ones that you did not win to your opponents?

In a campaign where both sides debated New York values, what New York values most is candidates who call it home, it seems.

The ultimate value of New York, though, is questionable in the march to the party nominations. Wins by the front-runners don’t alter stubborn mathematical realities that are likely to leave Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton with company in the race for a while longer.

Trump blasted through his supposed ceiling by reaching a new high-water mark, and in the process kept his hopes of capturing a delegate majority alive. He did not and could not, though, significantly widen his narrow path to a first-ballot win.

Clinton dispatched with Bernie Sanders in the state Sanders was born in, and where Sanders outspent Clinton substantially. But neither this nor any likely subsequent wins will end the Sanders challenge, not to mention the issues his candidacy has elevated, to Clinton’s regular discomfort.

Um, everyone does realize that Trump did not win Manhattan, right? Of all places in New York ti lose. There very location where his mighty Trump Towers and empire is located. Who honestly thinks that Trump could beat Hillary Clinton in a general election in New York? Never going to happen.

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    1. Five States Primary (PA, MD, CT, RI, & DE) Today Expected to Help Trump and Clinton Widen Their Leads | Scared Monkeys on April 26th, 2016 11:26 am

      [...] a general election will vote for the GOP nominee, no matter who wins the nomination. Just like with Trump’s victory in the New York primary, not even Donald Trump stands a chance of winning against Hillary Clinton in Blue liberal states in [...]

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