So Much for that Ceiling Political Pundits Rail About … Donald Trump Breaks 50% in a National Poll for the First Time


Imagine that, the political pundits are wrong again, what Donald Trump ceiling?

Donald Trump has topped the 50% mark for the first time in the national YouGov Poll. The most recent Economist/YouGov Poll finds Donald Trump leading the GOP presidential race nationally with 53%, followed by Ted Cruz at 22%, John Kasich at 11% and Marco Rubio in total freefall at 10%


In the last two weeks, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has won more delegates in primaries and caucuses, even while his opponents have launched new attacks and questions have been raised about his supporters.  The week’s Economist/YouGov Poll finds Trump still at the top of GOP voters’ preference with a wider lead, while Florida Senator Marco Rubio seems most damaged by the two weeks of attacks and counter-attacks.

This is the first time Trump has garnered the support of a majority of Republican primary voters nationwide. YouGov’s February 24-27 survey marked his previous high, at 44% support.

Trump, who is the clear GOP frontrunner (74% of Republican primary voters expect him to be the nominee), still has a way to go to win over the supporters of his GOP opponents.  About four in ten Republican voters don’t think Trump cares about people like them, and believe he cares more about himself than the country.  A third are dubious about his plans for the economy, think he is not honest and trustworthy, and say he isn’t ready to be Commander-in-Chief.

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